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Robert is again smiling at his wife Lyn.

I have been divinely inspired to understand Scripture, unlike any other.  I had a strange path to begin interpreting Biblical texts; but I have found speaking in divine tongues requires going to the source text.  What people read in English are watered down paraphrases. 

Please do not misinterpret that fact as some form of bragging.  It is not.  I wish everyone could understand Scripture as i do.  That is why I have this website: to teach how to read divine Scripture.  With that said ...

My first realizations came from my being led to look at The Prophecies of Nostradamus.  I came to realize Michel de Nostredame was a saint, filled with God's Holy Spirit.  Insight about the meaning to what he wrote began to dawn on me soon after the events of September 11, 2001.  Over the years, my deeper and deeper examinations forced me to read the French texts.  Slowly, my dedication to the voice that kept leading me to this end had me understanding a divine syntax was present.  By learning how to read The Prophecies, I found the same rules of language equally applied to the books of the Holy Bible.  By reading divine texts using divine rules, I have been led to understand Scripture in ways that most Christians cannot see.

Over the past two decades, I have written books and free blog posts, even preaching sermons at a fantasy bus stop [listed here under "Bus Stop Bob"].  I have explained Nostradamus until I realized it needs no further explaining.  I now focus exclusively on interpreting Scripture, and how others can do the same thing.  I have well over eleven hundred commentaries posted in my "blog" that analyze the Sunday readings designated by the Episcopal lectionary, because churches do not spend enough time teaching the truth of the Word.  I freely offer this; and I do all this because this is what God has called me to do. 


This website is simply another attempt to get the message out.  I sell the books I have published at the lowest cost possible; but I have not created this website to make a profit.  Primarily, I created this site as a public forum for what I have been inspired to realize, which I am compelled to share openly.  Please feel free to communicate your comments and questions, so I can assist you in any way possible.

Note: I welcome dialogue.  Belief comes from external pressures; but faith comes from personal experience.  If I experience the truth of Scripture, it deepens my faith; but unless you can have the same personal experience of truth, you can never go beyond belief.  

Long ago, when I was trying to convince people to have faith that Nostradamus was a Saint and his Prophecies appeared as nonsense, until you learned to see the truth, I used the Magic Eye puzzles as an example.  They appear at first glance to be not what they are truly meant to be.  Go to the Magic Eye website and see the "Image of the day."  To see the intent, you have to train your eyes to see it for yourself.  I cannot see that truth for you.  You have to see it to have faith in it.

So, if you have any serious comments or questions, feel free to comment on an individual article, or send me a message or email through the contact page.  I welcome such serious discussions.

Update: Due to more interest being to take a gander at something I have posted about the ongoing state of the world, which most recently has been the Israel-Hamas thingy, I have been led to eliminate that interest.  "How do I do that?" I asked the voice inside my head. "Charge people to read it and they will go away," the voice said.  Great idea!

I have now linked all my Nostradamus articles to a Secret Squirrel Membership fee.  I do not want your dollars.  I hope that drives everyone away.  Over the past six months, thousands have viewed posts about what I said Nostradamus has to say about these recent world events.  Of all those thousands, one posted an insult that I had to delete.  No one wants to open a dialogue about the topic.  According to the statistics I see (if they are close to accurate), most people click on one of these and stay an average of 0 seconds.  They have the brains of a flea and cannot process anything over 10 letters of text.  So, I want all this to go away.

I have work I am doing and I must stay focused on that; so, like Barney Fife said to Sherriff Andy Taylor, "You got to nip it.  Nip it in the bud!"  

All the Scriptural analysis postings are still free.  It is more important readers focus on that.  Leave the Nostradamus stuff for when you are on your knees, begging God to forgive you.

Why Katrina Pearls

On August 1, 2005, I moved to costal Mississippi to be close to my girlfriend (who would become my wife).  I moved in as a boarder in an elderly woman’s home, in Waveland, Mississippi.  My girlfriend’s house was in Pass Christian, Mississippi, which was off the back of Bay Saint Louis (where another town by that name was nearby).  My girlfriend’s house was in a new subdivision, built on stilts, due to the danger of flooding.  The elderly woman’s house had survived Hurricane Camille (1969).  It had functional shutters for pending hurricanes.

On August 25, 2005 (twenty five days later), Hurricane Katrina totally destroyed the elderly woman’s house, along with every other house on her street and many other streets in Waveland, all swept away by tidal surge when the eye of the hurricane went straight up the inlet to Bay Saint Louis.  With Waveland along the western banks of that inlet, the rush of a wall of water was rapid and overwhelming.  The storm surge pushed the waters of Bay Saint Louis up thirty feet, although that rise was much slower than that which swept away history in Waveland.  The rise of that bay water was thirty feet high, meaning all but the top two steps to the attic room of my girlfriend's house was underwater, filled by seepage through cracks in the floor and windows.  Everything under brackish bay water became ruined; but surprisingly, the flooding was so slow many pieces of furniture simply floated up, then floated back down (some other place).  While the house survived, it would have to be stripped bare of everything but the framework and roof; and, then rebuilt.

