Aliens and The Prophecies

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I took a philosophy course in 1997.  The course was named, “The Philosophy of Conspiracy Theory.”  About midway through the quarter, the movie (starring Mel Gibson) came out, entitled “Conspiracy Theory.”  As the credits ran, during the first five minutes of that film, much of what the course our professor was teaching was covered.  The central theme of both was a “shadow government” being in control, leading the world to one central government.

An Australian named David Icke wrote the main textbook we read and discussed.  I call him “Icky,” but the name is pronounced, “Ike,” as in the old slogan, “I like Ike.”  The one element the movie did not bring out was this “shadow government” being led and advised by aliens.  By “aliens,” I do not mean illegal aliens from Mexico.  I mean flying saucer aliens.  According to Icke, the only indigenous living life form that planet Earth can claim is the lizard.  All else is a hybrid, fashioned by aliens.

My professor wrote the other main text we discussed.  He first published his book, which agreed with Icke, especially as far as an alien presence was concerned, in 1995, but had a second edition by 1997.  Each edition ended with the prediction that the government would make the alien presence public.  Because that did not happen in 1995, he edited it so the book we had to buy said it would happen in 1997.  Since that public announcement has yet to come true, I imagine he has several editions, each requiring a new edition each year the aliens stay hidden and secret.

I mention this because I watched a new History Channel program (series), entitled “Ancient Aliens.”  It focuses on how history has many pieces of evidence that ancient peoples witnessed aliens and their crafts, but just did not know how to term what they saw in documents and drawings they produced, because they were so impressed with what aliens could do, and they not do.  The Holy Bible is a source of some of the strange descriptions, which all the talking heads say it detailing spaceships and aliens, not chariots for the gods and angels.

When I first began to understand Nostradamus, I wanted to get published as quickly as possible, but knew absolutely nothing about how to be published.  I dug up my old syllabus from my 1997 “Philosophy of Conspiracy Theory” class, and found the home telephone number for that philosophy professor.  He had welcomed us to call him anytime, so I called him four years after the class ended.

I told him who I was, and he remembered me.  I told him that I had discovered the meaning of The Prophecies of Nostradamus, and he asked me to tell him what that was.  After trying to explain thing after thing that I had found in the quatrains (barely touching the surface), he stopped me and asked, “But Robert, what about the aliens?”

I was stunned.  I had seen no aliens in the quatrains.  Besides, I did not think he was serious about aliens.  As a philosophy professor, I thought he knew that logic was the key to making sound conclusions.  The class was designed to look at the evidence presented in theories of conspiracy and logically conclude if there was reason to believe or not.  The evidence presented in the class was an indication that there was indeed a conspiracy within the governments of the world to manipulate the huddled masses secretly, but I found the evidence of aliens weak, at best.  I stammered back to him, “Well, there are some strange things predicted to be exposed in the future.  I’m not sure I saw aliens, however.”

The professor eventually told me to send him a draft of what I saw the meaning of Nostradamus to be.  He gave me his address, and I sent him a 70-page paper, poorly written, stringing one event to another, from the Creation of Israel to the return of Christ.  No aliens, but some stuff uncovered after a major earthquake that looked like the unleashing of the evils shown in the movie “The Mummy” (the original, with Boris Karloff).  I called him a week later, and he did not read most of what I wrote.  He just gave me the same advice everyone knowledgeable of the publishing industry has, which is, “Keep it short.”  He then wished me luck.

At this point in time, I have conceded the fact that no one cares to listen to what I offer about delaying the end of the world (by acting now).  So, the end of the world is like a ticking time bomb that will go off.  The only question now is, “When?”

That answer would only interest the bozos who would pull up lawn chairs, throw on some dark shades, and wait for the nukes to start going off, or asteroids start streaming into the planet, vaporizing everything instantly.  Let the Mayan calendar set the date.  Nostradamus does not make it clear, and I see no need in trying to interpret what dates could be read, because that is not the purpose of knowing how to read The Prophecies.  Waiting for a big show to be some form of proof, thus reason to believe, is too little, too late.  It would be better now to just let the end begin with everyone in his or her own safety zone (head in the sand comfort).  Then, when it has all begun (and can never be stopped), just let the lamentations start when all the stuff hits the fan.

One thing that is certain, and that is regardless of how many will die in the first day of the End Times, many, many more will live to suffer more and more, as time goes by.  The End Times will last a while.  The number one cause of death will be famine.  That is relative to the opening of the third seal, when the black horse appears, whose rider holds scales, and the value of wheat, barley, oil, and wine will go way up.  This state of famine is followed by the fourth seal being opened, bringing out the pale horse, ridden by Death, and followed by Hell.  Revelation 6:8b states, “And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.” Therefore, as fast as that End Time reads, it will stretch out for some time, in human years.

