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Oh Happy Days

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

There is no question that the United States of America is pagan, simply because it loves idolatry. I was appalled by the show “American Idol” when it first aired, simply because of the name. However, I was in the vast minority of people that was repulsed by the concept.

With that success came the ‘reality’ television shows: The Bachelor (and The Bachelorette), America’s Got Talent, The Voice, Real Housewives from every corner of America … please stop!  I know nothing of that reality!

Shows that used to last thirty episodes in a season now last ten, with the stars paid much more for less work.  We worship that variety like the Greeks and Romans loved to build temples for all their greats. My wife was a native of Alabama. Her youngest brother long ago sold his soul because he worships University of Alabama athletics, especially the god football and its demon of the day – Nick Saban.

Being a town square philosopher got praise, because there was no cost for obtaining sound advice. It was admirable to listen to people explain the workings of the world, based on reality not smoke and mirrors theory stuff. Christianity was spread by true prophets and Saints. Saint Denis even preached a sermon for seven miles, witnessed by four hundred people, speaking as he carried his severed head under his arm. People listened to what he said back then.

And … they riot and loot. They call everyone a racist. They demand the police be defunded. They march with armed weapons, daring someone to fire the first shot. They gain control of cities and demand all history be removed from our nation. They go on and on, as far as allowed to go without resistance.

Yep. The end is nigh.

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