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Ordinary after Pentecost Sermons: From the Untrained Mind

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The Ordinary Season that follows Pentecost Sunday is the longest portion of the liturgical year. In many ways, it reflects the Ordinary Season that follows the Epiphany; but, the Church sees the two as separate. I see the two as the difference between Jesus sending his disciples out in temporary ministry and Jesus Christ filling his Apostles in permanent ministry. In both cases, "Ordinary" means ministry.


Neither time did Jesus send out priests that had been officially trained as ministers [rabbis]. The whole point of ministry is to serve God fully, as did His Son. When Jesus instructed the Twelve not to take a purse, the reason was not to minister for payment. When he then told his disciple not to take two tunics or a staff, he was saying do not let the robes and scepters of a human employer distract anyone from receiving the message you carry. When Jesus said not to wear sandals, the implication was that a priest's road to knowledge is elevated beyond the earthly realm. Thus, a priest of Yahweh is ordained into ministry by God, as an extension of Christ, for the purpose of making others transform into priests that are cut of the same cloth.


Robert Tippett is such a priest. Without formal training, he has been led by the Holy Spirit to preach so others can hear the message sent by God. The sermons published in this book were written between the years 2013 and 2016. They were not written for payment, as they were offered freely on the Internet. The sermons are relative to the life Robert Tippet has led, which comes from most common roots. He is just like ordinary people who profess to be Christians; but, he was lost, until he was found. In pandemic times, this book is needed.


Please take the time to read these sermons and feel if you heart yearns to know more. The harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few.

Ordinary after Pentecost Sermons: From the Untrained Mind

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