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Updated: Feb 4

The recent news of al-Qaeda terrorists killing and being killed in Paris is yet another sign of prophecy.  This is not the beginning, but it maintains a flow towards an end, announcing that the worst is still to come.  The world has been shown pictures of thousands of people filling a public square, candles lit and holding signs, while politicians stand by, arm in arm, boasting of standing strong against terrorism.  France’s prime minister pronounced, “We declare war on Islamic terrorism!”  Hip, hip, hooray!

The news also said how France was mobilizing extra security forces, just so the crowd of people could gather.  Without that security, the people would be giving the Islamic terrorists a free shot at a ready-made hostage scenario – all those innocent lambs in one area, standing so close together.  Baa.  If anyone fired a shot while that mass meeting was going on, thousands would die in a stampede, I imagine.  Add in the possibility of French troops, in riot gear, shooting wildly into a crowd and the potential dead would make for a far greater tragedy than what caused the gathering.

crowd security

Does anyone see the absurdity of having to provide security for peaceful demonstrations of solidarity?

In a “democracy,” where everyone is said to be free to do anything, the same freedom applies to terrorists.  The Islamic terrorists (or any “terrorist” causing panic through criminal acts) have the “right” to break every law in the book, including kidnapping, murder, extortion and even public insults, which (in America) could be deemed “hate crimes” if certain minorities were the targets.  The point is you cannot stop a crime before it becomes a criminal act.  We all have the “freedom” to plot and plan evil acts, then act based on those plans, as long as we don’t let anyone know what our thoughts are before we actually break a law.

I am reminded of the scene from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail, where Arthur and his knights have arrived at a French castle.  The animosity between the French and English was made laughable, by portraying the French as having an attitude of superiority.  One French soldier, high along the castle wall, yelled down at King Arthur, “I don’t want to talk to you no more, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!”  Of course, by saying, “I fart in your general direction,” it is a play on the gesture of spitting.  To spit in front of someone (in his or her general proximity) is a form of body language, becoming an unspoken insult.  When words are lacking … spit in someone’s general direction.  This is more easily accomplished than farting at will.

That was the attitude of Charlie Hebdo and the cartoonist who thought nothing of Allah, nor those who pray to Allah.  The world fondly calls that “satirical comedy.”  Rather than understand how this works, as long as you are behind walls of defense and stronger than those you ridicule, you have the “right” and “freedom” to lampoon whomever you please.

This sense of superiority and devil-may-care attitude certainly applies to the French now, as this past week’s activities began with the break-in and murder of 12 people, including a cartoonist for the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo (“Weekly Charlie”).  Threats that had been publicly declared … a boast of revenge (which was their “freedom” of speech) … did not make the news a total surprise.  The shock comes from no longer being strong enough to prevent such acts, because the thick castle walls evaporated.  Charlie Hebdo is the reality of the metaphor of a French soldier standing aloof, behind safe walls, shouting insults to those in inferior positions; but it is not bravery that casts our epithets simply because a sense of “freedom” allows one to do that.  Regardless of rights, it becomes arrogant abuse; and when the walls come tumbling down and the playing field is leveled (a karmic debt due kind of thing), then people tend to let the shoe fit the other foot and cry, “Foul!”

Freedom of expression or hate crime?

Freedom of expression or hate crime?

Payback is hell.  So they say.

Shortly after the murder of the cartoonist at Charlie Hebdo occurred, I saw a headline that read, “Muslim cleric writes op-ed claiming Islam does not believe in free expression.”  Oh my God!  Why would any publisher lead with that statement?  I imagined how everyone who read that headline must have thought, “The Muslims are not believers in Democracy!”

Of course, it is easy to see how that was the plan after all; but how irresponsible is that?  It can lead some to a though process, fueled by the equivalent of an idiot basement blogger (not a professional journalist), for the promotion of anger.  Such a message is always only one reader’s flawed personality away from igniting another idiot to shout, “Let’s goes kill them all!”

If you think about what the headline said (and I did not read the article), it makes complete sense for an Islamic cleric (or Christian minister or Jewish rabbi) to say, “We understand the world gives everyone the ‘right’ to sin, but the point of our religion is to teach personal restraints against those freedoms, based on moral principles of sacrifice and a belief that a greater power will reward the faithful for not sinning.”  So, Charlie Hebdo lacked such restraints, choosing to print the cartoonists free willed art that would purposefully insult Muslims.  The IS military (ISIS) equally lacked such restraints, choosing to arm the terrorists who freely volunteered to die for revenge.  In a convoluted sense, it has to be understood that people have the “right” to misunderstand what one believes in, and if that misunderstanding leads one to go off on a verbal, visual, or even physical rampage, making fun of that belief, simply because it is not what someone else believes, then be prepared to watch the pendulum swing to and fro.  Only personal restraints can stop that back-and-forth – action, reaction.

