After the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem

Updated: Feb 5

In the days before the final Passover week that Jesus experienced as a living rabbi, he had presented himself in Jerusalem for inspection. For two days he was inspected by the Temple allies and found blemish free. The third day he found no one directly challenging his perfection, so he taught his disciples. As they left the temple mount, Jesus had told his disciples everything of splendor they saw surrounding Herod’s Temple would be destroyed. The disciple questioned Jesus about when that destruction would come, causing him to say, “About that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” (Matthew 24:36)

Jesus then added, “Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left. Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left.” (Matthew 24:40-41)

This is not a “Left Behind” after the Rapture promise (an End Times fantasy), but rather a statement that those who claimed ancestry to the first Israelites led out of Egypt by Moses were in for a big shock after the Temple stones were overturned.  Part would claim to be followers of Yahweh and part would be worthy of Yahweh’s love.  Part would be taken to become one with the One God and part would be left to be in the same class as all pagans and Gentiles, none of which worshipped the true God.  One and one is not a hard and fast number from which percentages can be calculated. Two is reference to being either a subject of the divine Father or being a subject of Self, whose king is the Big Brain inside a human skull.

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Jesus then began telling parables about what the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem would bring. Jesus spoke in metaphor to his closest followers, who were all men. Jesus spoke in terms of virgins, which was a metaphor for each disciple before him, none of which was female.  Jesus spoke in terms of laborers, which did not mean fishing or planting crops.  Jesus spoke in terms of sheep and goats, which was symbolic of the flocks of God’s children.  To hear Jesus speaking to one today, one has to be the virgin, the laborer, and the sheep of God the Father.

Jesus did not speak in terms that would be limited by the history of the Romans destroying Herod’s Temple in 70 A.D. Instead, Jesus spoke in terms that are forever meaningful, such that they applied as well during that destruction just a few decades later and today, many centuries later.  Jesus’ words speak accurately of all times when the Temple of Jerusalem would no longer be in existence and no longer significant as the standard bearer of a religion for Yahweh – the One God.

Matthew’s twenty-fourth chapter told of the disciples wanting to know more about the destruction of the beauty in Jerusalem. His twenty-fifth chapter then tells of what Jesus said to his disciples about the end of the religion now called Judaism and the advent of a state of being that would be reduced to a religion, the one now called Christianity. This prophesied change was told in three parables that address what the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, and the subsequent destruction of the temple elite’s gross mismanagement of the Laws of Moses.  Jesus, speaking from the Christ Mind, told his disciples then and those forevermore that God would not rewrite Holy Text, but the destruction of an institution as a replacement idol for God would bring to all individuals who would serve God the Father (YHWH) to account for their own souls.  After the coming weeks that would bring the end of Jesus’ time on earth in the flesh (less than fifty days later), a new (virginal) slate would begin, which would truly judge who served God and who served Self.

That future would be measured in those who would become married to Yahweh.  Marriage proposals by God the Father to all who love Him, once accepted, comes with the duty of a “wife-to-be” to prepare for the blessed event of union with the Husband.  It must be grasped that everything about the Earth (matter, including space and time) is feminine, with the Spiritual masculine.  Spirit penetrates matter and matter receives Spirit.  The soul is married to the flesh, with the flesh then divided into gender identification.

This means God is the Father of all life in the material realm, with the material realm His divine wife.  However, for a soul to return to a heavenly state eternally, the soul within feminine matter must submit to God, through love, making all humans (of any human gender) reflect the feminine.  This is the point of Jesus telling his male disciples that after the overthrow of Jerusalem, “the kingdom of the heavens will be likened to ten virgins, who have taken their lamps with them.”  This metaphor must be understood.

The lamp must have oil to be of value.  It is not good enough to be ‘engaged’ to God the Father and simply be a lamp holder that would be out of oil. Each of the “virgins” represents a “lampstand,” like those seen in John’s vision: “I turned I saw seven golden lampstands, and among the lampstands was someone like a son of man, dressed in a robe reaching down to his feet and with a golden sash around his chest.” 

To become a “golden lampstand” one must hold onto a lamp filled with holy oil and accept God’s proposal of marriage (an expectation of both males and females).

