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Listen carefully to what I am about to say, because this is all anyone needs to know about what Nostradamus wrote.

Everything in Les Propheties is of divine origin. It was written by a man who willingly submitted his soul to serve the One God, Yahweh. It is God explaining the End Times, through Nostradamus.

When one realizes that truth, then one realizes there has not yet been anything of Nostradamus’ work that has been fully understood. The End Times are not yet here. Everything written in the poems of Nostradamus [quatrains, with the exception of one cinquain] will all make sense when the future has arrived. Before that future is fully here, some quatrains will prove this future coming, by hindsight.

Prophecy, the true variety, is only designed to warn in advance, however.

This means that all the individual poems that have been popularized, as someone’s idea of them having already come true (in hindsight), as reasons to believe Nostradamus had some special talent that allowed him to see the future [like knowing astrology or how to peer into water and see visions] are wrong. Those ideas are nothing more than examples of how history repeats.

In astrological terms, regardless of how infrequently Uranus conjuncts Neptune [every 170-172 years], there will always be another conjunction of those two gas giants (as seen from planet earth) to come. Each conjunction will occur during points of history, such that historic events on earth will always bear similar consequences mirroring that celestial event by the actions of humans on earth.

Just as the planets repeat cycles, so too does human history.

This is how fools can say Nostradamus predicted three antichrists [he did not]. The Apostle John wrote of many antichrists existing in the first century, with many more to come. Where Nostradamus supposedly wrote that he saw Napoleon as one [he did not], and a second was Adolph Hitler [he did not], and a third is some character named Mabus [he did not], these are the ideas of men, not the explicit writings of Nostradamus [he wrote letters of explanation].

All of the parallels of Napoleon and his failure in Russia and Hitler and his failures in Russia are merely examples of history repeating.

As the saying goes: Those who do not learn from history’s mistakes are doomed to repeat them.

There is a good reason for that saying.

This means that the End Times, whenever they come, will have absolutely nothing to do with the military failures of Napoleon and Hitler. However, if one can understand those history lessons [which were not in the history books of Nostradamus], knowing God [not one of His prophets] is pointing out a future filled with events of similarity to past history, in poetic verse, then one can act to spot tyrants when they raise their ugly heads and lop those heads off, rather than hide in fear and cower in capitulation.

The future can be controlled by acts of faith now.

A nice lush, green lawn does not come by chance. It comes by faith that the wind will blow weed seeds in, to mess perfection up. Faith believes a lawn needs preventative acts. Faith then requires routine acts that attack weeds when they pop up. It is much easier to let a lawn go to weeds, than to do hard yard work that is worthy of “Yard of the Month” awards.

There are heads raised now in the world that qualifies for them being lopped off … plucked out rudely like ugly weeds. They come from many nations, both large and small, both religious and non-religious. Ugly heads are raised in America, against other ugly heads in America, as tyrants raging against the machines of other tyrants. They all seek tyrannical control of this land … and other lands. All nations suffer the same self-destruction syndrome. All nations have lazy people that fear the hard work of maintaining their governments. People are afraid of dying, because they fear the threat of death emitted by tyrants. The world is now (and has been for quite some time) projecting the future that God told through Nostradamus.

In my work interpreting the quatrains of Nostradamus, I have seen how a certain percentage needs to be applied to significant past events, simply to build a baseline that warns us why the future will come, as horrid as it is prophesied. One of those quatrains has solidly been the creation of the State of Israel, which occurred in 1948.

That specific quatrain is listed as the ninety-seventh in “Centurie III” [Latin terminology] of Nostradamus’ most famous book. Since Nostradamus was an educated Frenchman, he wrote in French [but occasionally in Latin]. He did not write his prophecies according to French syntax, which should be explanatory simply from the freedom poetic verse gives to writings. No. Nostradamus wrote using French [and Latin] words that used the syntax of God. This is why no one who claims fluency in French [as a natural language of birth] has ever satisfactorily solved the meaning of Les Propheties.

The French of quatrain III-97 is as follows:

Nouvelle loy terre neufve occuper, Vers la Syrie, Judee, & Palestine: Le grand empire barbare corruer, Avant que Phebés son siecle determine.

Literally, and avoiding translating articles, such as la and Le only being translated as “the,” the French viably translates as:

Unheard of before ordinance country new to enjoy, Against there Syria, Judea, & Palestine: A great empire barbarous to be collapsed, Before which Phoebe ones its time ended.

There are other viable translations, but this translation makes the history of Israel being recreated quite visible. New law [that of the United Nations] made a nation new, from occupied land [British Mandate by the League of Nations].

The new Israel was near Syria, where Judea had been. Until then, the land was that known as Palestine.

The Ottoman Empire had collapsed at the end of World War I. The British Empire was dwindling away by the end of World War II. The United States, due to the bomb, had become the new great empire and the Middle East was too weak to force its will against this new Jewish nation, allied with the West.

