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In the voice of Jesus

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

In 2006 I published the book The Letters of Nostradamus.  I wrote that book because people kept saying, “Can’t you just tell me what The Prophecies means, without all the explanation?”  My response was to convert two very confusing letters into the voice of Nostradamus, as if he wrote them so everyone could understand them.  Of course, by doing that the question reverted to, “How did you get that from that?”

John 21:25 sums this type of enigma up as such: “And there are also many other things which Jesus did, which if they were written in detail, I suppose that even the world itself would not contain the books that would be written.”  It is so much easier having the Mind of Christ tell one the meaning is a flash of insight, rather than try to carry the whole world’s incompetence and even attempt what becomes impossible to explain (even briefly) in text.  Relative to this, I have addressed how Paul is like Nostradamus, in the difficulty posed by his language.  Now Mark’s chapter 13 (and Matthew’s chapter 24) have put forth a lesson by Jesus that has t-totally confused interpreters.

In the first Sunday of Advent, the Gospel reading is from Mark, chapter 13, verses 24 through 37.  To put it mildly, no one seems to have a grasp on what Jesus told his disciple while they were on the Mount of Olives just before his final Passover Seder meal.  Some call this Jesus’ “little Apocalypse” (“little Revelation”), because they say Jesus spoke of the end of the world, when everything falls out of the sky.  Others say Mark left out the Rapture part, which is supposedly included in Matthew’s 24th chapter (covering the same lessons Jesus taught that Mark 13 remembers).

Needless to say (almost), Jesus did not tell about any cataclysmic destruction of earth.  He did not tell anyone to look for his “second coming,” as if he would swoop down like in John’s book.  Anyone who sees that Jesus return (with angry eyes and a fiery sword in his mouth) will have no Rapture headed their way; and you can bet your bottom dollar on that.

The Gospel reading from Mark (to be read by a priest on Sunday, December 3, 2017) is 271 words long (by MSWord count).  I duplicated those words and then added 5,104 more words of explanation … going segment by segment, so everything is understandable.  However, that leads me back to the, “Can’t you say that simply, without all the explanation?”

That was when I flashed back to my old book.  I have done that here, although this presentation is still a whopping 3400+ words.  Hopefully, you can read that long without getting bored.

So, with no further ado, Mark 13:24-37 is shown as if you were on the Mount of Olives and heard Jesus talking to you, in plain English.  Feel free to read along here so the literal English and Greek can be seen.  As I did in The Letters of Nostradamus, I put bold text for chapter changes and words that can be actually translated from the Greek, in the order the Greek was written.

Precursor: In Mark 13:1-23, Jesus has just warned his disciples about those who will come forward after him, who will claim to be the Messiah of the Jews. Despite the tricks they will try, to win over Jews to their causes, the disciples are warned not to follow them.  Jesus has told them what to expect coming. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

It is from that warning that Jesus begins this reading with the exception word, “But” (“Alla”).

24. But in those days when there will be false Messiahs, know the exception will be in those who are guided by the light of truth. Just as the daylight exposes all things that hide in shadows, the light of day will bring out the truth. This is why I teach you, my students, because after the persecution that I know is about to come there will be a rise of many like those promising lies. Those who will plot my demise will also initiate pressures on my followers, to lead them astray. Just as in a total eclipse, when the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give the earth the light of the sun, or the reflected sunlight from it, my words of truth will be said to be against those of the authorities in the Temple.

25. Take, for example, the teachings of astrology and how God set in motion the lights of the planets, in the backdrop of the stars. Those have been fixed by God to guide men, “and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years.” (Genesis 1:14, NASB) There will come a time when astrology will no longer be seen as guides coming out of heaven, as God’s messengers. Belief in that form of divination will be falling. What will come to be is the misuse of that divine art, such that misinterpretations (for self-benefits) will be representative of a fallen state of pagan worship, with God removed from that art. And the powers that have been inherently placed and the abilities to exercise the powers of God that are in the heavens of the material realm they will becomes the powers of evil divination, such that all true intent and purpose will be shaken. It will seem as if all that has been the gifts of God, as signs from above, will have fallen from the skies, with no light allowed to shine upon earth.

26. At that time when darkness seems so prevalent and devout Jews they will perceive a lack of light to guide the world, then they will see from an inner light of wisdom and guidance. This light will come from the Son, after I have passed to the heavenly realm. The need of man will be why God will have my Spirit return to those of deep faith. Those, like you here, will find my Spirit coming in you, to guide your actions, and to guide the actions of others of deep faith. This presence within you will not be seen, as it cannot be looked upon with clarity. It will be felt, like when in a fog one feels the mist. It will be like the aura one sees when the sun is in the clouds; and my presence within you will likewise be so nebulous. Still, from this presence within you, which is the same Spirit that is within me now – a Holy Spirit connected to God – marvelous deeds will be performed by you. Just as you have witnessed my abilities and powers, you will have much ability given to you and you will become the unspoken manifestations of God, as me reborn in you. You will become like the angels of God on earth, while the angels that will allow you to perform many miracles will be with you, as moisture gathers to form the clouds.