In my move to Mississippi, I had prior become destitute, due in large part to my having been led by the Spirit of Yahweh to write about the meaning of Nostradamus’ famous work – Les Propheties.  I could not focus on anything else.  I wrote one book, which was never published and lost over the events that followed in my life. 


My first self-published book was entitled Pearls Before Swine, taking a quote from Matthew 7:6 that Nostradamus wrote in his letter of Preface.  I met my wife while writing and planning to save up the money to have it published by a Print-On-Demand publisher.  My wife fell in love with me and my commitment to Yahweh, becoming my partner by making that book be published sooner than I could have saved the money to do that on my own.  She assisted me so I would be free to move to be closer to where she lived.

My wife and I were divinely led to be together.  I believe that.  She believed that; and, the subsequent events spoke loud and clear to us that it was Yahweh's hand putting the two of us together, to serve Him.  We were to become a pair of Apostles in the name of Jesus Christ.

In my times of destitution – a vow of poverty that I made with Yahweh – I had lost most of what I had owned and was forced by circumstances to move back into my childhood home, with my elderly mother.  I had been forced to file for bankruptcy, which meant I had to find work in order to pay a lawyer to do that work for me.  I had been given the perfect job, one that allowed me the time to write, while making the equivalent of full-time wages.  Where I had been forced to move from, I had stuffed what little I still possessed into a small storage room, which demanded I make monthly payments to maintain its security.  Most of what filled that storage room was books I had amassed over a lifetime, with many of them astrological or astronomical focused, as well as college textbooks I had saved.

Around August 15th, 2005, I drove my small pick-up truck to the storage room and loaded up everything I owned that I had not taken to my mother’s home.  I loaded it up to move to my girlfriend’s ‘basement,’ which was a room atop the concrete slab foundation for her house, where all the stilts led upwards to the main floor of the house were.  When I moved my belongings into her storage room, I covered everything in tarps, due to the possibility of flooding.  In all my preplanning wisdom, I placed the tarps down first, then loaded boxes of books on top of the tarps, which I then pulled up and tied around the top. 

After Hurricane Katrina hit and we were allowed to leave the shelter facility, we went to find everything no longer as it was before.  In all my wisdom about securing my books from flooding, the opening of the tarps at the top allowed all the brackish flood water to rise up and then sink into the tarps, sealing all my books in wet stench.  That remained to be released by myself, after three days kept at the shelter.  Everything I had in the elderly woman’s house was wiped away completely [I did find my computer’s surge protector in the street gutter, halfway up that street], with everything I stored at my girlfriend’s house rendered useless.

Because I had been crying and praying to God to help me for two years (by that time) – and God had answered my prayers over and over again – all I could do, when I saw my efforts to retain things from the past were fruitless, was laugh out loud.  Yahweh had a plan for me and it was not up to me to try and figure out what that plan would be.  Hurricane Katrina was a sign from God that told me, “I will take care of you, as promised.  Taking care of you means your soul, not your books, clothes, pictures, mementos or any thing.”  Yahweh told me I was his mouthpiece and my role for Him was to write what He would show me.

My girlfriend was a vice president of a non-profit company she co-founded.  She lived in Pass Christian, but worked in a satellite office at the Stennis Space Center, in Hancock County Mississippi.  Her company’s headquarters was in the Jackson, Mississippi area, which was effected by the hurricane, but nothing like the devastation the coast suffered.  She was able to move there, so she could keep working.  Because she still had things to do between the coast and Jackson, I went with her and did a lot of managing the moves between the two points.  In that interim time, I began to work on a second book, which would become The Letters of Nostradamus.

When that book was completed, I decided to change POD publishers.  Part of that reasoning was to save costs.  When that book was sent to a new publisher for finishing, my wife and I married.  We honeymooned in southern France.  We went there because my wife wanted to take me to where Nostradamus had lived and published.  My wife paid for everything related to our wedding and honeymoon.  She paid the costs for the publishing of the second book and copies of that book we ordered, to promote the book to our friends. 


Then, after a year with no residuals coming from that publisher, we found out they were thieves, who preyed on writers.  We found we were not the only ones they stole from.  We had to threaten them legally to stop having my book be in print; and, that meant we would be forced to republish the book under our own publisher name.  We had no idea what that meant; but we were led Spiritually to make that happen.

Because we had to form a LLC and become legal, we decided to name our company [our partnership] Katrina after the hurricane that was Yahweh telling both of us: “Do what I lead you to do and everything will be fine.”  Because my first book pulled from Scripture, such that everything I was led to write and publish were the “Pearls” of wisdom coming from Yahweh, the name we knew was meant for our partnership was Katrina Pearls.

For anyone who wondered, “Who is Katrina?” or “What kind of pearls do you sell?”  I hope this answers that.


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