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Hunting for Islamic State terrorists in France

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

On November 13, 2015, several bombings took place in Paris, France.  The death toll was 129, with all bombers killed in suicidal acts.  The New York Post reported on November 16, 2015: “French police raided 168 locations across the country and detained nearly two dozen people as authorities identified more members of a sleeper cell said to be behind the Paris attacks.”  They posted the picture below, with the caption: “Anti-terrorism police officers enter a building during a raid in the Mirail district in Toulouse, France.”

Toulouse France

It is worth knowing that Toulouse, France is not close to Paris.  It is 650 kilometers due south (roughly 404 miles).  Here is the Google map plotting the travel distance.  It may be worth a reminder that I wrote an article posted here on WordPress, entitled “Toulouse Gunman is Europe’s Wake-up Call,” when there was major news of terrorism in that area.  I included some maps there too.

Toulouse to Paris

The point I would like to make is in reference to the location of Toulouse, which is in the Midi-Pyrenees region of southwest France.  Nostradamus wrote of Toulouse, but never actually spelled it that way.  He wrote “Toulouze” once, “Tholose” four times, “tholoser” once, “Tholossain” once, “Tholosse” once, “Tholoze” three times, and “Thoulousains” once, for a total of twelve times mentioned.  That is significant, for one place to be repeated in The Prophecies that often.

EVERYTHING is important, in particular the one-time appearances of words; but repetition is a signal of heightened importance.  Toulouse is only one of the places in southwest France that get repeated notation, making that region a sensitive to the future told of in the quatrains of The Prophecies.  From Marseilles to Perpignan, and northeastward from the Pyrenees to Bordeaux (along the Garonne River, which Toulouse touches) is clearly a place of battles and warfare never before seen there (on a modern technology level).  So, police searching in Toulouse got my interest.

In late 2010, I began work on a book that was published and available for Internet bookseller purchases around the first of April (maybe March 30th), 2011.  The main reason for me writing that book was because of the repetition of the word “Pyrenees” (spelled with and without an accent mark, as well as “Pyrennees” and “Pyrens“), which numbered eleven times.  Additionally, the word for “mountain[s]” was also repeated significantly (as “Mont,” “mont,” “monté,” “Monts,” “monts,” “montz,” “Monter,” “monter,” “montera,” “Montaigne,” “montaigne” and “montaignes“), a whopping total of sixty times, with most of the Pyrenees references accompanied by one version of “mountain.”  To add in one extra element, Nostradamus wrote “montaignars” (meaning “mountaineers“) an additional time; and all “mountaineers” require “mountains.”  For that abundance of repetition I wrote a book and I entitled it The $25-Million Answer: How Nostradamus Told Where to Look.

Nostradamus told where to look for the Islamic terrorist leader, Osama bin Laden.  He is described as a “mountaineer,” or “mountain man,” which certainly fits him M.O. from Afghanistan.

After my book had been out a month, on May Day 2011 (May 2, 2011 in Afghanistan, but May 1, 2011 in Washington D.C.), the world was told of “Mountain Man” bin Laden being killed by Navy SEAL Team 6.  Soon after that, the $25,000,000 reward was taken down and Osama bin Laden’s face was removed from the F.B.I. “Ten Most Wanted” list.

So much for my book sales.  Ce la vie.

Forget how flimsy the evidence was and how the body was “buried at sea, in order to respect Islamic funeral requirements” so conveniently.  My tiny, insignificant voice could not be heard over the long, loud roar of cheers by bi-partisan Americans who had long sought revenge, so some form of justice could be seen as having been finally been meted out.

“Hey, everybody!  It was a body double,” I shouted to no avail.  Where was Barry Scheck (of O.J. trial DNA arguing fame) when you really need him?

Everything I wrote in 2010-2011 still applies today.  I still believe Osama bin Laden is hiding (with assistance) in the Pyrenees Mountains caves, occasionally going to Toulouse (perhaps) and reading the newspapers, while enjoying a latte at a sidewalk café.  Before he was reported killed, al-Qaeda threatened the French after some African colonials were killed by terrorists; so why not think there has been some kind of terrorist cell there for some time?  According to the Wikipedia article “Videos and audio recordings of Osama bin Laden,” the following are the last two listed:

January 21, 2011 – (Report on Aljazeera 4/27/2011)

“On January 21, 2011, Osama bin Laden said the release of French hostages depends on a pullout of France’s soldiers in Afghanistan and warned Paris of a “high price” for its policies, in a tape broadcast on Friday. “We repeat the same message to you: The release of your prisoners in the hands of our brothers is linked to the withdrawal of your soldiers from our country,” said the speaker on the audiotape broadcast on Al-Jazeera television.  This was the final tape released by Bin Laden prior to the confirmation of his death on May 2, 2011. A new audio message that Osama Bin Laden recorded before his death was released on May 7, 2011.”

