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Updated: Jan 27

Not too long ago, I announced that I was working on a short book that I wanted to make available for everyone to afford.  The focus was on seven quatrains that contain the word “virgin,” and how that word was an indicator for the warnings received through Marian apparitions (all of which have been subsequent to the first publication of The Prophecies).  Well, I was in the editing phase when that work suddenly ceased, and for the unforeseen future it will stay that way.   The reason is my mother died … her End Time.

It is interesting (to me at least) that in this ominous year of 2012 (the Mayan Calendar year) my mother died while I was writing about quatrains telling the same message as the Virgin Mother told three children at Fatima, Portugal.  It is also interesting that in such a year, when all of us should be coming to our senses about how we need to realize how imperfect our lives have been (always in need of atonement), I am literally cleaning house after having told anyone who would listen it is figuratively time to clean house.  I now work day and night in a house that sits on the outskirts of a city that is probably a nuke target, simply because it is in a strategic location in the USA.  My mother’s house is easily within the flash fire range of any thermonuclear blasts that would land in the center of that city.  If not burned, it may be destined for out and out instant vaporization if multiple ICBMs pepper the surrounding area, where over 4+ million people work and play (when not bogged down in bumper-to-bumper traffic jams).  Yet, here I toil cleaning up after a woman that spent a lifetime hoarding everything; and that is another interesting aspect, because here I sit with everything and dear old mom took none of it with her.

As I have to venture down to the local free wi-fi facility just to check e-mail, I have no time to write and edit.  Add to that the oppressive heat of an American record-setting heat wave, in a mostly un-air-conditioned house, and being in what I call “hell on earth” is like a premonition of things to come.  Naturally, when we start thinking, “It can’t get any worse,” there always seems to be a way to prove us wrong.  So, when I check the interest and activity level on my website, it makes me think of news article headline that say, “British judge okays rooftop missiles for Olympics.”

As CNN reported after 9/11, the intelligence agencies were looking into what movies were in the works (still not out), as some had imagined attacks similar to those that happened that September.  They wanted to know what possibilities might be out there that they were not considering, under the proposition that art creates reality.  If it can be thought, it can be created and realized.  That makes me think my site could be some kind of early warning system for the government (possibly more than one), where my art projects that London certainly will be attacked – according to Nostradamus – when some kind of “games” will be going on.  Therefore, missiles on rooftops in London would make enemies of the West think twice before spoiling the London 2012 Olympiad.  However, under the law that states, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry,” one need only look to see how well the French Maginot Line kept the Germans from starting another war.

Along that line of thought, I thought I would make it clear that reading something I have written interpreting a quatrain or two (or more) is not a way to prevent the future from happening exactly as Nostradamus (the Holy Spirit through him) wrote it.  It is impossible to write down every possible scenario, although some seem to be most prevalent and matching the current trends and news reports.  The point of me understanding Nostradamus is not to prevent anything, other than to possibly prevent my soul being lost.  Knowing means little.  It is acting from belief in knowledge (intelligence) that proves one’s worth, and that is only if the actions are taken to accept fault and not to project blame.

I’m sorry if it seems selfish, but I can only try to save that one soul.  All other souls need to take my advice and save their own soul too.  If everyone took that advice (an unlikely scenario) then the world would retreat from being on the edge of an abyss.   In other words, we all need to be cleaning house before the end begins.  Otherwise, the house cleaning after the end will be more difficult and painful.

For me, understanding Nostradamus opened my eyes to that reality – we all pay the price for letting evil exist without much resistance.  I have spent the past eleven years (almost) trying to make it known that we are living in the last phase of mankind, the one told of in the Holy Bible.  During that decade-plus, I have seen my need for material things lessened.  I have seen how natural disaster leaves each human being effected with a feeling of insignificance and helplessness.  I have seen how government (all sides, all parties, all candidates) is only out for helping itself to the people’s wealth and resources, to the point of leading us all (rats and children all following the Pied Piper – or Bad Shepherd) to the ruin of a pending worldwide financial collapse.  I thought that if everyone could learn to see what I see in Nostradamus, and subsequently in the Holy Bible, then everyone would be able to feel the need to act in ways that I have been forced to react.  It now seems to be nothing more than wishful thinking on my part.

In the lore of Nostradamus’ life, he supposedly entered a plague-stricken town and found a woman dead in a shroud she had knitted around her, realizing her death was imminent.  What is left unsaid in that lore is the woman was being productive to the end, rather than panicking and making matters worse.  If she had done the later, no one would have ever known about her deeds.  I guess I will be cleaning house until the house is clean, or the end comes, which ever comes first.

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