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The Easter Bunny

Updated: May 5

It recently dawned on me the symbolism of the paganism that is transforming the true message of Easter into some lie told children, like Santa Claus, where children believe, until they grow into the reality of disbelief.

If only parents told their children the truth of what the symbolism of giant rabbits and mythical dwellers of a non-existent ‘North Pole’ represents, then children could grow into faith, beyond simple belief.

Of course, there are no egg-laying rabbits in the world; so, the Easter Bunny gets his eggs from chickens, then colors them and hides them for children to find.  This makes the eggs found in the hunt be of greater importance than the Easter Bunny.

This makes understanding what an egg is that answers the question, “Why would some mythical mammal place eggs to be found?”  An egg symbolizes that which represents new life; but without fertilization and warmth by a mother, then the egg is just a tasty treat.

This means an egg is metaphor for Jesus saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.”

An egg that has become nurtured then brings about a new birth.  A new birth comes with a new life on earth.  That new life comes with a soul giving life to what was simply one cell in one shell.  That becomes the meaning behind Jesus saying, “Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

This means parents should tell their children what the eggs they hunt represent.

The revelation I was shown is the eggs are Scripture stories.  The Scripture children hunt become symbolic eggs that are Bible Stories, told in Sunday School.  The children are rewarded by having their baskets filled with these pretty, hand-painted, and colorfully dyed shells.  Still, the greatest reward is the taste of those eggs.  The best tasting treat comes from finding a chocolate Easter Bunny.

This is then the symbolism of taking one small Bible Scripture and consuming it, in order to taste the delight each egg of truth contains.  This taste is a child’s view of one morsel of Scripture.

The point that parents miss, which keeps them from telling this symbolism of the Easter Bunny and Easter eggs to their children is the parents have ceased to progress beyond being a child that understood the deeper meaning of Easter eggs. No one ever taught them to love playing with the stories and finding what they are truly meant to tell. Because parents were not taught that as children, they grew to maturity and got tired of the sweet taste of Bible Stories told to delight the minds of children. 

The parents grew into disbelievers, because their parents never told them to nurture the egg and make the true wisdom within it be born into you.

To only eat and egg makes one only happy for a day.  Easter Saturday or Easter Sunday ... whenever the hunt event is scheduled.

After a few decades of eating eggs that never produce anything lasting a lifetime for adults, as only being the food of Neverland and Peter Pan, means adults lose their chance at gaining faith.  Faith comes from the belief that nurturing the eggs of Scripture will make oneself reborn as Jesus resurrected within their soul and flesh.

This makes Jesus be the one dressed up in an Easter Bunny outfit, where that outfit is the future YOU … if you gather all the eggs and nurture them.  The Easter Bunny will whisper hints that ask, “What does this mean to YOU?”  The whispers will suggest, “Do YOU think this Scripture talks about Jesus?”  The more one’s soul acts like a child and gleefully hunts for the answers, the more answers will be placed in his or her basket, to great delight.

Reading Scripture must be fun.  It must be desired.  It must be spiritually rewarding.

When you see this symbolism and realize YOU have become tired of eating candy Easter eggs; and, the only reason you go through the pretense of telling children about the Easter Bunny and Easter eggs is to give your children something that will make them happy for a day, not for a lifetime, then YOU need to be reborn as a child and begin a daily Easter egg hunt.

YOU have to find delight and desire in finding the truth of Scripture, which is beyond the taste you learned as a child, which is the candy-coated version.  YOU need to see how all Scripture is talking about Jesus and his soul being reborn into your flesh and soul.  You have to become the Easter Bunny, as Jesus returned into ministry.  Ministry in the name of Jesus can only be to teach the truth; but the truth must be candy-coated at first, to have children (of all ages) acquire the taste for truth.

I hope you can see what I have been led to see.  The same principles can be applied to Santa Claus.  He leaves gifts in the same way the Easter Bunny hides eggs.  The finding is the joy; but the joy wears off with puberty and realizing a lie has been told. Without a explanation for the childish symbolism, young adults think they have been played as gullible fools. If parents are allowed to lie to their children, then the lesson taught is lying is okay; and, there is a Law against that.

This makes it important to realize why an Easter Bunny.

The Easter Bunny, like Santa Claus, is itself a children’s gift, with hidden meaning that requires desire to open it and find the truth.

Perhaps, when the hunt is over and the children are happy with their full baskets, make the process of eating the fruits of their hunting labors include reading a short Bible Story and ask the children to tell what that means to them. When there are no wrong answers, they are taught to associate sweet-tasting treats with the real reason for the hunt.

The child is always eager to play games of learning; but adults who look for answers without (from parents who were never told how to find the truth) rather than within (where Jesus whispers the hints of truth), the dissatisfaction that a sweet taste is only for children, not adults, leads one further away from Jesus.  Teach yourself AND your children to hunt for Jesus.

YOU have to get in touch with your inner child and find a desire to become Jesus … become the Easter Bunny … so YOU can lead children to take belief and trust and then nurture that into faith that knows the truth, which lasts a lifetime.

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