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Before I formed you in the womb I knew you

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

The local TV Baptist minister preached about Jeremiah 1 this past Sunday. In his sermon that compared Christians (I guess) to Jeremiah, he focused on God knowing ‘His own.’ He seemed to make Jeremiah be teaching Christians to stop thinking about what God wants one to do and just trust God to lead one to that end. While that is not bad advice, he missed the point of what is written in the verses he stressed: five through eight.

In verse five, the New American Standard Bible shows:

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, And before you were born I consecrated you; I have appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

What is missed in this translation into English is the Hebrew [as shown in the Bible Hub Interlinear version] shows “I formed you” as repeated AND placed within brackets, then placed within parentheses, as such (transliterated): [’eṣ·ṣō·wr·ḵā] (’eṣ·ṣā·rə·ḵā).

I have found such enclosed words as necessary not to be read as physical words of communication, but are to be understood as spiritual thoughts conveyed. Some enclosed words are not even translated, because they are usually repetitious and confusing to the surrounding text. When these words are removed from the statement made by Yahweh [not ‘Lord God’], He said to Jeremiah, “Before in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I sanctified you; a prophet to the nations I ordained you.” (literal translation, with Bible Hub punctuation)

Because that says the same basic thing, the spiritual statement “I formed you, I formed you” has to be seen as Yahweh saying the soul of Jeremiah was created (fashioned or formed) before Yahweh breathed that soul into the flesh Yahweh formed in Jeremiah’s mother’s womb.

The Baptist minister missed this point, which is most critical to understand.

Souls are eternal. When a body of flesh dies and ‘falls off the soul’ that animates it, the flesh returns to dust and clay, while the soul continues on. The ‘die and go to heaven or hell’ concept means one either goes where Yahweh “forms” a soul that will serve Him, or one goes to get judged by Yahweh as sinful (any sin on a soul is sinful) and then gets sent back into a new body of flesh [hell on earth]. In some cases that is okay - like a first grader passing enough tests to go to the second grade - but some times its not so good (in many ways).

The repetition here is an indication of two souls “formed” by Yahweh, one the ordinary soul that would be named Jeremiah [meaning “Elevated of YAH"] and the other the divine soul of Yahweh’s Son (Adam, a.k.a. Jesus). Yahweh “formed” both – Jesus on the first moment of the Seventh Day; and, Jeremiah some time later [still the Seventh Day, just as is today]. The repetition then says the ordinary soul that was born as Jeremiah had in a previous life been joined with the soul of Adam-Jesus, meaning: “Before Jeremiah was born Yahweh consecrated him.” Jeremiah was a Saint already, when Yahweh breathed that dual soul “formed” by Yahweh into Jeremiah’s body of flesh (a newborn baby), which Yahweh formed in the womb [as He forms all fetuses that will be given an eternal soul to animate that formed].

When Yahweh then said to Jeremiah, “a prophet to the nations I ordained you,” that meant Jeremiah would go to the kings of Judah [listed in verses two and three], open his mouth AND Jesus would speak prophecy to important people. Because Jeremiah wrote this down for preservation, then all “nations” afterwards would hear the words of prophecy the divine soul of Adam-Jesus spoke through Jeremiah’s lips.

When we then read Jeremiah saying, “alas adonay Yahweh [not Lord God]! I cannot speak, because a youth I am,” that is how EVERY soul in its flesh is incapable of speaking the Word of Yahweh [not even people calling themselves priests, ministers, preachers, rabbis, or pastors … who went to school for a piece of paper saying, “You can speak for the Lord God.” (but not Jesus or Yahweh)]. The only way any soul in a body of flesh can become “a prophet to the nations” is to be Yahweh’s Son reborn. One’s eternal soul must have been “formed by Yahweh” and then one’s formed eternal soul must be “reformed” by the addition of Yahweh’s Son’s soul [made early on the Seventh Day, in Eden].

This is the meaning of Yahweh telling Jeremiah, “for to all to whom I shall send you you shall go and all whatever I command you you speak.” A Baptist minister goes to a certain spot on a stage, in a building securely placed around that spot; so, all such hired hands go to where the owner of that building [called a “church” for tax exemption purposes] says go. If one were to speak anything outside the realm of accepted dogmatic theology held dear to that church organization, then that one would soon be out of work. Jeremiah was not favored by those leaders of nations to whom Yahweh sent him, nor were they pleased with what Jeremiah said Yahweh told them to do. But, then Jesus got run out of town when he preached true prophecy in Nazareth. That is the expectation for all Saints; not job security.

When we then read, ‘“Do not be afraid of them, For I am with you to save you,” declares Yahweh [not the Lord],’” that says Jeremiah’s ordinary soul was permanently saved by having been doubly “formed” by Yahweh. When Yahweh told Moses to tell the people, “Do not fear for, on account of test you, has come ha-elohim; that may be his fear before your faces so that not you may sin.” That says a soul alone in its body of flesh will bend, break and fold when pressured to toe the line and preach to the choir. When the soul of Adam-Jesus has joined with one’s weakling ordinary soul, then it is that “face” of Yahweh, through the Son, that scares those who threaten, while keeping one from sinning [not preaching prophecy to the nations].

In that regard, the mistranslation of ha-elohim as ‘God’ is wrong. A soul is an el, being eternal. Two souls in one body of flesh becomes the plural number of el, which is elohim. The ha- prefix shows possession; so, “has come a divinely possessing el from Yahweh, to become one’s face to the world." Wearing the face of Jesus means “being in his name.” Your soul is divinely possessed. You are his. You and he are one ... when a Saint doubly formed by Yahweh.

Earlier, when the translation was ‘Lord God,’ the words adonay Yahweh were written. The word adonay (like elohim is to el) is the plural of the Hebrew word adon, meaning “lord.” This means adonay says "lords." Everyone’s ordinary soul is the “lord” over its body of flesh … until the flesh rebels and convinces the soul to go where the flesh’s desires, which means to sin. To sin means one's lord soul becomes joined with a demon spirit lord of Satan, so people become like Flip Wilson (look him up if need be), crying out, "The Devil made me do it!" To avoid this conundrum, one needs to stop being one lord alone and keep the demon lords at bay, praying to Yahweh to send His perfect lord to be one's inner Lord. To have adonay Yahweh means that new LORD has entered one’s flesh, as two souls in one body of flesh, with the soul of Jesus becoming one’s total LORD and Master. Jesus can be called "Lord," but Yahweh can only be called by His name, where that soul is His and personally identifies with Him, as "I AM that I AM" ... doubly formed.

To end, let’s recall what Jesus said in Luke 12:4-6. The New American Stand Bible translates that as this:

“Now I say to you, my friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body, and after that have nothing more that they can do. But I will warn you whom to fear: fear the One who, after He has killed someone, has the power to throw that person into hell; yes, I tell you, fear Him!” [Hint: "One" and "Him" are Yahweh.]

That good advice is prophecy to the nations that says there is nothing this world has to offer that is worth losing one’s soul to eternal damnation for [over and over again reincarnations that only lead to bad Judgments]. It is important to be told, “Be Jesus reborn or die and go to hell.”

Alas, nobody preaches that prophecy to the nations, because people prefer to be told, "Its okay. Sin all you want. God knows you don't mean it."

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