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A general summary of some things to come

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

It has been a while since I posted anything about what Nostradamus prophesied, so I will post now some reminders of what must be realized about The Prophecies.

First, I see that there is a lot of interest coming from Europe and Southeast Asia, especially since I posted about the disappearance of Malaysian flight MH370.  In the past, I have seen interest in Russian and Muslim regions, so I have gotten the feeling that there is more interest in what Nostradamus “predicted” by those who are seeking some kind of “approval” that their evil actions will be victorious.  In particular, I believe Islamist jihadists have been more emboldened by what I have written than have Christians.  I feel my words have caused fear in the European countries that have been targeted by extremist Muslims for decades, with boatloads almost daily being reportedly caught.  This fear is perhaps because they long ago gave up their religious faith and they see how real the threat is.

In case anyone thinks that this Holy War that is coming will be approved by God, the answer is EVERYONE who lives on earth will be negatively affected and effected by God’s complete disapproval.  Anyone who will be found killing in the name of God (Nostradamus saw a lot of this) will be eternally punished.  There will be no winners in this war.  Those who grasp on to any illusions of victory will find those positions of superiority evaporate as quickly as the rising sun upon morning dew.  Any persecution dolled out by Islamic-Slavic-African elements in Europe will be repaid ten-fold.

So, Muslims of the earth, this is your last chance to repent and find Christ.  Christians of the world, this is your last chance to live up to your claims and act Christian.  Jews of this planet, this is your last chance to remember the Laws you memorize, which allows you “exclusive” right to claim you are God’s chosen people.  You are chosen when you remember that “Thou shalt not steal” means you have no holy right to Palestine AND you MUST release all claims on it.  You are the catalyst of Armageddon, which is a named for the Megiddo plain you occupy.  Atheists of this physical reality, this is your last chance to admit your godlike recognition of thinkers, like Darwin, will be your failure.  Your hatred will be you demise.  Your brains will make you more fitted to experience a blanket killing of you and all who believe in mental superiority as reason to mock those of faith.  Whoever holds a rifle at your head is stronger, so your philosophy calls for your own deaths.  By seeing others, those whose beliefs are unlike yours, as lesser animals, your time is coming when there will rise those who will hate you for even associating with Christians.  The government constructed by Christian principles, where religious constraints allow minorities the “rights” to openly persecute the majority, that will be seen as your government.  Simply by having not killed Christians, you will be associated with Christians, and judged as Christians in acts of terrible persecution against Christians.  To the coming haters of Christianity, your brains will prove you weak; and that weakness will be your own excuse for your kind to become extinct.  Then you will realize that eternal life does indeed exist … but it will be too late for you to find the proof of God that you laughingly deny now.

All who fail to act as servants to God and allow God’s Holy Spirit to lead their actions, as willing slaves, puppets to the commands of God, they will be reminded of their eternal souls.  When their burning flesh is felt, they will forevermore be told that God is real and their brains have been led by the lies of Satan.  But, alas, the flesh they worship so dearly now (in the present) will refuse to detach from their souls upon what normally would be death.  When this future unfolds, many will scream in torturous pain, as they become like the zombies portrayed in movies.

Second, all who see the agreement signed between the Socialist government of the United States and the Satanic government of Iran, as either valid or traitorous, are instruments of evil.  Iran already has what they pretend to be seeking.  No agreement can reverse what has already been done.  The parties involved in this sham, their supporters, and their naysayers … they are part of the problem and not any solution.  The Soviet Union (now called Russia), under the Communist liar Putin (a name from Old French putain, originally the oblique case of pute ‎(“dirty woman”), meaning “prostitute” or “whore” – as the Biblical ‘harlot” of The Revelation) long ago sold Iran nuclear weapons and the machinery by which nuclear missiles can be covertly launched.  Iran has cast threats since 1993 (the first attempt to destroy the World Trade Towers), knowing full well it was armed equally, enabled to fight the USA fire with fire.  Only a fool would threaten a bully, asking to be beat up yet again; but a strategist will taunt a bully into moving against it, to urge it to strike again, so it can use the bully’s predictable rage against it, while having strategically hidden weapons ready to use, which will slay the bully.  The Iranian nuclear program is a ruse, designed to take the focus off their Soviet ally’s role.  The fact that Barack Obama is a Communist that seeks the collapse of American government, in every possible way (economically, militarily, internationally, politically and religiously), so that its “white-run” government can be usurped by armed militants with Islamic and Communist allegiances, would prove him to be a traitor, but no government will remain to punish him, after this final war begins.  This planned takeover will begin militarily once America is attacked by nuclear forces, which will come without defense strategies ordered.  As of this very moment (and for the past many years), the United States of America is  being tied to the execution post, blindfolded.  The agreement Barack Obama and John Kerry so strongly urge approval for is nothing but a chess move, planned for this clandestine purpose.

