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Nostradamus & Our Lady of Fatima: An Interpretation

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This book is based on a systematic approach towards Nostradamus, based on belief in the premise that he explained The Prophecies to be sourced by the divine and is thereby to be considered as holy. That premise means everything written has purposeful meaning, although designed to hide that meaning until it is necessary to have the truth exposed. Everything written can be rearranged so the parts link together in ways that release that purposeful meaning. This happens through divine guidance. This book takes that premise and focuses on one word written by Nostradamus, "vierge." That word means "virgin," and it appears eight times in The Prophecies. Those eight uses of one word link the surrounding verbiage into a story that foretells of Marian apparitions, most notably the one that took place at Fatima, Portugal, in 1917. Anyone taking the time to read this book, with an open mind and willingness to test everything presented for truth, the results will be found remarkable and eye-opening.


Nostradamus & Our Lady of Fatima: An Interpretation

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