In case there are those who might think some aliens will rescue the world, I think it is best to realize where aliens come from to begin with.  There are strange beings in our midst, for sure, and they are highly evolved, with technology capabilities that have been discovered (with alien assistance, perhaps) and utilized in the advancements over the past 60-75 years.  Unfortunately, they are not extraterrestrial life forms.  They did not come from some distant solar system.

Think about it.  If you ever watched the television series “V,” or “The Event,” a theme in both was an alien presence that was here on earth (for quite some time), preparing to bring many more aliens and make earth their home, and humans their slaves (if not their food).  I imagine, if I was an alien presence on earth, I would want mass hysteria overtake the people of earth, and have them automatically think I was some kind of super creature, incapable of being easily defeated.  I would have ray guns and the ability to look human, so no one could recognize me as an alien.  I would also want everyone looking up in the air, towards outer space, wondering from which way the mother ship would be coming.

Of course, all that would be deception, by design, getting fear as my ally, and everyone looking in the wrong direction.  The reality is the “aliens” are simply earthlings who lived on the surface of the planet 15,000-7,000 years ago.  They were the remnants of the cultures that thrived in Atlantis, Mu, and Lemuria, as well as other places following the one huge continent originally on earth idea, Pangaea.  When Plato wrote about Atlantis sinking in three stages, he meant the people who survived those sinkings went underground.  In biblical terms, they were the “angels” who supported Lucifer, and they would eventually lose that war, being cast into the center of the earth (the great pit, or abyss).  This means “aliens” are the agents of the End Times, who will be freed from that deep hole by the Antichrist, to bring about tremendous misery to human beings.

This is how a major earthquake, as clearly prophesied by Nostradamus, still to come, will expose evidence of one of these long lost civilizations.  Just like in “The Mummy,” a curse will be found and translated.  An evil presence will be released upon the world.  If one wants to view the announcement of aliens as akin to the Antichrist being seen by the vast majority of the population as the new savior of humanity, one could then remember the theme from “V.”  The aliens will be promoted as having come from outer space to save the world.  All rejoice!  Worship our newfound friends.  Then, all prepare to be sucker punched.

If the closest solar system were one light-year away, if aliens had to fly to earth from that far away, the ship they would be flying in would probably break from excessive use, with no guarantees the place they left was still inhabited by people who still remembered they had left.  Space travel is a ridiculous notion, comparable to deep-sea travel.  The deeper one goes in the sea, the less likely one will survive for any length of time, due to the pressure on the hull.  The farther one tries to travel in space the more likely it is the same breech of a hull would occur.  If wormholes do exist, it is more probable they take one at a time to wherever it goes, without large numbers of people in spaceships flying into them, knowing where they go.

All this means that flying craft seen throughout the history of earth come from earth, designed to fly in the air and waters of earth, and probably as far as the moon.  The “Ancient Alien” show even mentioned the moon is metallic and placed there by aliens.  No doubt, it would have been made on earth and flown into earth’s orbit, rather than flown from light-years away, and for some unknown reason placed into orbit around Earth.  Large numbers of aliens could live inside the moon, building their crafts there, flying out of the “bottomless crater holes” on the moon’s surface (a tidbit mentioned on “Ancient Aliens”), soon to enter into the earth’s air and sea atmospheres, to safety in underground lairs.

In the Book of Genesis, chapter 11, verses 1 through 9 tell the story of the “Tower of Babel.”  Verse one states, “And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.”  Rather than think “the whole earth” means just the known world, read that as a statement of a “universal language.”  Then, when you read the words, “of one speech,” do not see that as a spoken language, such as Latin, or Greek, but as meaning, “of one form of communication.”  That means “of speech” is simply one way of getting ideas known by people of all spoken languages, through the use of “one universal language.”  That “language” is today termed mathematics.

When you see this meaning stated in the first line of this story, a “tower” designed from mathematical calculations.  A tower designed “to reach unto heaven” (from verse four) is not unlike the tower positioned in Cape Canaveral, Florida, which they set rockets and space shuttles onto.  The universal language of mathematics likewise designs these crafts.  The objective is to shoot rockets, satellites, and human beings into the space beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.  The moon is beyond that atmosphere, and thus is an orb of heaven.  From a perspective of Earth’s orbital heaven, satellite technology allows those “scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth” (Genesis 11:4b) to be connected, via the universal languages utilizing imagery, symbols, mathematics, and common spoken language.

