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  • Did Nostradamus name Adloph Hitler in his verses?
    No. Nostradamus wrote the word "Hister" [in both upper and lower case spellings], which is a statement about the Danube River, due to that being its ancient name. The river flowed through the lands of the Histri tribes. It is only sensationalism that says Hister means Hitler.
  • Did Nostradamus look into a pool of water to have visions?
    There is no evidence that supports that claim. While I believe Nostradamus was led by an inner voice to write precisely what he wrote, the only place logical evidence can come is from what Nostradamus wrote, explaining his source of "visions." In all cases where an author writes something people struggle to understand (songwriters often fall into this class), the logical explanation of meaning is to ask the author what he or she meant. In the cases where the author is no longer alive to answer questions, then one must look to documentation that speaks for the author, as the explanation. Nostradamus did that in two letters that appear in The Prophecies (editions after 1558). There, it is clear that Nostradamus said his "visions" came from God.
  • Was Jesus born on December 25th?
    No. That date is a creation of the Roman Catholic Church. There is deeply symbolic reason why the Church chose that date, as it represents a time in each true Christian's life when Jesus Christ was born within their souls and bodies. Jesus was born on the eve of Pentecost (the Jews call that Shavuot). He was born during the day, on a Sabbath. I write about this deeply in the book The Star of Bethlehem.
  • How does one love enemies, neighbors and others as oneself?"
    Jesus was the Son of man, as the Son of God, sent to the Israelites (Jews plus) as promised by prophets. The concept of love is then not human emotions but devotion to God - "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." For those devoted to YHWH (Jews) their neighbors were other Jews and Israelite pilgrims. Their enemies were called Gentiles (and Samaritans). When one loves God totally, one becomes married to God and thereby united with all others who likewise love God totally. This is the truth of Christianity, where all true Christians are Jesus Christ joined with their souls. Neighbors are then fellow Jews who fail to love God totally, but believe in God. Enemies are those who do not love God and hate those who do. There is no room for hate in someone who loves God totally, so one loves an enemy by allowing the enemy to hate one ... from afar.
  • Have you checked out the new addition on the Review page?
    Someone actually bought one of my books and gave it a terrible review on Amazon. Read the Author Response.
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