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The Star of Bethlehem

Updated: May 2, 2022

I have written a book (the first of two) that exposes what I have been led to understand: the star of Bethlehem is the sun.

In the book published – The Star of Bethlehem: The Timing of the Life of Jesus – I fully explain the Gospel stories of Luke 2:1-20 and Matthew 2:1-12 and how that which is stated there fully endorses this central theme of the sun as the star.  The sun is a central element of astrological birth charts, which was cast by astrologers (the Magi), well in advance of a most holy birth that was foreseen.  I encourage everyone to read this book, because knowing the sun was the key factor, I have been led by the Holy Spirit to determine what that chart looked like.  Knowing the exact birth data allows one to analyze the life of Jesus on earth in ways that have never been done before.

Katrina Pearls offers this for sale in the United States. It is available worldwide as a print-on-demand book, at varying prices ($37.99 list US).

I was led to this enlightenment in November 2016.  I hurriedly offered a class at the church where my wife was rector, but few attended and that class only pointed out the need to more properly prepare such a class.  After that class, my wife accepted a new church assignment, where I did offer a more properly prepared series of classes.  I entitled the six-week course: The Astrology of the Holy Bible: A New Understanding of the Star of Bethlehem.  I offered that class during the Easter season of 2017, stretched over six weeks, with each 2-hour lesson taught on a Saturday (a Sabbath for Jews).

The class was an overview.  I offered computer program-generated astrological “natal reports” for all attendees.  During the course, I presented several natal charts of celebrities and politicians, for the purpose of establishing a baseline that natal charts are like finger prints: similar but very different.  None of those charts was like the chart of Jesus.  None of those charts would have had Magi in the east hopping on a camel and riding a thousand miles to crown, bless, and anoint a new king.

I recorded each class on video.  I published them on YouTube after each class.  Each had a few views.

Soon after I presented that course, I realized there was so much more that could be said (the whispers of God have always led me to my ‘realizations’).  I planned to write a book then; but it was not long afterwards that my wife was told she had terminal cancer.  She was forced into retirement and I cared for her daily, full-time, with my writing slowed to a trickle.  Then, after a move and a period of hope and stability, I began to write the book in February 2019.  

When I began to write, I made the YouTube videos “private.”  None were getting new views.  Beside that fact, my writings were going well beyond the scope of the course that I prepared and presented.  I did not want an incomplete view to cloud the whole view I was writing.

As I wrote and wrote, I would send chapters to my wife.  When she was strong enough after her chemo therapy, she would edit my writings and send me back the revised chapters.  She is therefore named as the editor of the book.

My wife passed over nearly a year ago.  After I mourned the rest of 2019, my wife’s spirit (which never left me) has led me to publish new works in print this year.  I took the edits and published this book on our anniversary, as a memorial to her time on earth. 

In honor of my wife’s coming anniversary of becoming a saintly soul to be both with God and with me in spirit, I am going to make the YouTube courses available for viewing again.

In the past here, I offered a series of Bible Study classes, which were made password protected, although the passwords for the next lessons were made available in the lessons prior.  One just had to actually read the lesson, record the password, and then enter the password to read the next lesson.  The reality of that system was six lessons were written and never viewed.

WordPress popularity is like Facebook popularity.  There are a lot of false friends about and few who care for anyone other than themselves.  With that said, here is the first of six YouTube presentations recorded.  The number of views will determine when the next will be changed from private to public.

Please note that each class was scheduled between noon and 2:00 PM.  At 1:00 PM there would be a ten-minute stretch break.  Thus, a class was roughly an hour and forty-five minutes long.  

Also, know that the book shown above does not delve deeply into the mechanics of astrology.  There is a chapter that details what the Holy Bible says about such things as people see astrology as being; and there is a chapter that explains how astrology is truly defined, versus the quite common misconceptions people attach to that “art” (it is not a science of any kind).  There is only one chart displayed in the book (a b&w production) and that is the chart of Jesus.

As I wrote the book and sent my wife the chapters to edit, she was the rector at the church where this six-week course was offered.  She, therefore, was an attendee and saw each class presented.  When I sent her my chapters to edit, she commented, “It is all very interesting and very good to know, but none of the majority of the book was in the course.”  I explained to her that the life of Jesus has to be fully developed, before one can begin to enter the astrological explanation arena.  So, this roughly twelve-hour course (captured on video) is really just a nibble from what the book offers.


R. T. Tippett

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