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The Cain & Abel Story: An Interpretation

The story told in Genesis, chapter 4, is deeply interpreted in this book, unlike it ever has been before. The interpretation is based on the meaning implied by the Hebrew text and the circumstances surrounding the characters. The name meanings tell the untold story. The result is a much deeper realization of why this story is told, why it is important and how it impacts our lives today. The Cain and Abel story is actually reflected throughout the subsequent stories in the Bible, with this repetition continuing today.


Note: This book was Robert Tippett's first attempt to write about Biblical Scripture, having only published prior books that explained Nostradamus' The Prophecies.  This is a short book, because it is on a narrow topic.  The price this book sells for at Internet booksellers (including Amazon and Barnes & Noble) has a 50% mark-up, so those booksellers can reap huge benefits from simply listing a print-on-demand book, while the author attempts to guide sales.  Those booksellers can reduce their profit by acting as if they have discounted the price of the book; but that is them reducing their profit expectations, from doing no work.  After that 50% mark-up comes the price to physically print the book.  That represents more than 30% of the total price listed for a book.  The remaining 20% mostly goes to the publisher, with a few pennies tossed to the author as the rewards for all his or her efforts.  For such a short book, it is way over priced on booksellers.  The lowest cost is here; but shipping is not offered free.


Katrina Pearls offers to give this book away for free, with the purchase of any other book sold here.  That iss an unbeatable deal; but few people realize this offer.  One recent purchase of this book on Amazon elicited a most negative review, partially because it offers new revelations never before heard in any Christian church.  Those revelations mostly deal with the namess of Cain's lineage, which are read as "blah, blah, blah" and never preached.  The "blah, blah, blah" is the names of Cain's sons and grandsons, where every name in the Holy Bible has meaning that is necessary to realize, so the fullness of the story can unfold.  However, because these revelations are expressed in adult terms, the contrast to the picture book children's Bible stories that tell of Cain and Abel can be rather shocking.  Cain becomes the story of EVERY church in the history of mankind that leads souls away from the truth of Yahweh and His Son (Adam, a.k.a. Jesus), doing so with every trick in the book that does not deal directly with the written Word, assisted in interpretation by the Spirit of Jesus in a true prophet.  For this reason, this book may not be suited for the tastes of people seeking to be told what they have already been told before.

The Cain & Abel Story: An Interpretation

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