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Lenten Sermons: From the Untrained Mind

Robert Tippett prepared sermons for each Sunday in Lent and published them on the Internet between 2014 and 2016. Over one hundred fifty sermons were published in this manner, moving from week to week, season to season, year to year. With that cycle of sermons completed, Robert is now separating the seasons in separate books. The first of these covers the season of Lent.


The subtitle of this book is "From the Untrained Mind," which Robert explains in his foreword. While married to an Episcopal priest, with whom Robert attended seminary with as a spouse, Robert is not officially ordained. Robert points out why he feels called to write about Scripture, which led to his commitment to writing sermons for a three-year cycle. None of his sermons were ever orally presented to anyone; but that does not make them worthless. This book is Robert making his life story available to the public, as a statement of how God has touched him.

Lenten Sermons: From the Untrained Mind

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