The Letters of Nostradamus: Realizing A Prophecy of Jesus Christ

Every adult should read this book. It takes the enigmatic letters that Nostradamus wrote, explaining The Prophecies, and transforms them into a very understandable explanation of warning that must be known, if not heeded. Written in Nostradamus' voice, the author shows that Nostradamus was doing the bidding of Jesus Christ. This book makes some bold claims, based on the author's research and findings found detailed in another publication. The how-to's and why's will not be found in this book; but, enough is provided before the letters are presented that makes it become certainly a viable interpretations of Nostradamus' actual text. The text of Nostradamus is separated from the text of the author, by bold type, which makes seeing Nostradamus' text appear when you hold the book at arm's length. At first, the bold type seems unlikely to yield the author's additional text, but after rereading (sometimes more than once) it becomes clearer how simple combinations of words can have multiple meanings.

The Letters of Nostradamus: Realizing A Prophecy of Jesus Christ

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