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How to Test A False Prophet

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

The Holy Bible warns both Jews and Christians to “beware of false prophets.” In the Book of Deuteronomy (18:20-22), with the title of that book meaning, “repetition of the law,” law is established for the Children of Israel to follow. This included one part that refers to “false prophets.”

One has to realize that Moses was the true prophet of the LORD for them to follow. They would follow him for forty years in a dangerous wilderness, so their safety was dependent on God leading them via a true prophet. Thus, death was the penalty for anyone who would lead the Israelites away from Moses, which could have been achieved by saying he too spoke for the LORD. Since a false prophet would not have God to save him, nor those he misled, all would die in the wilderness. Therefore, death was the penalty either way.

In verse 22, the people are told, “Do not be afraid of him,” which refers to the false prophet. Fear of someone makes someone have power over those who fear. If one is afraid of someone telling him or her to act in certain ways, because the false prophet has heard that instruction from God, fear makes people do obviously wrong things, but because the fear they are blind to that element of wrong. Think of the times a wayward boy has claimed as his excuse for doing wrong, “Johnny said to do it.” Think of the standard answer a wise parent always responds with: “If Johnny told you to jump off a bridge would you do that too?” One cannot fear those who stand up and tell us to do wrong, because our inner voice will let us know when something is wrong.

Sheep, it must be remembered, are fearful and timid creatures. They follow alpha rams in the wild; but they need a shepherd (with a good work dog to assist) to lead and protect them when domesticated. One must not be afraid of charging all predators who lurk on the outskirts of the pasture (intellectual debate), to run them off. Likewise, when the flock gets infiltrated by a wolf in sheep’s clothing, as would symbolize one saying he or she speaks for the LORD untruthfully, one must not be afraid of exposing the wolf for what the wolf is. Otherwise, the lambs will be led to the slaughter. One must not be afraid of protecting against false prophets by challenging their message (not fearing it).

Jeremiah wrote of false prophets also. He wrote twice in the Book of Jeremiah and once in the Lamentations, about how the prophets were clearly misleading the people of Judah to believe a false sense of security. He was telling the people of Judah (I paraphrase), “Your leaders are lying to you, and their advisors are lying to them. You cannot follow people who have personal gain at your expense just because they lie to you. Look at the evidence! Listen to what God has told me to warn you about!”

The same warning, as it appears in Jeremiah 23:16, “Do not listen to what the prophets are prophesying to you; they fill you with false hope,” still applies at all times, in all ages. The same result can also be expected. If one believes the lies of those who benefit from people following their false lead, those who do not question their leaders, or remove their leaders form power (if simply by refusing to do wrong), they will be held responsible for their failures to refuse to go the wrong way.

Jeremiah wrote, in Lamentations 2:14, “The visions of your prophets were false and worthless; they did not expose your sin to ward off your captivity.” We have many politicians who make promises and have supporters vouch for those promises, in the same ways of old. The kings of Judah had priests (prophets) and trained divination prophets (not truly connected to God, but learned in the ways of forecasting) just like we have presidents, cabinet designees, and “czars” (experts) for forecasting where a nation must go. The problem comes from them making it seem as if God has touched their lips and hands with the blessing to say, “We have hope you can count on.” Jeremiah warns how falling for these lies will only expose one’s sins.

Matthew’s most famous warning, at least in my mind, is where he wrote, “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” (Matthew 7:15) When he says they come “in sheep’s clothing,” that means they look like part of the flock, acting as the rams coming to take over the lead of a flock. When Matthew says, “inwardly,” he means the hearts of false prophets will not care for anyone but themselves. They will only see how plenty of lambs will provide food for that inward belly (also meaning money for the bank account). These false prophets can be seen as the Bible thumping televangelists, who ceaselessly cry out (with crocodile tears) that they need your money “to do God’s work.”

The saying goes, “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck.” Those are words of wisdom to follow false prophets by. What needs to be added to make this a truth is the “duck test” qualifier. That qualifier is the Duck DNA test, where these “ducks in duck clothing” better float like a duck and be waterproof. This is the testing of those who cry out for everyone else to do the Lord’s work in their name, while they do absolutely nothing but spend great deals of money on themselves. One must be unafraid to dunk one of these ducks underwater and see if it really is a duck, or a false prophet. All real ducks will race you to the water, but the false ducks will be kicking and screaming to let them go.