May 19, 2011 –

“A recording purported to have been made by Osama bin Laden shortly before he died has been released by al-Qaeda. In the message, he praised the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt and speaks of a “rare historic opportunity” for Muslims to rise up. The 12-minute audio message came out on a video posted on Islamist websites, and has been translated by the SITE Institute.”

Simply because Osama bin Laden was confirmed to have been the voice of these two messages where France was targeted, and with French hostages taken in Mali (Report of rescue in 2014), it is difficult to see the version of him shown in Abbottabad as up on European news.   The CIA made bin Laden out to be senile and nothing like the way he was before, when he was an active threat.  Still, it is clear that France was a target of hostages in former French colonial Africa, a historic collection to which Syria can be added.  That focus could be to satisfy the needs of al-Qaeda’s Basque partners, who do not want France to be forgotten, and from a position of being nearer to France than Afghanistan.

The book is still available as a Print-On-Demand book, available through Internet booksellers in the USA within a few days after ordering.  It is also available in Canada, Great Britain, Australia, France, Germany, India and Japan (on and on), but it just might take a two to three weeks for it to arrive. (Amazon link)

My book

Part of the back cover shows this [the language is Català]:

The irony intended was a clean-shaven bin Laden running for public office and nobody recognizing him.

The irony intended was a clean-shaven bin Laden running for public office and nobody recognizing him.

Now, I am not trying to take advantage of the tragic situation that happened in Paris recently.  I simply have been reminded of the recent news from Spain, which says a vote has cleared the path for the Basque Region to secede from Spain and become independent.  This issue has been brewing for at least a decade [politically], with recent news saying Catalonia will declare its independence.  The Spanish Prime Minister has responded that such talk will lead to a showdown, with news of that confrontation being on November 4, 2015 … nine days before the attacks in Paris. (Here is a link to an article in The Guardian)

I wrote at length about the Basque people and Basque Country and the sense of oppression they feel from both Spain and France.  Due to large populations of Basque at both ends of the Pyrenees Mountains [Catalonia is in the east, surrounding Barcelona], and somewhat in between, their pains of oppression match that of the Islamist [in particular Palestinian pain] and makes their location fit the places of The Prophecies.  The Basque influence even extends into southwestern France.  In the book, I pointed out the verbiage of Nostradamus indicated people of like mind, although from different perspectives, would united against a common enemy.  It is the philosophy: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.  Therefore, the Basque would be an ideal partner for an entity like ISIS/ISIL [which was unknown back in 2010-2011).

I wrote from a perspective of the Basque people still being “under the yoke” of the Spanish, but the recent news fits the scenario even better.  Here is a map of France, with Toulouse plotted, along with the autonomous regions known as Basque Country and Catalonia.

midi-pyrenees region Toulouse

Again, I am not trying to get rich selling copies of my book; but I want everyone to be reminded that there are systemic methods required to make sense of The Prophecies, which includes understanding the letters and how the quatrains interconnect to tell many prophetic stories.  I have written books that explain The Letters of Nostradamus  and The Systems of Nostradamus.  However, there is no need to purchase those just yet.  The book The $25-Million Answer employs that knowledge and explains how quatrains should be interpreted, as if the reader is being reminded of already having that knowledge.  Therefore, regardless of whether or not Osama bin Laden still lives inside the Pyrenees Mountains, preparing an army of terrorists that will fully attack from land positions, in conjunction with a surprise invasionary force along the southern coast of France, or is indeed dead, but someone just like him having taken his place in the Pyrenees, that area is still some place worth looking into.

The French police searching buildings in Toulouse is getting warmer.

[On my website, I have added 8 quatrains that add to this article’s focus on terrorism in France and the threat of biological warfare, as recent news says ISIS possesses the weapon, but still seeks a method of deployment.  The article is linked here.]

UPDATE: (11/24/2015)  Coincidence?  Or, is someone reading this blog for tips?  News of today says:

“2:50 p.m. – Seventy French police backed by two security helicopters have raided the home of a radical Muslim preacher in the Pyrenees. The raid in the town of Artigat on Tuesday targeted Olivier Corel, according to an official with the gendarme service. It is part of stepped-up security measures under a state of emergency declared in the wake of Nov. 13 attacks that killed at least 130 people in addition to seven Islamic extremist attackers.  Authorities believe Corel lodged Fabien Clain, reported to have been the voice on an Islamic State French-language claim of responsibility for the Paris attacks. Clain was convicted in 2009 for involvement in a network sending extremist fighters to Iraq.  Corel is also believed to have figured in the religious life of Frenchman Mohammed Merah, who killed a rabbi, three children at a Jewish school and three paratroopers in southern France in 2012. —By Nicolas Vaux-Montagny”  (link to AP News article)

Here is a map that places Artigat in relationship with Toulouse and the Pyrenees Mountains:


This map gives a better perspective of the mountainous terrain and the path of the Garonne Valley:


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