Homily for the eleventh Sunday after Pentecost, Year C – The Word of Yahweh upon you

Good morning bus riders!

We have now entered into the realm of the eleventh Sunday after Pentecost.

The Day of Pentecost is when our souls should have been prepared to enter ministry in the name of Jesus, as an Anointed Christ of Yahweh.

This means the Ordinary time after Pentecost is when our Big Brains have been safely removed from our bodies of flesh, sacrificed on the altar of divine marriage to Yahweh.

In the lessons today we read how this intellectually driven self-ego cannot serve Yahweh. It cannot serve our souls. It cannot be present to compete with the soul of Jesus resurrected within us, who must become our Lord.

In the Track 1 Old Testament reading from Jeremiah 1, we read of Yahweh choosing Jeremiah to serve Him as a prophet; but Jeremiah said, “I am only a boy.”

This state of being – as a boy – is the mental opposite of some adult who has diplomas from prestigious universities and institutes of higher learning. Possessing a Big Brain says a human being is a mental giant – a god of self-knowledge – while a boy – a child – is a simpleton.

You have to be a simpleton to serve Yahweh and be reborn as His Son.

This is because Yahweh – as He promised Jeremiah – will put His words in a prophet’s mouth.

They do not teach seminarians how to let Yahweh touch their mouths with His Word. They teach them how to not speak longer than twelve to forty-five minutes. They teach that because the more one speaks, when one knows nothing of value, the more likely it will be that spiritual ignorance has no business tending to Yahweh’s flock.

Now, in Jeremiah 1, and also in the companion Psalm 71, we read how Yahweh told boys who served Him, “I knew you before you were in your mother’s womb.”

To be known before one is born means one’s soul is known by Yahweh, before entering again in the physical realm. That speaks of reincarnation, but not as punishment to a soul.

When Yahweh chose David as a youth, as well as Him choosing Jeremiah as a boy, these two readings being paired together says neither David nor Jeremiah had to come back into the worldly plane, as would a failed soul in Judgment.

Both had forever been saved souls; but Yahweh sent them back in the flesh to serve Him again. Yahweh sent Adam out of Eden into the world, as a mortal that would die; but his soul had been made to be the High Priest that would serve Yahweh repeatedly, recycled into a body of flesh. Jesus was the re-embodiment of the Adam soul.

Can you see this?

<Look for nodding heads and astonished faces.>

You have to understand the immortality of a soul. It comes from Yahweh as the breath of life placed into a newborn baby at birth. At death, that breath of life – the soul – does not die. It lives forever, like Yahweh; but souls filthy from bodily sins cannot remain in the spiritual realm. The physical plane is the only place where the filth of sin can exist.

David and Jeremiah were reborn souls, both of whom would be chosen by Yahweh as boys, told they would serve Him.

In Psalm 71’s first verse, before he recalled Yahweh knowing his soul before birth, David sang of taking refuge in Yahweh. This means the soul of David was possessed by Yahweh, with his refuge being his soul having been awarded eternal salvation in a previous life (or lives).

Only when one’s soul is in Yahweh can one be cleansed of all past sins and be pure of spirit, in a virgin womb of a body. That virgin womb means the soul of Adam-Jesus is resurrected within one’s soul, in one’s flesh; and, that inner spiritual presence is what makes one live righteously.

Righteousness and Salvation go hand-in-hand. Both means the presence of Yahweh’s Son in a Saint (regardless of what mortal gender one was born into) saves one’s soul.

Remember … the name “Jesus” means “YAH Saves.” Jesus does not save. Yahweh saves; but salvation is placed in the refuge of Yahweh, which is in the name of His Son.

In Psalm 71, David wrote how “my elohim” (or “elohay”) delivers a soul from past sins. The creation of Adam was as the salvation soul known as “Yahweh elohim.” This sings of the inner soul of the Son, which used David’s flesh to become King of the truth of Israel.

That inner soul of the Son then becomes the Lord over the host soul and its flesh. As such, David wrote of his “adonay,” which is the word that denotes his “Lord elohim.”

David sang of that inner presence being his source of true faith.