“I spit in your general direction!”

Je suis Charlie!

Je suis Charlie!

“I spit back in yours!”


Democracy, by definition, is “majority rule.”  If the majority is ruled by a system of laws that match the majority’s moral standards – based on its religious or philosophical beliefs – then certainly a “right” to freely express one’s ideas should be restrained, to some degree.  If for no other reason than the majority feels a great sense of embarrassment when a minority opinion is expressed, something causing the greater whole to cringe, thinking, “Okay, you’ve gone too far.”  Yes, you have that right; but, just like farting in an enclosed space with other people near, others who could fart too, but they restrain themselves, the majority has the right to punish those who use no restraints, using “freedom” and “right” as a crutch with which to hurt people for self-satisfaction.  In a democracy, the majority should have the “right” to say to the self-unrestrained, “I slap you for farting in public, you uncivilized animal!”

In the 1970s, when The National Lampoon and the “Second City” comedy groups of Chicago and Toronto gained popularity, bleeding into Saturday Night Live, it sudden became fun to be irreverent and risqué, even gross. Monty Python’s Flying Circus was the English wave of sarcastic humor that sought to break the restraints of morals and religion.  As a minority then (under age 30 category), I took great delight in knowing comedy was rattling the cages of the establishment.  The more my elders complained, the funnier it became.  Then I grew up.  I became less amused because I could see the harm a word, gesture, or slight could cause.  I saw the wisdom of restraint; but while I changed, the ball kicked to a roll in the 70’s just picked up speed.

Don't forget to save the gizzards for the dog!

Don’t forget to save the gizzards for the dog!

When you open your eyes and look around today, you can see how your society has become an “in your face, I don’t care what you think, I have the right to insult anyone I want” gangland.  The minority element – the lunatic fringe – has become dissidents – rabble rousers demanding attention and changing the rules to suit their whims.  It is the proverbial “inmates running the asylum” mentality, and that should send cold chills running down your spine.  When the court system finds ways to interpret the law in support of such idiocy, punishing anyone who would reprimand that lesser view and write new laws based on majority will (i.e., abortion, gay marriage, illegal immigration, marijuana legalization, cartoons of Allah published, etc., on and on), then is ceases to be a democracy.  It becomes something unintended – something else entirely – something evil.

The wider view of what is happening in the world now is the realization of what happens when you pretend you have a democratic society, but then let democracy haters have the “right” to ruin democracy.  Our principles of freedom requires, perhaps demands that we let in all the people who are fed up with the insults the minority has the “right” to hurl.  We promote, “Come and take advantage of our system’s natural flaws, turning the system against the people you hate, because they hate you.”

The payback is just beginning.  It is the new reality program, like Saturday Night Live used to be, only it is going to be “Everyday Live.”  The promos will say, “You thought that was bad?  Just wait for the next live show.  Coming to a mall, copy store, or grocer near you!”  You have to learn to laugh at misery, including murder and violence, or else it will make you a drag on society.  It is the “new satire.”  Get it?

Nostradamus predicted this demoralized state coming, way back in 1555.  What he wrote can most clearly seen through hindsight, as far as historical specifics go, in the less than 10% of the quatrains of The Prophecies that have been fulfilled, so far.  The remaining 90+% have yet to be completely fulfilled, but they can still be understood as predicting a future in general terms.   The meaning of the generality is unmistakably clear in many of the quatrains, such that they tell of a future still to come, recognized as such because no past history matches the events stated.  In those, we know that Nostradamus predicted (prophesied) an invasion of Europe, from Eastern Europe and North Africa.  This is not my opinion, but a consensus view by those who have done serious study of what The Prophecies contain.

rene noorbergen

Anyone who can put his or her hands on a copy of Rene Noorberg’s book, Nostradamus Predicts the End of the World (first printing 1982) can clearly see this.  One does not need to read any of Noorbergen’s interpretations (he said the end of the world would come in 1988, then amended that to an unspecified time before the year 2000), because all interpreters are bound to make mistakes when guessing about the future, based on present conditions (which steadily change).  You just look at the pictures.  Noorbergen put maps of Europe in his book, with arrows showing the direction of military troops flowing into Italy, France and Spain, from Eastern Europe and North Africa, and then maps showing the flow of military troops retreating back to where they came.  Since 1555, no such invasion has ever taken place, and none has ever been remotely considered a possibility … until now, when Europe has suddenly seen how well democracy is working.  Foreigners from Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe have fled their countries and massed within all the nations of Western Europe.