The fact that God saw this effort by human beings as bad, because they were trying to play gods, means that technology has resurfaced in our times.  President John Kennedy promised, in 1960, to reach the moon by the end of the decade.  The Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash occurred in 1948, which made such a bold goal achievable.  The “Ancient Aliens” show made a point of Nazi experiments that seemed too advanced for natural mathematics to solve, alluding to them being assisted by aliens towards developing rocket technology.  The show said they were working on an atomic bomb well before the Americas, but suddenly stopped, killing everyone who worked on that project.  All of this represents huge leaps of knowledge, beginning in the 1930’s.  Human beings once again found a way to use mathematics to play god; and the angels of Satan have assisted them.  The real God detects the same evil once again, a repeating of the story written of in Genesis.

In Genesis, it is written that God saw what humanity was doing, such that He said, “now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.” (Genesis 11:6b)  This has to be read as a danger to mankind, rather than some threat to God.  With human beings not possessing the knowledge of foresight, having the ability to have “nothing restrain them” from their own errors, never knowing the future, simply “imagining” what their act will create, the results is summed up as, “be careful what you wish for.”

This unrestrained knowledge means man will have become too dangerous for man to survive the effects of his playing with fire.  For that reason, God acted to save humanity by, sending His angels to “confound the language of all the earth.” (Genesis 11:9)  This could be summed up, in essence, as errors in mathematics that caused tragic failures.  Those would be found in mechanical failures, unplanned magnetic field anomalies, and/or erratic trajectory calculations, all of which would equate to crashed spacecraft.  “Ancient Aliens” pointed out how many times in history human beings have witnessed such crashes of alien crafts.  They happened so frequently that one can only conclude either the aliens were very bad drivers (pilots), or they were not quite smart enough to develop flying saucers with Mercedes Benz parallel parking technology.  Such “confounding” would mean the end of trying to act like gods.

This story of the “Tower of Babel” is followed by verse 10, which shifts the focus to, “This is the account of Shem’s family line. Two years after the flood.”  This means that the “Tower of Babel” was not only confounded by the failure of all aliens to master the whole world in one universal language of technology, but it was destroyed (if not only set back a few thousand years) by the Great Flood.  This could be one of the ways the technology of man, unrestrained, brought about the flood, perhaps through acts that altered the Earth’s magnetic poles, causing a polar shift, which in turn generated a global flood.

If so, this is how we are living in parallel days, which means the unleashing of nuclear weapons could have such a drastic effect on the whole world that man once again will prove how an imagination unrestrained will only lead to ruin.  The restraint is faith in God, allowing God to do godlike things, rather than man trying to do it alone.  Shem would begat Abram, which would begat the chosen children of God.  They would be the ones to direct humanity away from repeating such errors, by not knowing faith in the true God.  The tower of Babel was built by those who worshipped the angels of Lucifer, which was a danger to the whole of the world.  This is the danger of faithlessness, and a repeating of that danger is written into The Prophecies.

I think it is an important sign that NASA has concluded it “Tower of Babel” project, which grew from sending chimps into orbit, landing on the moon (“Ancient Aliens” said that landing made the moon ring like a bell for days after – made of metal, folks), to building a manned space station.  There is no need to fund such projects any longer, as we already have seen the confounding of blown up launches, and burnt up reentries.  The next error will be space debris slamming into the space station, at which time the space station will cease to exist, and all on board will be instantly killed.  The reality of reaching into heaven is that only immortals can survive such cold places.  Human beings need not attempt such imaginative things.  Therefore, our shadow government knows that physical space travel is impossible, so the time has come to stop wasting money on a project that will only lose the public’s support.

We are in the times when the first seal has already been opened.  The first seal prophesies that out will come “a white horse.”  This symbolizes a Christian soldier (white means Christian in The Prophecies), because “he that sat on him had a bow (a weapon that fires missiles); and a crown was given unto him.”  This is explaining an Emperor, on the level of an Empire like America’s, who would go “forth conquering, and to conquer.” This is then representing a new Christian Crusade against Muslims.

This sounds an awful lot like that “one world government” that David Icke said was the goal of the shadow government, guided by the aliens (angels of Lucifer).  Was this W. Bush?  Is this Obama, or will it be the one after Obama?   Whoever it is, it will be one who represents a pretense to be Christian, when in reality it will be a warrior plotting to ruin the world.  This will lead to the war Nostradamus warned about, followed by the famine that is already building.

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