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And They Thought It Couldn’t Happen Here

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Let me first make a disclaimer.  The first half of this article can come across as an accusatory rant, where I seem to have no blame in the topic whatsoever, while everyone else does.  Let me make it clear that is the wrong impression to come away with.  In this article I address “you.”  This has to be seen as the second person “you,” a personal, friend-to-friend “you,” and not the third person, “you,” an “I don’t know you” “you.”  It means “you” reading this article, and as as I read this article too, it is me referring to me in the second person.  If you can understand how everyone in the whole wide world is in danger, then “you” might be able to understand how “you” cannot absolve yourself from ignoring that danger.  This is because the danger that involves everyone involves “you,” and that includes me too.  Because I care for “you,” I talk to “you” in the second person.

Once beyond the point where the truth hurts so much it becomes a natural defense to blame the victim (or my rant being turned back on me, rather than understood for what it is), you should find the second half of this article much more informative.  It uses  two specific Nostradamus quatrains, which are interpreted in support of the rant.   Understanding that perspective of prophecy should make it clear why I rant, as should you.  It is a just rant.  Think of it as if you have something of value that you worked a long time to build up, so its value appreciated over the long run.  Then think how you would feel if some strangers came along and thoughtlessly acted to take everything you worked so hard for away from you.  Imagine that those actions take place without you being given a chance to have a say in the matter of your personal losses.  You, assuming you are like me, don’t like things like that.


The news each day in Japan worsens.  Yesterday I read that rainwater in the United States contained “low level” radiation (in Massachusetts).  I also read an interview held with one of the surviving Russian workers who cleaned up Chernobyl.  Her advice to those in Japan doing the same thing at the Fukushima Dai-ichi complex was, “Run as far away as you can, and do not go near the reactors.”  That interview with Natalia Manzurova had her recalling how one worker stepped into a pool of radioactive water and it burned the entire sole of his foot off, despite having on protective boots.  Now, two Japanese workers are reported to have been “drenched with radioactive water, despite wearing supposedly waterproof suits.” That report simply stated this to be one of “near-constant missteps” in the clean-up process, and says nothing of the health of the workers.

Today, the Japanese are admitting they will need to revamp the security procedures for a nuclear power program.  Those promises are made as fears grow that a complete meltdown is imminent, since all efforts towards containment are failing.

Hindsight is always 20/20.

As you sit at your computer and read this, you most likely are just slightly interested in this topic.  It is merely something to chat about at this coming weekend’s social affair, or tomorrow’s water cooler meeting at work, and nothing more.  Surely, you are not preparing to go to Japan and help house and feed those who lost everything, much less help find dead bodies to identify and bury.  You are safe and secure, and you like it that way.  You feel bad for the Japanese, but only because you have been taught to feel pity for the downtrodden.  As long as you don’t have to go out of your way to help the downtrodden get up, you have a hard time dwelling on the misery of others.  That lack of deep empathy (far from true sympathy) protects your warm, fuzzy, careless environment.  Still, your mother taught you the politeness of manners, where you should show them respect by “feeling pity.”  Besides, you don’t know anyone who lives in Japan, so why get bent out of shape?  Right?

Oh, I see I just lost a few readers.  They must have been offended.  So sorry.  I feel pity for them.

The element of disaster does not require prophecy to know there is always something else around the corner to make life completely miserable (if not fatal) for some group of people, who one day everything was hunky-dory, and the next day all hell broke loose.  In the vernacular of the 80s, “Shit Happens.”  Nuclear reactor meltdown is certainly a capitalized “Shit Mess” that happened.  But, as long as it was someone else the Shit happened to, then c’est la vie baby.  Hum de dum dum.  Life goes on.  Its just like driving down the road and seeing road kill.  Oh well.  Glad it wasn’t me.  Nothing could have been done to prevent anything bad from happening, right?  Something bad is always going to happen somewhere, right?  Don’t worry, be happy.  Live life to the fullest, until you drop dead.  And, always express a disingenuous moment of pity for those who are suffering, while you feel fine and dandy.

Speaking of disingenuous, on the political front I heard President Barack Obama on the television yesterday evening.  He was doing his George W. Bush impersonation.  What I heard him say was (and I paraphrase by reading between the lines), “Americans must play god in this world, rather than sit idly by and read the news of Libyans dying at the hand of a brutal dictator, who has been allowed to brutally dictate for over 40 years now.  For that reason, I, President Barack Obama, have ordered the United States of America to use about 200 Tomahawk cruise missile, at between $120-$150 million a pop, plus the $40-million jet fighter that malfunctions and crashed, to brutally murder Libyans.  While the French and British stand behind us, rooting us on, it is important for Americans to be proud knowing we have killed more Libyans in one month than Muammar Qaddafi did in 40 years.”

