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Called to serve

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

My wife will be ordained as an Episcopal priest this week.  That will be a symbolic act representing the end of a period of discernment, from when she first heard a voice tell her to head in that direction.  Actually, she has just reached a milestone along a path that winded well into the future.  As a priest of a church she bears the responsibility of protecting a flock; and, she knows that will probably leave her some battle wounds, ones well worth it.  I commend my wife for her efforts to serve Christ.

My wife and I met because we were going the same way, from different perspectives.  My wife has lived with and supported my seeing Nostradamus as a prophet of Christ.  When she went to seminary for three years, I went to seminary too.  Now that she is about to be officially ordained, everyone praises her efforts.  Meanwhile, I struggle to find anyone who cares about what I have to offer.

On the eve of this special occasion, I feel sad that there is a rejection of anyone who takes the path cluttered with thicket and thorns, rather than one that is wide, paved, and well lit.  Every central goal is surrounded by 360, three-dimensional degrees.  I pray others like me are not branded fools and rejected simply because God called them to take the hard road to travel.

R. T. Tippett

December 11,  2013

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