As for me, since I have been called a promoter “of that false prophet Nostradamus, who practiced black magic,” (none of those accusations are true, by the way) that makes me akin to a false prophet, in the minds of some people. That is okay. I welcome the test. I say that Nostradamus was a true prophet of Jesus Christ, and he has an important warning that I have been able to understand, but I am willing to show you how to see if for yourself, the test is to take me up on that offer. When Nostradamus is proven a true prophet, and I a true interpreter of prophecy, people will realize they have benefitted by challenging me. If, however, I am wrong, in any way, true Christians owe me the favor of saving me from the wrong path onto which I have fallen. (I do not see that happening)

The best advice on this matter comes from John (1 John 4:1), when he wrote, “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” Just as the Book of Deuteronomy said, “Do not be afraid of (the false prophet),” John says it is too difficult to decide who is and who is not a false prophet. Because so many false prophets have gone out into the world, it is a constant test of one’s faith to cast down all false prophets. (Read my article about the Boy Who Cried, “Hey Mister!”)

The only way to determine if a prophet is telling you an important warning from God, or a false prophet is peeing on your leg and telling you it is raining, is to listen to both. Then, let God work within you (receive the Holy Spirit) and call out the false prophets, while obeying the true prophets. There is no middle ground here. To ignore a true prophet is to make a serious error of judgment. Without the Holy Spirit guiding one’s daily life (sorry people, but there is very little of that going on these days, thus the warning to “get right”), you doing the thinking is not the best route to take. The “big brain syndrome” has people thinking they are gods, which makes them become false prophets without even realizing it.

While I make myself available to help everyone who asks me if he or she can know what it is I know (and I welcome such exchanges), let me let everyone in on a little secret. As the adage goes, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way,” I do neither. I am not here to lead anyone. The prophecy of Nostradamus is for each individual to see personally, just as is every book of the Holy Bible. Having a thousand people dependent on what Robert Tippett says The Prophecies means does not good. I want everyone to be led by God to see for him or herself. This way, false prophets (who come in all political flavors of the month) cannot lead people.

I do not follow Nostradamus, or anyone else human, past or present. I see the flaws in myself, and those are no different than the flaws of all leaders. I inspect the prophecies of Nostradamus and let God tell me they are indeed prophetic. I do not follow with interpretations that match what others have interpreted. While I lead in the truth about Nostradamus, I do not want followers, and I am not following someone before me to create a train of Nostradamus followers. The message is from God, through the Holy Spirit (in the form of Jesus Christ), so God is the leader, and I follow God, as should everyone.

Lastly, I am not getting out of the way. Although I will let everyone passes by me on the road to ruin, I will be reaching out and interfering as much as possible with those on the wayward path. Like Jeremiah, I will tell everyone like it is, until everyone averts the future, or the end comes. As I stand to the side, my presence, one way or another will affect you, so I will not be “out of the way.” One may pass me, but if one has read this far, one will carry these words in their mind. Use them to turn around.

In Deuteronomy, an important instruction is given. That instruction says, “If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the LORD does not take place or come true, that is a message the LORD has not spoken.” This is true, but one has to keep in mind that while the children of Israel were spending forty years in the desert, Moses was the prophet. When Moses said, “The LORD will provide,” the LORD always did. One could check off all the prophecies Moses made, as all coming true 100%. However, when someone said, “Build a golden calf and the gods will save us,” that prophecy did not work out too well for quite a few Israelites.

In the long term (much longer than 40 years), prophecies made by recognized true prophets of both Old and New Testaments have not all completely come true. Several parts of what several prophets have prophesied, including Jeremiah, are still “pending,” although the majority of what was prophesied did come true long ago. This “degree of error” does not mean they are false prophets. It also does not mean the prophecy has not come true, or has not taken place.

Keep in mind the ability of God to see all and know all. If something is to occur, certain pre-conditions have been set, with other conditions expected to be met. As long as that sequence is completed, then a prophesied occurrence will take place and will come true. If those conditions change, then the prophecy is “delayed,” but not made void.

This is actually the purpose of prophecy; and the true prophets of Israel and Judah warned and advised the kings, referencing what God said to do and not do. When told what God told a prophet to prophesy, the result would be for it to come true then, or come true much later in time, whenever the conditions warned against occurred. An example is the prophet Jonah, who told the Assyrians what not to do. They listened and stopped doing that, and the prophecy was averted. However, later, another prophet gave the same prophecy to the Assyrians, with them not listening, so the prophecy did come true.

This is a vital element to realize when Nostradamus prophesied about the End Times. True prophets have prophesied the End Times repeatedly, with some things having been seen as having met their prophecies, but others left still hanging. What Nostradamus wrote was over 450 years ago, and for all the clear language of extreme devastation predicted, the End Times still have not occurred yet. Some historic events have occurred, making it appear some conditions have been met (to many past interpreters of The Prophecies), but many more are waiting for a future time. The verbiage of Nostradamus is just like that of the biblical prophets, who wrote language geared to an ultimate end, not the end of an empire thousands of years ago.

This same principle applies today. You can go forward doing nothing different and allow the warned against conditions to be met, and let the End Times roll. Nostradamus wrote about the End Times, but no one could clearly understand what he meant (before now). For that reason, people disregarded Nostradamus as a true prophet. However, the Church believed The Revelation, which was a prophecy of the End Times.

