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The $25-Million Answer: How Nostradamus Told Where to Look

Osama bin Laden is on the F.B.I. "Most Wanted" list, with a reward posted for $25,000,000. He has not been found, while being on that list for nine years. Nostradamus is called a chalatan by disbelievers, with believers only finding merit through hindsight. Critics call for a verifiable prediction that would prove he saw the future. This book explains how Nostradamus told where to look for Osama bin Laden, 400 years before Osama bin Laden was born. All one has to do now is read the book, find Osama bin Laden, prove Nostradamus as a prophet of God, and become $25-million richer. That return on investment makes this book worth the price.

The $25-Million Answer: How Nostradamus Told Where to Look

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