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Talks with God

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

God spoke to me, saying “Tell them I love them.” I wrote that and posted it on multiple places of the Internet. God spoke to me and said again, “Tell them I love them.” I said to God, “They do not read what I told them.” God said, “Some read some of what you write.  Some hear my words.” I replied, “I see a few clicks, but no one comments.” God said, “They do not love me yet, but tell them I love them again.” I wrote that and posted it on multiple places of the Internet. I got the same lack of response.

Still, no one will say if the message was understood as anything more than a rhythm of intelligence.  No one will declare, “They got it!  They understood us!  And we got it and we understand them!”  That is because to science it is not about the message.  It is about noise that implies intelligence.

Scientists have faith in science.  Science has faith in the unseen, saying “We are not alone.”  Does the news confirming science warm your heart?  Do the messages of science enhance your faith in it?

I send out messages of love from God that go unrequited. God speaks to me out of love and I hear His voice loud and clear. God speaks to others and they hear too. We are all like messages sent into the deep space of the Internet, never to know if any receptor picked up on that signal.  The love of God is always the message we freely send.  God’s messages of love are like radio waves that bombard everything.  Just because the ‘radios’ of those who the messages are sent to are not on, or are tuned to a material world ‘channel’ that cannot hear the spiritual, does not mean God’s love does not exist?

The message of God’s love is always going out.  Receive the noise.

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