It is hard for me to understand how we allowed Muammar Qaddafi to stay in power after the Lockerbie bombing (Pan Am flight 103 was blown up on December 12, 1988), which occurred 22 years ago last December.  Now, 40-something years after the CIA helped set Qaddafi up for his coup over the King of Libya, taking him out makes little sense to me.  Is it okay to kill the half of the population that has made him capable of securing that position for that long, so he won’t kill a few thousand people who don’t like him?  I guess it is.

W Bush used the same logic to sell us on going after our old coup buddy, Saddam Hussein.  Of course, that was a personal vendetta because his daddy lost his reelection bid because he left that brutal murdering tyrant in power.  Tyrants can obviously rule for as long as we see some benefit to us, no matter how many of their own people they kill.  But, let us and the Western world get to the edge of a complete financial collapse, where the overall safety and security of the Western world is dependent on financial responsibility, as well as moral isolation, and here we go jumping off a cliff in a heartbeat.  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Imagine how President Barack Obama would handle having a prophet tell him that a nuclear power plant only 20 miles from New York City was going to suffer serious failures caused by a natural disaster, adding that following that disaster the reactors would meltdown in less than two months.  If he uses the same logic as kill Libyans before someone else kills Libyans, then it would not be surprising if he order a nuclear power plant in some third-world nation be destroyed by cruise missiles.  The rationale could be because their lives are less meaningful than those lives in New York.  “We cannot sit by and wait for that news without doing something that means killing others.”

Of course, that prophet would scream, “No!  You have it all wrong … AGAIN!  I said you have to shut down the reactor in New York now, before it gets destroyed by nature.”  Too late.  NATO has already selected Yemen as the target of American, French, and British frustrations.  They will be attacked as soon as we can position our fleet at a safe distance from their shoreline.

Being part of the problem is doing business as usual.  We are headed to a cataclysm unlike any ever seen before (unless the sinking of Atlantis counts).  Everyone who ignores that is part of the problem, not part of the solution.  The solution is to turn oneself in to the rehab clinic and go through some detoxification processes.  Killing Libyans is the same ole addictive power drug us Americans have been on for about 66 years, ever since we learned how to split atoms.

We need to individually surrender.  Put our hands up and walk slowly into a padded cell.  We need to not come out into the real world until we have gotten over that habit of thinking we are better than anyone else.  We have to come down from believing our over-estimation of self-worth is only mass hallucinations, generated by the heroin that is our government.  We need to wake up and realize we are lambs being led to the slaughter, and everyone is happily wagging their little tails and prancing along gleefully, simply because they have been given credit to buy meaningless trinkets along the way.

All that means you caused the meltdown in Japan.  You caused the meltdown in Chernobyl.  You caused the slaughter of Libyans by Muammar Qaddafi, and you caused the slaughter of Libyans in support of Muammar Qaddafi.  You caused it all by not giving a shit about what happens in the world, as long as your selfishness needs have been met.  That is the addiction you need to seek treatment for, because when it comes time for your ass to die, there will be a rude awakening.

Like those vampire movies?  Like those zombie movies?  They symbolize people who sold their souls and cannot leave the earth plane.  That is what happens to bad boys and girls who don’t give a shit about doing anything for others when they are given the gift of life by God.  That is what happens to bad boys and girls who think there is no higher being to sit in Judgment of the consequences of our actions while experiencing life.  To think there is no God is to pray to the brain god.  It is worshipping self-aggrandizement.  You think therefore you are all, and nothing else exists.

Think that gray matter behind your eyes, and between your ears is all that counts in this world.  You know what?  The ancient Egyptians, the ones who prepared the bodies of pharaohs for burial, would embalm all the internal organs.  They would put each internal organ into a specially crafted urn.  One for the heart, one for the liver, and so on.  They did that for all except the brain.  The brain was thrown away.  That, my friends, is how useless your mind is.  It only creates problems for the world to deal with, when it thinks its shit don’t stink, and there is no God.  The human brain can never solve anything by itself.  Ask the Japanese.  They will tell you their collective brain wasn’t big enough to foresee the mess they have gotten themselves into now.

Now, give yourself a gold star for reading this far.