Third, the U.S. Presidential campaign now being waged by Donald Trump is nothing more than a sham.  Donald Trump is not a Republican or Conservative.  He does not believe in God, nor Christ.  He sold his soul to Satan long ago.  No truly Christian nation would celebrate his life story, but Sodom and Gomorrah would gleefully kneel before his celebrity.  He is an NBC actor pretending to be the highest executive in a wicked nation of idol worshipers.  Trump has been ordered by the corrupt snake Bill Clinton to run for office, so he can become a caricature of how the left-wing media and progressive socialists of the New Democratic Party have long portrayed Republicans as an evil presence upon the land.  While all politicians dirty themselves by voluntarily entering that arena, the adage of the pot calling the kettle black must be realized in play now.  ALL American politicians are corrupt and evil, due to playing by the rules of a corrupt system.  Thus, Donald Trump takes every issue that Democrats have propagandized as reason for ridicule Republicans [including him posing with a live American Bald Eagle, al la comedian Stephen Colbert], and proclaims those “issues” are the planks of his campaign platform, in language that is as intellectually verbalized as a longshoreman from New Jersey – lacking all detail and threatening those who would question that lack.  His popularity is fueled by the media that portrays him as a savior, one who says nothing more than what FOX News has conditioned people to long to hear coming from politicians, due to the complete corruption of the American political process.  Rather than see how Donald Trump represents a time to cease the entire concept of a Washington, D.C. capitol of a forced Federal Republic, with an evil Court and inept Congress, the media lauds the freshness of Trump’s “say nothing of merit” strategy.  The Democrats will use this as their way to urge voters with saner minds to not vote Republican, but rather see Trump as a viable 3rd party option.  The smokescreen will influence enough voters and keep many from seeing how voting Democrat will lead to the further decline of a Republic, to be replaced by a Communist dictatorship.  Donald Trump will be forced out of the Republican Convention, causing him to run a third party campaign.  A third party campaign will seal a Democrat victory, just as how Bill Clinton won his first election.  The presence of third party candidate Ross Perot allowed Clinton to win with less than 50% of the popular vote, in 1992 (43% ).  Ross Perot’s 18.9% of the vote allowed Clinton to win key electoral votes in states he otherwise would have lost, and Perot won zero electoral votes.  While it appears Hillary Clinton will not be the recipient of Bill’s orders to Donald Trump, the gain will be given to whoever takes her place.  Should the ignoramus Trump actually win the election, his cabinet can be expected to be filled with Mafia criminals, so the exact opposite of Communism will come, robbing the country of all its value, profiting only the oligarchy and leaving the common people economically and morally bankrupt.

Finally, the state of the world is already horrid.  The news is daily projecting what will happen, over and over, until the official begin of war: terrorist bombings, economic collapses, saber rattling.  Meanwhile, heads are buried deep into the warm sands of false superiority.  The West, which God supposedly blessed with great wealth, because they were “Christian” in the freedoms they allowed, will be hung with its own ropes of freedom.  The enemies of those states have all be welcomed in, like giant Trojan Horses, who will be waiting for the signal to attack from the rear, when the frontal assault engages the military defenses of scrambling, unprepared nations.  People who pretend to make money telling people on the Internet what Nostradamus predictions will come true this year, as if doing a dog and pony trick to seem like they have amazing talents, are lying to the world.  The effect of that travesty will be that no one will believe a prophetic warning to “get right with Christ.”  The story of Nostradamus’ Prophecies is a continuous narrative, and not individual poems of hind-sighted events.  Everything that has been said to have already happened, can (if not will) happen again.