Phebé is the French spelling [also spelled “Phœbé”] for the Greek (Titan) goddess of the Moon. The moon symbolizes Islam. The British had groomed Mesopotamia (Iraq) and Persia (Iran) to be the new models of Western values, with Islamic clerics preaching against that change silenced.

I find this quatrain, which clearly tells of a past event quite accurately, as the one that explains why all the unknown quatrains will come to be in the future. It all stems from this Western lie, using an international political organization as the justification for the theft of Palestine, allowing the Jews [via illegal immigration and military backing by their benefactors] to steal the land Zionists so dearly coveted.

I still believe this quatrain is at the center of everything the West calls terrorism, ISIS, al Qa’ida, Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Shabaab, Boko Haram, and many other terrorist organizations and sponsors. However, the same words can point to a future event, like that one past, where retribution is the history repeating.

The saying here is: Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Look at how the laws of the West have been altered by immigration and the philosophy of democracy. Immigrants have taken their values to new lands and made new laws that are designed to allow foreigners to occupy those new lands.

Look at how Syria is in the news today. Russia has become involved in protecting a nation that is anti-American and anti-Israel. It is a volatile neighbor of Israel, the former Judea. The desire is to return Palestine to its rightful owners.

As all empires rise to great heights, they all eventually collapse and fall down. Just as the Ottoman Empire fell and the British Empire is splitting in fragments due to the Brexit fiasco, the power of the United States has been stripped by eight years of rule by left-wing, Socialist Democrats in the United States. Now the once weak Russians and the rising Chinese are threats to this weakness. Europe is already basically disarmed and powerless to protect itself.

The century of the Moon is now, in the twenty-first century. It is their century to die completely [and they will], but their plan is to take the whole world down with them.

This view is totally future focused, although it is easy to see it happening now. Nothing about Israel being recreated was even remotely a concept that was possible to predict in the sixteenth century. Certainly, nothing so accurate could have been guessed by a Frenchman living (and dying) then.

When one reads this one quatrain as a coming event that reflects a totally changed (for the worse) world, the same words tell of what has not yet even remotely happened.

The Western nations will have a new law imposed upon them by invading forces [similar to Napoleon and Hitler?]. The West will militarily be occupied, against its will.

The Christian West [or so it likes to pretend to be] will all be like Syria is today and was in ancient history. The place that the Romans once called Judea will return to being called Palestine. Israel will be overthrown.

The Christian Empire will be overrun by Muslim jihadists, savage Africans and Eastern Europeans [barbarous peoples], with all the civil liberties once enjoyed by hundreds of millions suddenly evaporated. Only one religion will be allowed … Mandated … enforced by brutal punishments. The Church of Rome will cease to be … at least as it was long, long ago.

Westerners will find themselves kneeling before Islamic Law. The time of retribution will be at hand. All sense of religion on earth will come to an end.

So many quatrains paint this picture, but all are so unknown today that they cannot be interpreted as having ever occurred before. The verbiage is, however, clearly terrible. They hold a future in them that no one will want to find their reality in those words.

Everything is a warning by God. It is clear enough to see the danger now, before the point of no return is reached. Seeing The Prophecies as a work of God, through a Prophet, requires faith to avert.

Faith is not based on someone fluent in French telling you whether or not Nostradamus was accurate or inaccurate, based on human brains [the atheism of science and knowledge] figuring things out.

Faith is based on belief without proof being necessary. Faith means actions come forth, knowing God sent a warning to change. Faith brings about actions that stop the direction the world is going. Faith is correcting the mistakes of the past, without the necessity of revenge and hatred becoming a future based on an uncorrected past.

This is where history predicts the future of the world, based on past mistakes not learned.

Alas, there is little faith left in the world. The world has become Godless; because it expects God to prove Himself without the least action taken to warrant that.

Few people truly believe in Nostradamus because few people believe in God and His prophets.

Oh well.

Try to remember that souls are eternal. Since Creation there has not been one atom added to the universe, nor one atom taken away. Everything has always been in a constant state of change. Life on earth largely reflects how souls incarnate that cannot return and be one with God. The world as a vacation wonderland has passed. There are so many living humans on earth now, it is like going to Disney World and calling a fun day standing in line, getting only on an occasional ride. The cost for that pleasure is prohibited.

Humans are reflections of souls trapped on earth because of sin. Life on earth means an eternal soul is trapped in a sack of filthy flesh. That life continues until that filthy flesh dies and falls away from the soul. A soul that has not been cleansed by God’s Holy Spirit cannot return to God’s heavenly realm. So, a soul needs to find another body of flesh to inhabit [reincarnation], until one can find true faith in God.

After the Muslims, Christians [false shepherd variety] and Communists get through with this world, souls will return into flesh that is nuclear waste from the beginning. There will be very few capable of being cleansed by the Holy Spirit then.

Now is the time to get right with God. Tomorrow might be too late.

The future of Nostradamus projects one’s mind to when zombies will become real, never going away. Earth will then become the Hell nobody ever really believed existed. Just like Nostradamus’ prophecies, hell lives in the future.

You do not want that proof to make you a believer. It will be too late then.

R. T. Tippett

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