Flaming Arrows Raining Down Upon Earth, or Doomsday Solar Flares

Updated: Feb 4

I read on the Huff & Puff Post today that the big-brained people who think things out (often just to scare people into submission) have figured that a major solar flare is likely to occur by the year 2020.  They suspect it will have devastating results.

They recalled the history of a similar solar flare in 1859.  Gold miners got up and ate breakfast at 1:00 AM, because it was light outside, although seemingly cloudy.  Supposedly, people could read newspapers by the green and purple light in the sky, which a highly charged aurora borealis caused.  It was visible as far south as the Caribbean, due to the radiation emitted by the sunburst.  You can read that article here: Solar Flare Big Enough to Cause Castrophe on Earth Called Likely.

For those of you who read my “predictions” for 2012, you might recall I had a bit about solar flares disrupting communications worldwide.  I “foresaw” a solar flare making the satellite defense shield that America relies on vulnerable.  That has not happened yet; but obviously, the Huff & Puff people are monitoring my blog.  They must have commissioned that article because I scared people with my predictions, and they want to keep up the scare-factor. Therefore, in the future it might be best to read my posts while wearing dark sunglasses and a hounds tooth hat.  The walls have eyes.  One does not want to be recognized reading what I have to say.

In reality, all I want to say, at this point, is relative to information about how Nostradamus often wrote about the Sun, in The Prophecies.  Some think he was referring to the astrological luminary, shown as a glyph depicting a circle with a dot in the center.  Thus, most think his mentions of the Sun are timing references.

Unfortunately, the Sun moves so fast (1 degree per day, basically) it is useless (alone) as a timing factor, especially one predicting a future hundreds of years beyond 1555.  In reality, Nostradamus wrote the French words “soleil,” “solaire,” and “Sol.”  Sometimes, “soleil” would be found capitalized, sometimes not, but every version has been translated to mean “the Sun.”  The trouble is “Sol” is primarily “Sun” in Latin, while only a secondary use in French.  The French word “sol” means, “ground, land, foundation, lowest level of a thing …” and then “sun.”  All of this information matters, as differences are clues, to which one should be observant.

In all of The Prophecies, the quatrains and both letters of instruction, references to the Sun are primarily meant to be seen as references to Christianity.  This is parallel to his references to “Lune,” “luna,” “lunaire,” and several mythological goddesses associated with the Moon, which are references to Islam.  (Venus too, as Islam sees the crescent moon and the evening star as its symbols.)  Together, those two luminaries of Earth (and astrology) are symbolically cast as the two major players in his prophesied coming future – a Holy War (unholy is more defining) between those two religions.  Are there any signs of that in the news these days?

I will spare you all the details from The Prophecies that support this conclusion (blogs are the new “Short Attention Span Theater”).  I will simply mention the symbolic comparisons to Christ, such as the Sun god, Apollo, being the god of truth (“verily I tell you”), and the Sun is the light (“I am the light of the world”) that gives life to all things on Earth.  Beyond that, I just want to make a comparison to solar flares and known biblical prophecy.

Everyone claiming to be Christian believes that Christ will return at the end of the world (“He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead”).  Look at the symbolism of a solar flare, especially one that would be “big enough to cause catastrophe on Earth.”  It parallels the first rider of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, on a white horse, with a bow, wearing a crown.  The color (actually the absence of any color) “white” is another common reference by Nostradamus in The Prophecies that is relative to Christianity.  The word “black” – the presence of all color – is likewise stated to represent Islam.  This means “white” is the “light” of day, when the Sun is out; and “black” is the “dark” of night, when the Moon is more typically out (but no Sun).  That could be an indication that the Archer (a rider with a bow) would shoot out an arrow (a solar flare) that would initiate the coming of the Red Rider (War – and don’t get me started on talking about how the color “Red” symbolizes Russia).

One thing Nostradamus explains, especially through his Latin quotes found in the preface, coming from the Holy Bible, is that God is a just God.  Nostradamus quoted the Isaiah/Psalms prophecies that say, “I will break you like a potter’s vessel.”  He mentions the use of a “rod of iron.”  In Latin, the word that states “rod” (“virga”) actually means “green twig,” as well as “rod.”  When translated to see this “green twig” appear, the quote gives a kinder view of God.

It says how God will punish like a Father would correct any of his children who misbehaved.  He would not use anger and smash a child to pieces, but He would use love – whipping with a switch, to teach a valuable lesson (the Father principle).  Such a corrective measure would be designed to keep the child from getting used to wrong and later doing the things that would have the child commit a much harsher sin.  That would be a suicidal act, where the child would be found smashing itself to pieces by turning away from God.

Nostradamus said, “God will visit your inequities,” before such punishment.  The word “inequities” means “injustices, states of unfairness,” or basically anything that is out of balance (the scales of blind justice measure equality).  This means, if America uses predator drones like a rod of iron (iron symbolizes weaponry), and if the people whom America uses predator drones against do not have predator drones to use in retaliation, then a state of imbalance exists.  The Prophecy then states, “God will visit that inequity with a green twig,” or a “switch,” to set a bad boy straight.  No big whoop.  Just a fatherly warning to get right with God.

That could appear as a visit from his Archer Sun, Jesus Christ.  It could be Christ who could ride His white (purity) horse out and shoot a solar flare to the Earth.  It would be a fair flare, knocking out all communications systems equally.  It would have the effect of knocking out the communication systems to all nations that would be using them to guide predator drones.

I just thought I would let everyone know that we should all be careful what we wish for.  If you wish to strike others with a rod of iron, and to smash them to pieces like a hammer to an earthen pot, then you just might get your wish.  However, you might be the one in the potter’s vessel, and equality just might reach out and strike you in retaliation while your pants are down around your ankles.

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