Those who would find their devotion to God the Father rewarded by marriage to God, two becoming one through His Holy Spirit (the parable of the ten virgins), would then be given a wealth of talents, as Apostles and Saints (the parable of the talents). Any who would deny seekers a share of that divine wealth would be deemed lazy and wicked. In the end, when death would separate the souls of God’s followers and bring about the reward of eternal life in Heaven, the souls would be divided into those who were judged to be sheep and those who were judged to be goats (the parable of the sheep and goats). The sheep were those souls married to Yahweh, Saints who ministered to the seekers of the world via the gifts of the Holy Spirit, yet knew nothing about the good they spread, as their brains had been led by the Mind of Christ. The goats would be those who cheated on God, using their gifts to increase their personal standing in the world, never realizing they were selling their souls into an eternity of misery and despair.

In the lessons taught metaphorically by Jesus on the eve of his final Passover week on earth, it is imperative to realize that without marriage to God the Father, one will never evolve into either a sheep or a goat. The translations of Matthew’s Greek that says “virgins” (from parthenois), where this is further degenerated into “bridesmaids,” as a focus set upon young girls who have no knowledge of the world.  This translation seems to have become a hindrance to all the male leaders of Judaism and the mainly male-dominated diluted versions of Christianity today. Marriage to God appears to only be a devotion of females, with male rabbis and pastors free to act as equals to Jesus, without ever considering marriage to God.

This is wrong. The Greek word parthenois means, according to Strong’s Concordance: “a maiden, virgin,” but they add that the word’s meaning is, “extended to men who have not known women.” This virginity, as spoken of by Jesus, cannot be seen as physical. It must be seen as Spiritual. As such, the term “virgins” extends to all who would become engaged to God. In this way of reading the parable, HELPS Word-studies states of parthenos (the singular form of parthenois) means, “(figuratively) believers when they are pure (chaste), i.e. faithful to Christ their heavenly Bridegroom.” This needs further explanation.

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate:

To state “faithful to Christ their heavenly Bridegroom” immediately conjures up images in one’s mind of being betrothed to Jesus, as if Jesus’ last name was “Christ.” Nuns (mostly Roman Catholic, but others as well) are given away in a false marriage to Jesus. They even have wedding rings to mark their subjection to Jesus as their husband. This promotes a dominant husband and a submissive wife role play, where it is impossible to have children (a Spiritual husband cannot impregnate a human female).  This is then the promotion of a sterile relationship with Jesus, when Jesus cannot make a female wife bear himself with the Christ Mind … if he is busy being the husband.

The problem with that falsehood is the Christ IS God the Father. Jesus of Nazareth was the Christ because his soul had married with God, through the Holy Spirit of God the Father, making Jesus of Nazareth be the Son of God. Jesus was human flesh that held the power of God within his soul. The soul that gave Jesus of Nazareth life in a body of flesh, was married to the Father. Jesus was therefore led by the Christ Mind of God.  Roman Catholic nuns (et al) cannot physically marry Jesus through some pagan ritual of human will, administered by some male priest who acts like he has the power to marry human females to Jesus.

While the parable told by Jesus to his disciples might seem to be a picture of a room with ten young virgin girls, the symbolism of ten is the power of One (numerologically the number 10 converts to 1+0=1). The scene is then ALL who would follow the One God after the collapse of Jerusalem as a power center of a misled religion. Without Judaism’s ruling elite to tell followers the Law and cast their human judgments onto seeking souls in the flesh, ALL would become virginal to the replacement “religion” that would commence with the return of the Christ into the flesh of seekers (i.e.: Apostles and Saints).

The “foolish” followers (which are ALL followers of both human genders, of ALL ages) would be those who believed Mosaic Law was all they needed to become rewarded by God (YHWH). The Laws of Moses then was represented in the lamps that ALL were in possession of. The oil in those lamps was then more than a physical liquid source of fuel for wicks to maintain a burning flame.  The oil that must always make the lamp be a way of light is metaphor for the symbolism of personal desire to make Mosaic Law become a light by which one’s life could be enlightened. The “wise” would be the followers of God who maintained the Laws, as best they could, based on prayerful meditation on the words written into the Laws.  The oil for the lamp of Mosaic Law is prayer and a willingness to receive divine insight.