27. And when you have become the lights by which others will be led, then you will have proved yourselves as servants of God, such that he will send you as I have been sent. Together, I and you will be the messengers from God to lead more to do the same. And as individual servants in love with the Father and willingly doing His work on earth, God will gather together all of those who have chosen to be a slave of him. As I have said before, “For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst” (Matthew 18:20, NASB), you will all hold the title of Messiah – the Christ. All who bear that title will be gathered as one church of the Christ; and it will be from out of that base or solid foundation, of which the Christ is the cornerstone, all who serve the LORD will spread the WORD to the four corners of the earth. The Holy Spirit within will send the breath of the LORD to fill those seeking Salvation with the winds of righteousness. The message all will carry forth will be to walk away from the miserable end that mortal human beings find always waiting for them on earth. To turn away from that born of death end, one must then turn to the end that promises eternal life, that reward of heaven.

28. In order to grasp this lesson of “Separation,” where one is made capable of moving away from the trap of reincarnation, such that an eternal soul becomes continually trapped in the cycles of earth: birth, growth, decline, and death; one needs to look now at how natural this cycle of earth is. As you were with me since our return to Jerusalem, recall how I went to pick fruit from a wild fig tree and it was barren. (Matthew 21:18-22) While it is too early to bring forth June figs (early figs, as first fruits), there were no unpicked figs from last summer – on the branches or on the ground – from when the plenty of a fig tree are produced. Because it was fruitless, I condemned the tree to die; and as you witnessed the other day, that fig tree had withered and died. This is a natural cycle found in the fig tree. You need to come to realization how the same cycle, from life to death, is the comparison to the lives you lead on the earthly plane. I want you to learn from this side-by-side comparison (juxtaposition) of plant and human life. To see this as when you are mature as was that fig tree, so both you and it already have reached that stage where bearing fruit is natural, notice how the branch produces tender buds and shoots that indicates the tree has become alive again. It has come from death to life, in the transition from winter to spring. And in this cycle of earthly life, it is showing a sign of its purpose in that cycle of life, as it puts forth the leaves from which the fruit will eventually flower and bud. By seeing the leaves and the greenness that says a fig tree is alive, you know that the fruit is near or close; and, as a fruit of the summer, you know that season is near. The leaves are a sign from God, by which man is led.

29. As a comparison to human life, in this manner can signs also be manifest from you. When you experience these things that I have told you, where there will be those who will attempt to block out the light of truth, such that a comparable winter will take the life of hope away from Jews and others under persecution, then the promise of my Spirit’s return within you is coming to pass. Just as you know the longer days of summer will come upon the leaves of a fig tree, so too will you know that this Holy Spirit is near. It is time, then, for my return in you. However, know that I will not come to all of you here today, as I will only come on the basis of your love of God and faith that I am the Messiah. For you to also become the Messiah, as I am, this is an opportunity; not only for the individual (least of all for that reason), but opportunities for all: Jews and Gentiles. Many Messiahs become many doors being made available that will offer the whole world hope, which others can then open and enter through.

30. Truly I say to you, as everything I say to you comes from God and your faith in God illuminates your perception of the truth that I teach. You must know that no loss will come from my departure from my physical body, as the Son is an eternal Spirit of God. Thus, nothing will have passed away that cannot be duplicated and replicated in all who desire God’s presence in them, led by the Messiah Mind. In the example of the fig tree, each season represents the generation of new fruit. As long as the tree maintains roots in good soil, is nurtured by ample rain, is pollinated by the winds and the bees, and has the warmth of the sun’s rays on its leaves, then the life of the tree has not passed away. Likewise, my leaving this incarnation, as the fruit of God’s Tree of Life, only gain can be the expectation. The Son of the Father will bear much fruit, to the point that these things I have promised to you all shall have taken place. The Son will live on exponentially in you … the Son of man reborn.

31. For all of you who hear the truth of my words … as those sent by the Father to you … if you choose the path to heaven and if conversely you choose the path of earth, your choice will mark how your soul will pass away. Still, if you choose the path to heaven, then you will serve the LORD as I have, totally committed to doing His Will on the earth, until which time you will pass away. In this case, all of them (the ones) who make this choice, even though it means self-sacrifice while on earth, my words will be known to be divine utterances from God. They will become the next generation of me, such that no one shall fear death. Nothing will block the soul’s return to heaven, when it will pass away from the flesh of earth.

