Barbarians Rising

Updated: Apr 13

Recently, The History Channel ran a series called “Barbarians Rising.” It addressed the history of the collapse of the Roman Empire, which took place over 600 years. Initially, the uprising of barbarians was due to the resistance the Romans found from certain leaders of the tribes being overrun, in the empire’s expansions outward. Then, after Rome realized it could no longer be colonial at will, its ultimate demise came from outer attacks on the empire’s defensive boundaries. The series highlighted several specific warrior leaders (forced to be warriors by circumstances relative to Roman brutality) which included Hannibal (North African from Carthage) and Attila [the Hun], both of whom introduced aspects of new military strategy and new military weaponry, which enhanced their successes.

As I watched this series, the brutality of all the close (hand-to-hand) combat, where swords and shields were the main arms of ancient soldiers, it made me think about what Nostradamus’ future says is coming. He clearly shows Europe being invading by hordes of barbarous soldiers, who are willing to slash and burn in all-out savagery.

Despite promoters being able to sell “ringside” seat tickets, so Westerners can be spectators at some glorified “cage match,” where the fighters make millions or die trying [baseball, football, basketball and soccer all qualify as spectator sports of battle, where injuries are commonplace], there is no will in the spectators to get dirty fighting … that I can see. The wealth of the West allows us the luxury to buy such gladiator entertainment.  Sometimes, I wonder if cable and network news tells us about the latest airport bombing, just for entertainment purposes.  Breaking for any commercial is akin to saying, “Now, on the lighter side ….”

In this detached, drone operator world, where soldiers sit at desks and play warfare games, where real people are blown apart across the globe from a button pushed thousands of miles away, we cannot even recall the trench to trench tactics of World War I. Modern Americans [beyond the original “native Americans’] have never experienced an invader unexpectedly coming into our village or town, killing and raping at will, with any survivors taken as slaves – the spoils of war. Therefore, modern Westerners have no “stomach” for old-time blood-and-guts massacres, where charging blindly into waves of machine gun fire and explosions of mustard gas requiring readiness in putting on a gas mask are necessary skills to possess [bravery and self-preservation]. We have all-volunteer armies, with no draft or required service, so we can let someone else do the dirty work. Instead of being forced to learn how a weapon can save one’s life and defend one’s borders, we have soft-bellied liberals cry out for gun controls. We want no one to ever know the horrors of guns, when it is not the tool but the hatred behind the tool that must always be guarded against … be that tool a plowshare or a hammer.

In that sense, we enjoy the benefits of the Roman Empire, such that a layer of fat has become our peacetime disposable income, which is enjoyed by many – those we call the middle class and higher. We are able to occasionally dress up in our best toga and go to the arena, to watch our slaves perform. We love the artificial feel of power we have, when we are prompted to signal “thumbs up” or “thumbs down,” sitting as honored guests of the Emperor, watching those we have as our slaves do all the fighting for us.  We love theatrics.

Friends, Romans, countrymen [and women] lend me your ears! It is time to wake up and smell the coffee. The expansion made by our governmental leaders [many long ago and long gone], those forcing our will into all places around the world, has made us great, dangerous enemies, of whom we must be aware. The rumblings of change so loudly thundering around us cannot be ignored; even though we feel a false security that makes us blind to the signs. We continue on as we have become accustomed, because we know no other recourse … now that secularism has killed religion.

Nostradamus wrote some variation of the word “Barbarian” [13] in thirty-three quatrains. The variations include: Barb‘, Barbar, barbar, Barbare, barbare, Barbares, barbares, Barbari, Barbarin, barbarique, Barbaris, Barbe, and barbe. He even wrote of Hannibal in two other quatrains, as “Annibal” and “Annibalique.” In his letter of explanation to King Henry II of France, Nostradamus wrote, “sera la secte Barbarique du tout des Latins grandement affligee & deschassee. Puis le grand empire de l’Antechrist commencera dans la Atila & Zerses descender en nombre grand & innumerable”. (page 10 of the Letter to Henry II)

That small segment of Nostradamus’ letter of explanation, which says what can be found written into the quatrains [and realizing that an ampersand is a mark denoting “Stop! Notice the importance of what was just stated before reading on!”], can be easily translated to state:

“will be there sect Barbaric to the whole of the Mediterranean shorelines once ruled by the Holy Roman Empire [the “Latins”]. [Those there will be] greatly afflicted! & [They will be] expelled, chased, ejected, thrust out, or driven away [in that affliction]. At that time, him [who leads the] great empire [of the West, meaning the Pope of Rome, will be] with the Antechrist [meaning secular – Roman – and living against the teachings of Christ]. [Then] will commence within there Attila [the leader of mongrel hordes who seeks death to the “Christian” empire]! & [Then] Zerses [the Persian leader – Iran’s supreme leader] to descend in number equal to the defenses of that empire [great]. & [This invasion will be so vast, those coming to destroy the empire are foretold to be] innumerable.”

Immediately following this series of line segments [between punctuation marks and ampersands] explaining another onset of “Barbarians Rising,” Nostradamus explained: “tellement que la venue du sainct Esprit procedant du 48. degrez sera transmigration, deschassant à l’abomination de l’Antechrist, faisant guerre contre le royal que sera le grand vicaire de Jesus Christ”. (bottom of page 10 to top of page 11 of the Henry Letter)

This then explains:

“in sort that there issued from the holy Spirit proceeding from the 48th degrees will be another transmigration [D-Day Part Two], [when this second coming of a European liberation will be] chasing, expelling, driving out, ejecting and thrusting out [all who will have become] with the abomination with the Antichrist. Packing and bundling war against [led by] him royal [only the Royals of England are left to fit this bill] who will be him noble vicar to Jesus Christ.”

The 48th degree is latitude:

48th parallel

While this lays out a scenario of divine prophecy, any number of years [most miserable] can be: a. before this begins; b. after this begins; and c. before this ends. The “crux of the biscuit” [a Zappaism – which I see as meaning the “point of the consecration wafer being consumed”] is the West is following along behind a great abomination, which is the farce that Christianity has become, which causes another abomination to seek to destroy us – they see us as we cannot see ourselves – brought on by the power of the Holy Spirit – to cleanse the impurity clean.

You can’t get to heaven with any sin onya.  And you can’t play God and absolve the sins you love to keep doing – not even by writing some new laws to say, “I approve this sinning.”

The moral of the story is “Get right with Christ now!” See how much you have played a role in this abomination by your support of politicians and dependency on ideals of philosophical governments, and how little you have done by giving away a little bit of money to the poor [or a profiteer posing as a collector of monies for the poor].

The British Monarchy has its problems, as they are not innocent lambs of holy blood. They have become mixed breeds, through marriage to commoners. Still, it will be a heart of deep conviction, courage, and an Arthurian drive that will correct the problems of tomorrow, which we are still creating today.  The reality is most of us will be suffering too much to realize what is going on “over there,” when life as we know it over her has check out.

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