Now, to reincarnate saved souls says Yahweh had a purpose for those born prophets. In Jeremiah’s case, as well as Isaiah – the Track 2 Old Testament reading selection – misery was all about, due to the waywardness of the leaders, the priests and the people.

Those souls who submitted to marriage under Moses, as well as those souls who submitted to Yahweh under Joshua – et al – their children would not do the same. To reincarnate a prior saved soul would be to go to the bloodline that failed to accept divine teaching and try again to turn them to Yahweh.

In Isiah 58, this was almost at the end of the line for the Kingdom of Judah and it capital Jerusalem (Isaiah is 66 chapters in length).

Isaiah wrote of the light having turned to darkness, even at noon; and, that is a reflection on their inner source of truth, which is a soul void of Yahweh and His Son’s soul.

In verse twelve, Isaiah wrote of “the waste places,” which had existed for a long time. He wrote of the neglect of the “foundations of many generations,” which was its leaders, priests and people choosing to serve self and sin, rather than serve Yahweh and be models of righteousness.

In verse 13 we read: “If you refrain from trampling the sabbath, from pursuing your own interests on my holy day; if you call the sabbath a delight and the holy day of Yahweh honorable; if you honor it, not going your own ways, serving your own interests, or pursuing your own affairs”

This means the Sabbath is every day, which is the “foundation” upon which Saints are built. A Saint cannot be a one day a week kind of guy or gal.

This leads to the reality that the first six days of Creation lasted – as the atheist scientist Carl Sagan would say on the PBS show Cosmos – beeel-yuns of years.

He would say that to insult those who believed everything in the universe was made in 144 hours. It took billions of years … but … that means the seventh day – the Sabbath – is still ongoing and barely just begun (relatively speaking).

Yahweh created Adam – the first priest to bring true religion and an awareness of Yahweh to earth – on the day he deemed holy and it must be kept such.

To think one day a week is the Sabbath, or to think two hours in the morning of one day a week, is what Yahweh meant, then one is mistaken. A marriage of a soul to Yahweh is everlasting and never-ceasing. Every day is the Sabbath; and, that was what Yahweh was saying through Isaiah in verse thirteen read today.

To “trample on the Sabbath” is to be a sinner six days a week and think going to a gathering place one day a week purifies one’s soul is not honoring Yahweh. It honors self and self only.

This will be seen as the theme presented in the Gospel selection from Luke.

The companion Psalm 103 to the Isaiah reading then is matched because David sang about being a twenty-four-seven Saint demands marriage to Yahweh.

When David sang “bless Yahweh,” there is no way possible for any soul trapped in human flesh to “bless Yahweh.” The words means marriage to Yahweh is a blessing upon one’s soul-body. It is a blessing because one can maintain the law that says “Keep the Sabbath holy,” with “Sabbath” meaning every day.

David knew the blessing of Sainthood, which was Yahweh’s Spirit poured out upon his soul forever. That led to the resurrection of Yahweh’s Son’s soul – Adam-Jesus- who became his personal Lord, leading him to daily righteousness.

Can you see that need for the soul of Jesus to become one’s personal Lord as the way to make religion a lifestyle, seven days a week?

<Look for nodding heads.>


When David sang in Psalm 103, “bless his holy name,” this again is saying David’s soul was blessed by Yahweh’s Spirit marrying David’s soul. David became Yahweh’s wife-soul, taking on His name – “Israel.” That name means “Who Retains el” as a Son of man.

When he sang in verse 3 “He forgives all your sins and heals all your infirmities,” this is a statement of the cleansing Baptism by the Spirit, which comes at the altar of Holy Matrimony. The “infirmities” are those trials of demons spirits that are cast out. This is the wholeness of the soul of Yahweh’s Son joining with a host soul and its body of flesh, preparing it for ministry and eternal salvation.

This also applies to the Gospel reading in Luke, where a woman had suffered from such a demon spirit for eighteen years. Jesus healed her on the Sabbath.

In verse 6, when David sang “Yahweh executes righteousness,” this comes from the possession of the Son’s soul, as Lord over the wife-soul and its body of flesh.