The whole point of focus in the recent news is France is turning conservative (versus liberal).  The people are electing politicians that are now seeking to restrain the waves of Muslims into their nation.  Imagine that.  France, with all its history of colonial presence in Africa and the Middle East – the land the Ayatollah Khomeini found welcoming, as an exile – is trying to legally restrain the influence of Islam in their socialist nation!

Nostradamus clearly (to me) writes of attacks on Italy, Spain, and France, by organized and coordinated military personnel, with naval support that is well beyond what one would think the Arabs or Africans have at their disposal now, using the element of surprise as a strategy to catch all of Western Europe with its collective pants down around the ankles, completely unprepared to defend itself.  The result will be a rout, where Italy, Spain and the southern half of France will be rapidly subdued, to the point of surrender, simply to stop the warfare.  Solidarity will become the repeating of French capitulation in wars past, with signs being held up that say, “We quit!  Please don’t destroy the Eiffel Tower.”

Forget the possibilities of nuclear weapons being deployed … for now.  Just focus on France, just as that is where the recent focus has been laid.  Imagine how the French people are just like all others in the Western world, feeling a false sense of safety and security because the media regularly tells them, “We’re Number One … Again!”

We see how well the French police SWAT teams took control of one hostage crisis; but how do you think they could handle a thousand 9-1-1 calls at the same time, all saying, “They are outside and they have automatic weapons, artillery, and they are killing everyone!  Help now!”  The view presented by Nostradamus (especially in Italy) is one of utter chaos, with no “killer instinct” or real war experience countering this invasion.  “Our boys” (and girls) know video killing, not real war experience … like that going on in Syria now, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya and Palestine yesterday.  The picture Nostradamus paints (in many quatrains that link together) is a drop your weapons and run defense of Italy and Spain, which is like the saying, “You can run, but you sure can’t hide.”

I am reminded of another scene from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail, this one where Arthur and knights storm a castle, where a wedding party is going on inside.  Two guards are ceremoniously standing outside the castle door, merely to welcome guests.  They hold spears, but have no intent to ever use them.  The rush by Arthur and his knights completely destroys this “security team.”  They cut the guards to pieces, mercilessly.

You can sleep well knowing your armed forces are protecting you.

You can sleep well knowing your armed forces are protecting you.

While visiting Italy a few years back, I saw military personnel in the Rome airport, holding automatic weapons, and dressed in military fatigues.  They looked the part of warrior, but are they prepared to open fire on anyone who rushes up to them?  Or, are they trained to welcome guests first, and second let any possible terrorist fire the first shot?

While you ponder that question, consider how eager you would be to begin shooting at an invasion force, should you own a weapon and see them killing at will along the beach you are wealthy enough to live near?  Who would you open fire on without permission to do so?  Perhaps one can see just how easy it would be to be caught off guard, even though it appears we have our guard up.

The emergency preparedness and training the people of the general population grasp, since we no longer go through Fallout Shelter Drills, is how to gather in public squares and light candles, lay flowers and hold signs.  Many people, for various philosophies and beliefs, do not own weapons that shoot real bullets.  So, many prefer to gather in peaceful protest, as a recourse during times of anger.  However, in a war, protesters raising sticks in the air (even if only holding signs) can be seen as threatening, leading to an exercise called shooting fish in a barrel.

Because so many in the West have shown solidarity for the “right” to insult two of the world’s major religions (Christianity and Islam), the superiority attitude can come back to haunt those of Western Europe.  While the insults have had the effect of causing one of the two to tremble in fear (Christianity), you have kicked the Muslim dog too often, for too long.  When they say, “I do not like you doing that,” by refusing to believe your stools stink at all, you will have made your bed to lie in.  Believing no one would ever think of insulting you – including Islamic terrorists – Nostradamus predicted you are wrong.  In Western Europe – in places like France – the choices for future solidarity will be limited to: “Do you opt for starvation, torture, and/or death?  Or, will you place this robe on and bow to Mecca five times a day?”

The spit will be running down your face, because of the hatred your comedy has helped deepen.

spit on face

Another futuristic view where violence grows from no self-restraints – A Clockwork Orange.

There is so much left that could still be said .  There is so much I would be glad to say to serious inquirers.  There is so much that can be done to at least lessen the severity of the storm that is headed our way, which has now been brewing for decades.  Just know this: The purpose of prophecy is to prevent horrendous times ahead, not celebrate their coming.  The problems of a prophesied future can only be compounded when prophecy is ridiculed and insulted, simply because people believe they have the “right” to spit in the general direction of prophets.  To have people spit just because fewer people believe there is any reason to listen to prophets anymore is craziness.  When no one listens, the prophecy comes true.

The end.

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