To guard against that end, the Church constantly acted to make sure those prophesied conditions were not met. They did this in ways that often said, “This is going to hurt you a lot more than it hurts us.” As bad as those results were, we are still here, and no End Times have occurred as of this writing. Who is to say (for certain) that those actions by the Church did not save us a few hundred years? Unfortunately, there is no denying now how the Church has been taken out of the mix. The conditions that exist today began a long slide, beginning in the early 20th century. Now, we are in the 21st century and ripe for some End Times.

So, choose your poison. Die a miserable, extended death. For an idea that represents a writing depicting this end (other than that found in The Prophecies), I suggest reading Dante’s Divine Comedy, in particular the Inferno part. An alternative could be from developing true belief in The Revelation, which can become a motivation to reactivate witch burning trials, genocide in the name of Crusades, and any other random form of striking out at the sin. Sin is so prevalent everywhere, so we know we are in the times of The Revelation, but it is still hard to understand the metaphor. Is Hillary the Beast, or the Harlot? Is Obama the Dragon or the Antichrist? When it is so hard to tell, one might have to follow the orders given by Simon de Montfort (in a genocidal act dated to the 13th century), “Kill them all. God will discern his own.”

If that seems horrifying, then one can learn to read Nostradamus. One can actually see exactly who is to blame for the conditions we now live in having been met. One can clearly see who needs to be exposed as false prophets. Learning to see that clearly means if everyone acted now, while the prophecy is left predicting what is still to happen in the future, we can leave that horror for a future generation. When one sees clearly, one has a better chance of finding one’s true faith, and one can find inner assistance that is now lacking.

I am attaching a worksheet that is a personal test for false prophets. Keep in mind that everyone who does not stand up and stop being afraid is being a false prophet by one’s on fear of false prophets. One’s own inability to do something positive leads others to be inactive along with one. Thus, one needs a personal worksheet just to see where one stands if the End Time came tomorrow. Who do you love? Who do you hate? Who do you follow? Who do you lead? Who are you afraid of testing and challenging? Complete this worksheet and one might find by the last instruction that one is being more of a false prophet than one thought.


List every entertainer you love. Then list every entertainer you hate.________________________

List every sports star you would stand in line for just to get an autograph. Then list every sports star you hate. ________________________________

List every politician and political party to which you are willing to give money. Then list the ones you hope get arrested sending naked smart phone pictures to minors._____________

List every family member who could commit murder and you would lie under oath to save him or her. Then list who in your family would lie for you, if you murdered. ________________

List every historical figure you worship. Then list every history course you took and made a grade higher than a C. _______________________________________

List every organization to which you are a dues paying member, where you swear an oath or secret loyalty to grand poobahs, local businessmen, or racial affiliation. (name the leaders)______________________________________________________________________________________

List every television show you would miss church for, get out of bed so ill you have to crawl to the TV set, or cancel plans visiting neighbors because you have to watch._________

List every modern electronic device you would give up for Lent. Then list every modern electronic device you would need to take anti-anxiety medication to calm you, if it were lost forever.___________________________________________________________________

List every car on the market you would gladly go into debt to call it your own. Then list every car you would never be seen riding in, much less owning. _________________________

List every country you would go into debt to visit. Then list every country you swear never to visit.______________________________________________________________________

List every job position you would be willing to hold, if the money were right. Then list every job that is only filled by white trash, po-folk, immigrants, or the great unwashed, and you would never be found working that job. __________________________________

List every religion that is practiced by fools, who are so far below you it makes you giggle to think of them. Then list what you have done to warrant being a member of your religion (or lack thereof). _______________________________________________

List all the proof you have that a fetus is or is not a living human being. Then list how old that fetus has to be before it cannot be deprived of the potential of live birth. Also, list the level of divinity you possess.______________________________________

List your favorite sexual positions, partner preferences, how many you prefer at one time, and over a lifetime.  Then list how many strangers in the media you would send naked pictures of yourself, taken while you were involved in sexual acts.  Then list how many people you can imagine would get sick to their stomach just thinking about you having sex, much less seeing it. ___________________________________________________

List the Ten Commandments that should be and should not be associated with the laws of the land. Then list the name of all criminal defense lawyers you have on speed dial.________

List how many people you would kill right now if you could get away with it. Then list how many people would probably kill you if they could get away with it. ____________________

List why you do not believe in the End Times. Then list if you plan on living forever or if you think you might have your own end time to worry about. _____________________________

List how many people you are willing to watch die from a nuclear holocaust, simply because you are not about to stop doing anything you have been doing, because what you have been doing makes you better off than most of the world, even if none of that will matter if somebody decides to push the button that ends the world.________________________

Remember to take you time.

R. T. Tippett

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