This initial step towards becoming married to God the Father is greatly overlooked by Christians and Jews today. Holding an empty lamp of “religion” is worthless, when the call is made that the bridegroom is coming and one must ready oneself for that arrival. The metaphor of ALL reaching the lateness of the hour when they each fell asleep says that ALL would eventually die, as sleep is symbolic of death.

This is not a permanent death, where the soul is released from the flesh, but a death that parallels that of Lazarus, who died but was returned to life by the return of Jesus. Lazarus then reflects one who has died of Self-ego, whose rebirth is by the command of Jesus to receive the Christ of Yahweh and “Come out!” Jesus himself demonstrated the need to die and be reborn.

The chaste (the meaning of parthenois) have not only kept a copy of the Torah or the Holy Bible around, they have maintained the letter of the Law by reading the scrolls and living accordingly. The foolish have only done lip service to the Laws and squandered valuable time that would be necessary for them to prove their commitment to God (the bridegroom), as a virgin betrothed to the Father.  The foolish have no oil in their lamps because they are too involved with pleasing themselves, doing nothing to ready themselves for marriage with the Father.

When Jesus told his disciples that the foolish bridesmaids would be awakened from their slumber by the call to the wedding banquet, where God the Father would wed the faithful to His Son, where each would then be “in the name of Jesus,” bearing the Mind of Christ (being a true Husband that brings about the birth of the Son of God), the foolish cried out for the faithful to give them some of their “oil” of faith. Those wise disciples told the “foolish” who claimed to be God’s followers, yet never acted in righteous ways, to go into the marketplace and purchase their “oil.” That means “go buy your faith from the churches that sell religion to fools like you.”

Those who let false shepherds counsel them to continue living amoral lives, clinging solely to the Law as their way to heavenly reward, with those ‘leaders’ having personal expectations of donations “to their cause” being the price of admission to Heaven, those foolish disciples (like Judas) would run to the locked door of the wedding banquet, knocking and crying, “Let me in!” The return answer from God the Father is (and always will be), “I do not know you.”

This says that to be known by God the Father means to be dead of Self-ego and completely submit one’s being to God. One cannot receive God’s hand in marriage without first practicing putting on the robes of righteousness – one’s Spiritual wedding dress.  The marriage that then takes place is a soul baptized by God’s Holy Spirit, where the soul of a human in the flesh is reborn as the Son of God, the Husband having consummated the marriage with His wife. Whatever name the faithful had been given by their mommies and daddies would then be secondary to the name of Jesus that would be resurrected within their souls. The rebirth of Jesus in one’s soul brings the Mind of Christ in control of one’s fleshy brain, as one has become married with the Father above. Jesus Christ is reborn in the flesh through this Spiritual marriage.

The sad thing today is few are wise virgins holding the lamp of the Holy Bible up to light their way through life. Few take any time studying the text of the Holy Scriptures, praying for guidance to true meaning that can be incorporated into one’s life. Few are devoted brides of God the Father, finding the world offers so many delights that are pleasurable distractions to a commitment to serve only the One God. The sad thing is Christianity has become a circus sideshow with megachurches and slick wolves in sheep’s clothing (calling themselves bishops, priests, pastors, and whatever) selling entertainment as a commitment to God.

In the series of parables told by Jesus to his disciples, marriage is the first step. Few are doing more than a foolish bridesmaid, with fewer of them actually being male human beings. There is a better chance that a yoga master or Zen teacher could become married to Yahweh and then gaining access to a spiritual talent given by God the Father to the wise faithful. The Buddhists, who prefer reincarnation, would be those who bury their talents, doing little to teach others to die of self and be rewarded with heavenly grace. Perhaps they are the goats that resemble the sheep (who have been reborn as Jesus Christ), being themselves reborn as a selfish version of a past life?

The end of an age is upon us. The Age of Pisces, when Self-sacrifice was easier to accomplish, making Christianity capable of being born from true Saints and Apostles, is slowly dissolving into the Age of Aquarius. That age will thrive on knowledge and technology, requiring observable proofs to gain one’s faith. We are in those times now, so few are preparing to marry God the Father these days.

The lamps of Mosaic Law are being replaced by handheld devices with lit screens that illuminate the darkness. It is the oil of fools that is found in the marketplace for a price in material riches.

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