This then brings us to the reading from Paul’s letter written in Hebrew (divinely translated into Greek by someone unknown). As always with Paul’s language – inspired by the Christ Mind as a prophet possessed by the soul of Jesus – his Lord – the English translations always make it extremely difficult to comprehend the whole truth of his words.

I encourage everyone to make a note to visit my website and read the detailed Greek text and an accurate English translation of each verse in this reading selection today. Each is then followed by a synopsis of what each verse is saying.

To sit in a pew and let twelve verses of Paul’s most profound text flow over one’s head, as it is read aloud – a poor English translation with too many words to comprehend at once – the messages of Paul are impossible to grasp.

Few sermons deal with the in-depth Epistles, simply because Paul cannot be explained in a few minutes. Scholars write books explaining one epistle written by Paul.

To get the general overview of what this reading selection points out, he is saying the followers of Yahweh fall into two categories – accept marriage to the Spirit or reject divine union. This is the same condition that had Yahweh send back saved souls in David and Jeremiah and most likely Isaiah too.

It takes true prophets and priests – Saints – to go among the people and their leaders, so the truth is told … even if most reject that message.

Paul was saying the Word of Yahweh makes walls rejection collapse, so ministers in the name of Jesus must take that Word out.

Paul referred to Moses in Exodus 20, when Moses came down the mountain and presented the people the Ten Commandments. They heard thunder, saw lightning, and felt the earth tremor beneath their feet. They were greatly afraid, thinking they were all going to die.

Paul was pointing out that the fear of Yahweh is a must, then when they agreed to the marriage vows – the Covenant – and at all times thereafter. A soul can have no other fears, when it is married to Yahweh.

To not fear Yahweh means to fear lesser gods – elohim that are not Yahweh’s Son – and that always leads a soul to follow its flesh into the realm of sin.

Jesus came into a world that did not fear Yahweh. It killed Jesus because they feared letting him live to uncover their false teachings.

The Apostles and other true Christians, like Paul, were those who feared losing their souls forever. They feared Yahweh, received His Spirit and walked fearlessly into the faces of the corrupted souls falsely leading the people away from Yahweh.

Ministers are the angels-messengers of Yahweh, who go forth in ministry in the name of the Son. They are all Jesus reborn into flesh.

Now, in Luke 13 we have yet another poorly translated reading selection, where the spiritual truth becomes concealed by the physical imagery created in translation.

Again, I encourage you to read the commentary I posted on my website about the spiritual message the language contains. Rather than go into that depth now, let me just say that verse ten is less about Luke saying what Jesus was doing in the “synagogues on the sabbaths,” and more about what Yahweh was doing through Jesus.

This means the “teaching” was not vocal, but spiritual. It was not opinions on Scripture orated but “directions” given without any words spoken.

This says Jesus – by this time in his ministry – was not an invited guest speaker. He was allowed into “gathered assemblies” of Jews, wherever he traveled in his ministry. When in those “congregations,” Yahweh scoped out all the souls who also “gathered” on the “sabbaths.”

Now, in verse twelve, we read that Jesus ‘saw’ “a woman” who had “a spirit of infirmity.” That “spirit” was a possessing demon that tormented her. It had been doing that to her for eighteen years. She was physically “bent over and unable to “raise herself fully.”

That says she had tried to raise herself fully for eighteen years; but this demon spirit kept her from fully showing how much faith she had. Rather than submit to the demon spirit and lay down in the muck of sin with it, she suffered in a “bent over” position, trying to “raise herself fully.” Despite all her “infirmities,” she maintained her love of Yahweh and belief in Mosaic Law.

Now, when Jesus saw her, he did not simply seen a “woman bent over< in pain. He saw a bridesmaid of Yahweh keeping the oil of truth in her lamp at all times, despite unfavorable circumstances.

When Jesus called out to her, the same word that says “a woman” was used, but capitalized. The capitalization indicates a divine elevation from “a woman” to the equal translation that pronounces, “Wife.”

