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The Christmas Star of 2020

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

The following are posts online about a "Christmas star" that is a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the night sky. The Moon will also be in close proximity with those two planets.

  • 'Christmas star': Jupiter and Saturn align on Dec. 21 - Chicago Tribune

  • Is the rare 'Christmas Star' visible this December the Star of Bethlehem? - Catholic News Agency

  • 'Christmas Star' will be closest visible conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 800 years - NBC News

  • What Was the Star of Bethlehem? - The Old Farmer's Almanac

  • Will Jupiter and Saturn appear as a 'Christmas star' in 2020? - Earth Sky

  • Facets of Faith: A 'Christmas star' hasn't been seen for almost 800 years; it's happening again on Dec. 21 - The Advocate [newspaper in Baton Rouge, LA]

That is just the recent posts on the first page of links in a Google search about "The star of Bethlehem 2020".

In a church pew at my wife's church in November 2016, it dawned on me for the first time that the story told in Matthew, of a star leading "wise men" to Herod the Great, looking for the king of the Jews is astrological. The "star" is the only star in the Earth's astronomical system of planets, which they all revolve around - the Sun. The Sun, astrologically speaking, is the central anchor for all event, natal, or other charts cast by astrologers. The Magi were astrologers who advised the King of Persia about matters in the future, based on forecasting charts constructed. All of those forecasting charts centered on the placement of the Sun - "the star" - with all the visible orbs (the Moon and the five planets other than the Earth) surrounding that great light. In forecasting, the placements of Jupiter (good fortune) and Saturn (hard times) were important indicators of what the future held.

In that process they discovered [might I say they were "Divinely led"?] a most remarkable configuration that was known to occur. That configuration was a mega-T-Square, which appears as a red triangle, but actually forms a cross, just like the one Jesus would be crucified on. That configuration strongly indicated the birth of a V.I.P. Simply from that readily apparent special birth foreseen symbolically, as an alignment of the planets on one particular day, the Magi had their trip approved months in advance of the birth of Jesus. When they departed Persia, they knew where they were going (Jerusalem generally), so they traveled a path that took them there - by day, camping at night. Most likely, they traveled in a large caravan.

Recently, I have posted on several blogs on this topic of a 'Christmas star' possibly being a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, stating my beliefs, all of which are supported by Biblical text. On some of those posts, I was prompted to sign on through Facebook, which I did. Now, I have been notified by Facebook that my posts do not meet their "community standards," so no posts of this matter via Facebook will be seen by anyone. Certainly, Comrade Zuckerberg does not approve of my freedom of speech or my freedom to practice religion as I believe.

The Facebook mantra: Sieg heil, mein Fuhrer! Every knee shall bend to Facebook!

But, I imagine WordPress will soon get on the band wagon. All one has to do is click some "inappropriate" button and then ooze back into the crack from which one slimed out.

After my dawning in 2016, I prepared two six-week presentations about this topic. I presented both of them to willing participants at my wife's churches. She was an Episcopal priest, and in 2017 she left one church and went to another. The presentations were to different people at those two churches. The title of the presentations offered was "Astrology in the Holy Bible," with explaining the star of Bethlehem a side offering. The second presentation was better prepared than the first; and, I video recorded each class and posted them on YouTube.

As successful as those presentations were, I knew I had to write about it and make that a book for all to see. Before that could begin, my wife was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Everything was then all about caring for her from that point on, until her death in late 2019. Before she died, she read and edited most of what would become the book published this year: The Star of Bethlehem: The Timing of the Life of Jesus. I gave my wife credit as the editor of that book.

The story everyone knows about Christmas has little to do with the birth of a baby in Bethlehem a couple of millennia ago. God did not have his boy born at night. God did not have his boy born in the death of winter. Back when the Church was actually run by Saints who knew the truth, they adopted the pagan festivals of death as a symbol for what an individual human being has to face, before one can be reborn as Jesus Christ. The birth of baby Jesus is then the symbolism of a true Christian crawling out of the muck of humanity and the cesspool of sins, from having reached the depths of the darkness a mortal life offers a soul and prayed out to God for salvation. What we celebrate as Christmas is not supposed to be remembering a baby born into the world of sin, as much as it should be the rejoicing of oneself having been reborn in the name of Jesus Christ.

Simply by knowing to stop searching for a fantasy star (or conjunction of two large planets, which still looks like a small point of light in the night sky) and start searching for a birth date for Jesus, when the sun forms a special alignment with the planets, the tools to find that information come from Scripture. The history points to the timing of a most marvelous birth. Scholars have actually pondered the same birth date that I found, meaning I am not the first to come to this realization. I am just one of the many who are silenced by those who have ears that do not wish to hear.

Jesus was born on the same day of the year that he ascended. His life was then a cycle that began and ended at the same point in time. It is the day before Pentecost. Both birth and ascension took place on a Shabbat. The Hebrew calendar calls that date 5 Sivan. Jesus was born on that date. Knowing the year, based on scholastic research of who was where, when, and for how long (Josephus and others), the year becomes set in stone. Add in the concept that God would want His boy be born when the sun was high in the sky, and the time can easily be guessed. In astrology, to cast the same chart the Magi cast, one only needs to know the date of birth, the time of birth, and the place of birth. I have been divinely led to realize those pieces of birth data and I have seen that chart. I have published that chart in my book. I can completely defend everything I have been divinely led to see, whether or not that meets "community standards."

R. T. Tippett

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