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copy of The Star of Bethlehem: The Timing of the Life of Jesus

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Robert Tippett has determined the Star of Bethlehem is the sun. The sun is the key to casting an astrological natal chart. The Magi were divinely inspired astrologers. That awareness allows for the birth data for Jesus of Nazareth to be determined. That knowledge has opened the life of Jesus for analysis, due to the astrology that is involved. Tippett presents a full life of Jesus, based on the inclusion of non-canonical works that fill the gaps the Gospels create, so the amazing story of Jesus' greatness is mirrored in the astrological chart that drew the Magi to his birth. In an innovative way, Tippett arranges the Gospel stories into a dovetailed chronology that points out the historical timing elements of his ministry, with great detail placed on the final months of Jesus' life. All is direct from the Gospel accounts. This book is the first of two works, where the astrological analysis is not presented here. However, Tippett gives a thorough explanation of the Biblical warnings about things people commonly associate with astrology and he shows how astrology is a gift of divination from God, which can only be accurate when the astrologer is truly divinely inspired. A thorough explanation of what astrology is an how it should not be feared is given. Tippet then ends with a history of his life over the past twenty years, detailing how he has been led by God to explain things that have long gone unrealized.

copy of The Star of Bethlehem: The Timing of the Life of Jesus

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