Thus, as Yahweh “directing” souls spiritually in a “gathered assembly” of believers, Jesus called her a “Wife” of Yahweh. After eighteen years of proving herself as a worthy bridesmaid, Jesus’ command cast out the demon spirit that had weakened her physically, but not spiritually.

This then brought out the evil leader of the “assembled gathering,” who heard Jesus command a woman bent over to be healed on a Sabbath.

When the leader told the people, “There are six days on which work ought to be done; come on those days and be cured, and not on the sabbath day,” he was saying this woman had not been cured on any day of the week, while suffering for eighteen years.

This led Jesus to call out this leader as being false. If he had feared Yahweh and proved his devotion to Him over the same amount of time, then he would have followed his Big Brain rules that says “never heal of the Sabbath.” He would have seen the same woman ever Saturday and then sought her out for healing some other day of the week.

Because he proved he had not done this, he was truly a “a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion” and “a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings.” (definition of “hypocrite” by Meriam-Webster) Luke wrote a capitalized “Hypokritai,” which divinely elevated that meaning to one who rejected Yahweh in marriage and falsely led others away from divine spiritual union.

Now, another capitalized word of not is “Hex,” which means “Six.” Remembering that Yahweh is “teaching” through His Son Jesus, the number “Six” becomes relative to the first “Six” days of Creation. It was on Day Six that Yahweh’s created “elohim” made the beasts of the field, then man (in male and female bodies of flesh), while then allowing man to have a Big Brain in which to have dominion over the beasts of the field.

Having dominion over beasts, when one is also a beast, but one with a bigger brain, does not make one a god (an “elohim”). It means man (both males and females) are bright enough to understand religion, if taught to them.

After Day “Six,” Yahweh called all His workers “elohim” together and told them, “Creation is over. Stop.” Yahweh then declared the seventh day had begun; and, it was to be kept holy.

When one sees how “beeeel-yuns of years” made up the first “Six” days, then Carl Sagan did a great job standing on a calendar of worldly events, when he said mankind was born on December 31st, with the advent of religion only being around a few last seconds of the ‘year.’

This means that the Sabbath Day has only just begun (relatively speaking) and we are still today in the Sabbath Day after Creation ended.

Every day is the Sabbath.

The “woman” whose marriage was officiated by the High Priest Jesus, when he officially named her “Wife,” had tried to “raise herself” every day for eighteen years. She did not suffer only on the day between Friday and Sunday.

This is the problem that the world faces today.

Isaiah was sent to tell the Jews of Judea and Jerusalem they were about to be divorced from Yahweh. They would be cast out as adulterers. The First Covenant (what we call the Old Testament) was now null and void.

All hope was not lose, because of people like that “woman” who tried to “raise herself,” despite a demon spirit making her life miserable for eighteen years.

Another woman – one who bled daily for twelve years – likewise suffered daily for years, but never gave up her faith in Yahweh.

You are a “Hypocrite” if you think you can go to church a couple hours on Sunday, or wear a yamaka all day, one day a week. That is being like the false leader of the gathered assembly, who had no true faith in Yahweh.

He did not fear Yahweh and foresee his own mortal death as coming, with Judgement by Yahweh in the future.

The lessons of today tell us that our souls must be saved before death. We must seek salvation for someone reborn with the soul of Jesus finding us and leading us with the truth.

Finding the truth does not mean all our problems go away. We are tested. A decade or two is required to keep the oil of truth in our bridesmaid’s lamps.

We have to prove our soul’s worth as a bridesmaid of Yahweh. When that time of testing has been completed, then someone in the name of Jesus – one whose inner “elohim” is Jesus and one whose inner “adonay” is Jesus as one’s Lord – will come and with Yahweh “directing” his “teachings, he or she will proclaim one to be a “Wife” of Yahweh.

This is the only way to be saved, and it has been written of by the prophets for a very long time.

It is time to read the truth and come to Jesus.

I see the bus is pulling up now, so I will end here.

I wish all your souls the ability to see the truth and take the necessary steps that prove to Yahweh you fear life without Him.

I look forward to meeting you again next Sunday. Until then, do take care of your souls.


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