The Epic Poem Prophesied by Nostradamus: The Prophecies in a Revised Order

In 1555, Michel de Nostredame published the first installment of his most famous literary work, The Prophecies. Those installments were finalized after Nostradamus' death (1566), with the publication of the 1568 Lyon edition. For the past 443 years, no one has ever attempted to present all 947 poems in an order other than that originally published. However,those individual verses, called quatrains (4-lines, ABAB rhyme scheme), were originally presented in an out of order manner. Robert Tippett has worked for a decade to produce a revised order of the poems of Nostradamus, in an order of story that yields an epic poem of prophetic magnitude. This book is produced to go along with the other books written by Tippett, The Systems of Nostradamus and The Centuries of Nostradamus (a multi-volume set), to help student of prophecy understand the true message Nostradamus prophesied for the world to know, as a vehicle of God and Jesus Christ. Still, as a literary masterpiece comparable to all works produced by past great writers of epic poems, The Epic Poem Prophesied by Nostradamus needs to draw close inspection by all who value the written word.

The Epic Poem Prophesied by Nostradamus: The Prophecies in a Revised Order

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