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I do not know if it is a failure of the Wix program, people playing games, or my stupidity; but that said, let me make this clear.  NO ONE will be contacted if I receive a contact email that only goes to this site.  Enter your email address OR all contact submissions will be deleted.

Katrina Pearls

Robert Tippett


Author / Blogger

to Katrina Pearls

Please feel free to ask questions or make comments and suggestions that pertain to the subject matter posted by Robert Tippett.  To ensure a return email verifies your submission, please do not forget to enter your valid email address.  Thank you!

Please know that Katrina Pearls is well aware of our poor ranking on Google.  This business is not to make anyone rich (including those who want to sell Katrina Pearls website advice).  All emails suggesting such business transactions will be ignored.  So, please ask questions and make comments and suggestions that are relevant to and specifically referencing some posting about Nostradamus' Prophecies and/or interpretations of Biblical Scripture.  All such communications will receive prompt attention.  Thanks again!

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