 The whole of The Prophecies can be seen as predictive of a still unfulfilled future.  Only fools would play games with prophecy, wanting mass death and destruction to come … just to prove Nostradamus had the same abilities the Apostles of Christ were given by God.  Churches do nothing to teach church-goers to become Jesus, through receipt of the Holy Spirit – something only a relationship with God can bring.  That means the Century of Gold [a Nostradamus title] has been the past hundred-plus years, when souls were sold for riches.  The current Antipope calling himself Francis (reminiscent of a talking ass in 1940’s movies) is an abomination before God, as a political advocate with no higher voice leading him [perhaps the Sicilian Mafia has the voice of Mammon in his ear?].  The future of the world has long been left up to individuals to become Apostles, and few have walked into that light since Zionists had peasants guillotine  the heads off those who held the blood of Christ in their bodies, leaving the world as a most dark place to live.  Nearly three hundred years of darkness has led the world to its present precipice.  Only Christ can bring light into one’s life.

Like physical life, there is no escaping physical death.  It is like the law of gravity – what goes up must come down – a body rising from elements returns to elements – ashes to ashes, dust to dust.  No mortal can defeat that death.  However, the constant throughout all life is Spirit, where a soul is immortal and never dies.

Since Creation, no matter has been added or subtracted from the Universe – matter only changes its states of being.  The constant is the soul, which rises from water and then submerges again and again, like a dolphin, as one reincarnated into a new life, with one after another attaching to that soul, only to be wiped away.  This means we all face “the end of the world” at some time, be that early of late, as we time life in years.  Being alive today means having lived many past lives, thus having conversed with God in-between those physical existences.  The problem with this model is when God says, “No more.  The end of the reincarnation line has come.  No more recycles.  Get it right or forever burn in torment.”  Hell is on earth, and always has been.  Aliens [thought to be from outer space] live within the depths of the earth, as the fallen angels from the war in heaven.  In that way, Satan rules over this inner earth race; but live on earth, with skies above, is where God and Mother Earth provide for human creations.  For anyone who does nothing to save that thriving place, as a livable place to return to after Judgment by God (at death) says, “Not good enough!” the reality will be coming back into a body incapable of sustaining human life, upon a piece of changed matter unable to produce plant life.  The earth you sacrificed everything for will become your eternal chamber of horrors.  For Muslims who believe they are promised a reward of paradise for killing innocent people, they will realize the ones tricking them with those lies are agents of Satan.  By acting to strike out to slay “the Great Satan,” they become “the Greater Satan.”  Tag … you’re it!  They will have their eyes opened as they roll over in their world of death – wrapped in physical bodies of rotting, radiated flesh that cannot get up and walk – and see the corpse of Mohammed lying next to them.  He will be laughing, because he too was tricked to lose his chance of heaven, by the same voice of Satan.  When Mohammed thought he heard the voice of God, it was only Allah, who is not the One God above (YAHWEH), but the serpent, Lucifer, who loves deceiving human beings so he can steal their souls.  Lucifer was banished from Heaven, sent into the depths of the earth.  Lucifer is that dim light found deep in caves, whereas the one, true God in heaven calls his prophets out of the caves to witness His being, from behind, as He passes by.

An interpretation of a scene from Dante's Inferno

An interpretation of a scene from Dante’s Inferno

Maybe now you can see why I don’t post here as regularly.  All hope is lost for avoiding this future.  Instead of getting a cheap thrill trying to see what someone said is going to come, as predicted by Nostradamus, you need to drop to your knees and pray for God and ask Jesus Christ to show you what to do to save you own soul.  But that would mean sacrifice and persecution BEFORE all the stuff hits the fan.  Few are unselfish enough to do that.

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