Part II

All of this brings me to the original point of this article, which is Nostradamus wrote about our future in ways that are specific to everything I have just stated.  He wrote about natural disasters that will be worse than the one in Japan.  He wrote about nuclear power plants melting down.  He wrote about nuclear radiation spreading around the Northern Hemisphere by a cloud raining radiation, causing famine to kill innumerable people (those still clinging to life).  And, he wrote about a situation between Middle Easterners versus Westerners (simply stated as Muslims versus Christians) that will bring about the wars that will make all the fears of Armageddon become real and unavoidable.

In quatrain IV-72, Nostradamus wrote the capitalized word “Artomiques.”  This is a simple anagram.  It is correctly spelled by simply moving the “r” from the second position to the second from the end position.  That simple change makes the word become “Atomiquers.”  This then states, “Atomic practicing ones,” based on the root being “Atomic,” and the “-uer” ending identifying one practicing the root.  The “s” makes it a plural number, thus “those practicing Atomics.”

The word “Atomic” is defined as, “1. Of or relating to an atom or atoms;” and “2. Of or employing nuclear energy.”  This means Nostradamus is referring to those who deal with atoms.  Even though nuclear energy did not exist in 1555, God knew it was coming and this means Nostradamus knew “Atomics” was some form of dangerous energy, and there would be “those” who would invent it.

In case you think it would be impossible for Nostradamus to even know what an atom was, much less how people would be interested in practicing messing with atoms, the word “atom” preexisted Nostradamus.  The Greeks came up with the word “átomos” (from α-, “un-” + τέμνω – temno, “to cut”), such that it was used to indicate something uncuttable, or indivisible. (source: Wikipedia article on “Atom.”)  An “atom” is something that cannot be divided further, unless, of course, one is an “Atomiquer.”   That is a coined term for someone who, in the future, will have found out how an atom can be divided.  Since Nostradamus was not himself calculating a future that would be having people splitting atoms for fun and energy, he was told this by the spirit of Jesus Christ, who learned it from the all-seeing eye of God.  Nostradamus was given the word “Atomiquers” to disguise (simply as an anagram) because it was something future man would recognize, at a time when it needed to know about some baaaaaaad results “Atomiquers” will cause.

This quatrain that states “Atomiquers” in its main theme statement (line one), then leads to an ampersand in the same line, followed by the capitalized word, “l’Estore.”  The accented word, “estoré,” means, “built, made, erected, edified; also furnished with, stored, garnished with, and/or provided of.”  Because this past participle word is capitalized, it represents an important place built, or erected, which becomes furnished with, stored with, and/or provided of important creations courtesy of those rascal Atomiquers.  In case you have difficulty following this line of thought, “l’Estoré” means, the Nuclear Reactor.

That quatrain also mentions the commune in France that goes by the name of Agen (right before the ampersand, in line one).  Agen is in the southwest, and coincidently, it is 30 kilometers downstream from a commune known as Golfech, where a Nuclear Reactor is located.  In fact, the commune Golfech is neighbors to a larger town named Valence d’Agen, although it usually just goes by the name Valence.  In French, the word “valence” mean “valiant, hardy, courageous; as well as all of a man’s worth, his substance and means of fortune.”  The word “agen” is said to be Anglo-Saxon, meaning “personnel, and/or own, proper.”  I guess the “personnel” for Atomiquers would be the poor fools who would be sent in to clean up messes, should one occur.  Funny how people, places, and things have a way of living up to the meaning of the words that are the root of their names.  It must take courage living so close to a Nuclear Reactor, and even more to have some one cover you in a rubber suit and say, “Its okay.  Its waterproof,” while being shoved into pools of nuclear waste water.

All of that information was in the first line of quatrain IV-72.  The first line is what I call the “main theme” for the whole quatrain.  This means the color of the whole quatrain is set as that relative to living near where men of Atoms play with their by-products of having been split (nuclear energy and waste), in specially Built reactors.  The second line is then related to that important Building Built near Agen.

That line says, “To holy Fruitful making their reasoning.”  The capitalized word is “Felix,” which is a Latin word, meaning, “fruitful, fertile,” and in the transitive it means, “of good omen, favorable, bringing good luck; fortunate, lucky, and successful.”  In the capitalized form, as a name, it means, “Felix, the Lucky One.”  This means there is a sense of importance, from a higher blessing (determined by the use of Latin, and being preceded by the word “sainct”), that God has allowed his Christian children to split atoms for peaceful purposes, like supplying power to many, so a Lucky few can get rich.  This is not the reality, but the “reasoning” behind Nuclear Reactors being Built by people who just like to split that which should not be split.