32. For those who choose the path of earth, finding the conditions on top of the natural challenges of life as a human being, born of normal parents, with no birthright of privilege, it is natural to fear moreover the rulers of provinces and empires, than to fear the judgment of God placed on one’s soul. For those who choose another lord, there will always be an inner fear of death and the day that judgment will come. If one of privilege finds no reason to fear that day when life falls and the sleep of winter approaches, there will be felt fear of future life penalties. Rather than a fear of God’s wrath, they will fear the hour when death sits with them, as the time of great uncertainty will have arrived. This is the nervousness that comes when no one knows what the future will bring. The Father will not even allow my Apostles, the Saints as the Messiah, acting as angels on earth, who are secured a place in heaven to know when to warn another of death’s specific time. Because those finding fear of death will have chosen not to be joined with the Son, they will be in the dark as they fear death. By waiting until the final hour of life to seek the Son, they will not be comforted in heaven at that time, due to the judgment that will only allow Saints there. If one chooses not to marry God in one’s heart and not serve the Father while living on earth, then the Father will not make exceptions in heaven for those late requests for salvation. This is where having seen the fig tree that did not bear fruit becomes important to this lesson of death. The death of winter still leaves hope for the coming season, when spring makes possible a renewal of growth and more fruit produced to feed mankind. However, when the tree has ceased being productive and refused to bear fruit in My name, to be condemned so that the whole tree faces death is comparable to a soul that is no longer allowed the grace of reincarnation. A withered and dead tree is useless, just as is a condemned soul. Thus, as the dead tree is cut down and its parts thrown into the fire and burned, so too is a dead soul sent to eternal damnation.

33. This lesson that I teach is most important for you to learn. Therefore, take heed of my words. Allow your mind’s eye to see this comparison vividly. Discern the paths you have taken to sit here before me now; and compare that path to the paths of others in your life. Eternal damnation and reincarnation are both representative of failed lives, where opportunity has been ignored. In many of the parables I have told, to which you have listened and received insight about, the message is consistent: Be awake. Be careful that none of your actions now will condemn your soul forever. Be watchful of choices set before you and know how to choose wisely which direction to take. If you realize that it is not possible now for you to know certainly when the opportunity will come that is the choice of eternal life or the beginning of fall and winter in your personal tree of life, you need to know how to discern this important point of decision.

34. When I told the parable of a master that sent his slaves on a journey for him, with each given large sums of wealth, I want you now to see yourselves in a similar fashion. I want you to imagine what it is like to be a man with a soul that is away from heaven, sent on a journey on the earthly plane. You must be able to see how your soul is the true you, such that you are alive here having left the dwelling of the Father. You willingly left on this journey with the goal set of him to return home. In order to achieve your mission in life, the one that the Father, having given the slaves of him great amounts of Spiritual wealth, expects is similar to the parable I told you about the wayward son. You have been given your inheritance in advance, to use as you see fit, but to each one of you is an expected task, which each one of you willingly accepted of him, that has become this life’s purpose set before you. As I said before, about your opportunity to be representative of me as a door through which yourself and others can be led to heaven, your assigned work is to be the gatekeeper. That is an agreement your soul made with the Father, when he gave orders that must be followed. “He should be watchful” is the command I now give to you from the Father. In the parable of the master who gave his slaves talents of precious metals, two were watchful and one buried his in the earth. He wasted it and chose not to serve the Father in heaven. I have told you previously that I am the gate to the sheep fold, as the Good Shepherd. You can only obey the Father and be the gatekeeper he commanded if you are of him, through me.

35. Thus, your order is to watch for that time when the Master will come to see your gain, from the wealth of ability that the Son can bring in return. By extension of me, here is how you obey this command — Not will you know anything indeed that has not been given to you by my voice within. Without that voice to guide your investments, you will know nothing of value for others or yourself. When the master of the house, where I will have reserved a room for you will be in heaven, comes to see your work, Be Prepared for His arrival: The earth is the place where darkness tries to lure slaves into selling their inheritance – as happened to the wayward son. That darkness is when the sun does not shine, so that becomes the element in which the evil ones do their work. That half of the earth is called night, as is written, “God called the light day, and the darkness He called night.” (Genesis 1:5a) Night becomes synonymous with sleeping, which in turn becomes synonymous with death. Because the earth is half day and half night, it is the realm of death; such that mortals are born of a cycle of life (day) and death (night). This is why a 24-hour period is divided into twelve numbered hours of daylight, and the night is divided into four 3-hour watches. It does not matter which part of night has come, whether early, middle or late, as evil lurks to trip the wayward. At evening, while the sun may still be shining, the work of the day is over and people start to relax. This can be when one still feels safe from evil’s grasp, but one must maintain watch. Rather, this slip into the darkness when the sun has completely set and the eyes become tired at the midnight watch. There is no greater darkness than that after midnight, until three in the morning when the rooster crows. The saying it is always darkest before the dawn means the time before first light is rather dangerous, in anticipation of morning. The symbolism of a night watch means that at all times one must stay alert for the coming of the Master, who comes only for souls. If one has not remained vigilant, then one will find the Master having come suddenly, when least expected. If he should come and discover you sleeping – meaning a soul crying over its lost corpse – then your soul will be judged on the record of its deeds.

37. To be caught sleeping is a sign of having not completed one’s tasks and one not having God in one’s heart and the Son in one’s mind. Those conditions having been met are that which has me teaching this lesson. On the other hand, from being unprepared and caught sleeping, one is alert when to you I say arise and be ready. The five bridesmaids with plenty of lamp oil heard that voice. Therefore, to all I say arise, as long as those have been married to God and become me reborn. Be awake! I will call to you.

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