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A  n  n  o  u  n  c  e  m  e  n  t  s

This lecture was fantastic. I wish we had a couple more hours! - Aubrey W.

May 12, 2011

Robert Tippett delivered an informative lecture on the Astrology of Nostradamus – stressing the importance of understanding the amphibological or double meaning found in dissecting the quatrain four line verses of Nostradamus, which are designed by intention to mislead and also loaded with a plethora of astrological information. – Jennifer Cottingham

November 13, 2011

Astrological Society of North Texas (ASNT)

Astrology in the Holy Bible
This series of classes looks deeper at the Christmas stories found in Matthew and Luke and astrology as a tool of divination, both warnings against and allowances for. It will offer a grasp of Western astrology and a general
explanation of the reasoning behind science’s rejection of astrology. Students will be presented with an astrological birth chart and full natal report (computer generated). The sacred art of astrology will be shown to only have accuracy as a tool of divine prophecy through God’s Holy Spirit. From understanding the Biblical clues of Jesus’ birth (beyond the Christmas stories), as well as analyzing the historic evidence that comes from Judaic and Roman records and detailed in scholastic research that
pertains to the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. Robert will present an educated hypothesis as to the actual birthdate of Jesus, based on the Star of Bethlehem and an astrological analysis of a theoretical birth chart for Jesus. Classes are held in the Parish Hall on Saturdays from 12-2 p.m. beginning April 22nd and continuing through May 27th [2017].

Trinity Episcopal Church

Mount Airy, NC

A Recent Review of the Book

The Cain & Abel Story: An Interpretation

 Posted on Amazon in April 2023:

Do NOT buy this book!

The author states in his intro that he's not an expert on anything he's writing about and is really just sharing his personal ramblings. I wasn't expecting much after that. But what he should've said is that he was a crazy heretic. One chapter in and he's actually talking about Earth as the mother goddess who helped God the Father give birth to Adam. Mind you, this guy claims to bring no preconceptions to his interpretation, only that which can be gleaned from the text. How he then arrives at his crackpot conclusions is beyond me, but I wish I had saved my money. If I could rate this 0 stars, I would.


Author's Response:

Genesis 1:1 begins by stating, "in the beginning created gods".  The unstated implication is that Yahweh was the Creator "in the beginning" and Yahweh "created gods".  This was before anything else was created.  The "gods" were the spiritual helpers that did the work of Yahweh.  When we later read of "heavens and earth," this becomes metaphor for the "gods" and the material being joined together.  This means there is a spiritual presence within all matter that has life.  As human beings, we have a soul in our flesh - we are made of heaven and earth.  This is the concept behind my reference to Mother Earth and Yahweh, with the two acting metaphorically as mother and Father of Adam.  The material world gave forth the dust and clay that Yahweh breathed the soul of Adam into.  Mother Earth was simply one of the "gods" Yahweh created in the beginning, so souls could have form - "in our image."

As to my "not being an expert," that speaks of my prior history that qualified me to write books and attempt to sell them.  Add to that my writing about Biblical Scripture, I had no special education that was beyond having regularly attended Sunday school at church.  All I knew about Cain and Abel (and Adam and Eve) was what I had been told "by the experts."  Because I have been moved by the Spirit of Yahweh to serve Him by writing the revelations He leads me to see, I am driven to write without any expertise that promotes "Look at me!  I am special!"  Without Yahweh and the soul of His Son guiding my writings, I have no reason to do what I do.

Finally, the title of the book you purchased is "The Cain & Abel Story."  The greatest revelation of importance in that book was the story of Cain, after he had been marked by Yahweh and banished from Eden.  The story is told in the names listed; and nobody preaches about that.  Still, recently I published an article entitled The Duality of Cain and Abel, which is a new insight shown me by the divine.  It takes away nothing I was led to write in 2014.  It adds truth upon truth, for a greater depth of Scriptural perspective.

Thank you for buying my book and offering an opinion that helps others stay away from the truth, as written by an amateur author.  The children's picture book is much more eye-catching and has a higher Amazon rating.  It has everything you always were taught by experts to believe, in colorful images!

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