These best laid plans get upset in line three, which says, “Those to Basas will be arriving at there evil hour.”  The capitalized word (actually written “Basas”) in the middle of the line has the meaning, “Foundation ones,” or “Base ones.”  As a known place, Bazas, France is roughly four times further away (to the west) from Golfech, as is Agen (90 kilometers northwest of Agen, 120 kilometers northwest of Golfech).  This means the spelling makes it have more importance as the second person singular of the past simple, from the verb “baser.”  That verb means, “to base (have as its foundation or starting point.”  Thus, “Ceulx de Bases” is saying, “Those (reasonings of Good Luck) to your Logic.”  It becomes an important focus on faulty reasoning, just as the Japanese just admitted.  To sum up today’s article, those in charge admitted, “Our Basis for reasoning our safety measures were Good enough was wrong.”

The rest of line three says, “will be coming to there (Golfech, the Building for Atomiquers around Agen) evil hour (or bad time).”  That is a prediction that can be told to the French Prime Minister Sarkozy.  Wait, make that a prophecy.  When he gets a moment from loading American cruise missiles on American submarines and aircraft, so he can say he helped overthrow a tyrant, maybe he will want to do something about his own country.  By the way, line four says his problems will be because of his actions against Muslim nations.  One of those retribution things so many often confuse with unsolicited “terrorism.”  Tell him God has a message for him.

In case he hems and haws at that suggestion, tell him the end of line four says, “Marsan promptement.   In one way that says the small commune Marsan, France will quickly do something, which is unstated.  Marsan is roughly 20-25 miles south of Agen, meaning that could be how far a nuclear meltdown “quickly” makes life miserable.  However, if one takes that name and splits it into Mars-an, it means “War year quickly.”  That puts a new light on the “reasoning” for splitting “Atoms” and for “Those” who think because they have split “Atoms” their shit don’t stink, and God wants them to kill Muslims and live “Luckily” ever after.  There is another “Basic” to consider, which is, “for every good time there is a “bad time.”  Call it Karma.

As for the fear of such localized disasters only affecting those where it happens, think again.  More of “Those reasonings” missing some “of the Basics” again that “will be coming to there (wherever you live when the) evil hour comes.”  The low-level radiation in rainwater will not be so low-level when the Nuclear Reactor at Agen is just one of many experiencing a meltdown (not to mention nuclear warheads having been deployed, compliments of the Soviet Union’s nuclear weapons fire sale they had after they found Capitalism and themselves split like an Atomiquer).  Here is a quatrain (VI-05) that sings that somber song:

Such great famine by wave pestilent.

(Um, in case you did not know, radiation is usually found in waves.  Here’s an article that explains: “Radiation is really nothing more than the emission of energy waves through space, as well as through physical objects. Usually these energy waves are electro-magnetic radiation which are classified into Radio waves, Infrared waves, Visible light, Ultraviolet waves, X-ray, Gamma rays, and Cosmic rays.”)

Through rain outstretched the length of the pole northern:

(Um, in case you did not know, 90% of the land of the earth, at least that capable of growing plant life, since Antarctica is under an ice sheet that makes that impossible, is in the Northern Hemisphere, which connects to the northern pole.  This means weather patterns are specific to the two halves of the earth, separated by the equator.)

Itself bitter small substance patchwork states of the hemisphere,

(Um, the word Nostradamus wrote that has been translated to say, “Itself bitter small substance” is the capitalized “Samarobryn.”  This is split (like an Atom) to be read as, “S’amaro-brin,” where amaro is Italian, from the Latin word, “amarus,” meaning, “bitter, pungent; disagreeable, unpleasant; irritable.”  The word “brin” is Old French, meaning, “(generally) any small substance, deal, or bit of a thing.”  In this case, it is a bit of a split atom.)

Will be having life without law, exempt from politics.

(Um, this means that we need food to live, more than we need laws telling us what punishments we get for taking food from someone with food, simply because the law says, “If you cannot pay for food, you starve to death.”  It means there will come life without law, which is anarchy.  The word “exempt” also means, “discharged, privileged, void of, freed, and/or without part in.”  When this gets attached to “the state” and the “political” mind, it says finally the people will see how bad it is to listen to politicians tell us what “WE” are going to do, without “US” having a say if that is what we want to allow or not.  At least radiation will finally get politicians a rightful dirty name.)

R. T. Tippett

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