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Updated: Feb 1, 2021

The symbol engraved inside each ring, between the two sets of initials, means “infinity.” Google says the mathematical term for the symbol is “sometimes called the lemniscate,” which is two ovals, created by the points of two foci, joined into a figure 8 (∞). Lyn and I were the two foci, creating the ovals of our lives, before we met. When we married we became forever joined [infinity], which is more than a statement of “for as long as you shall live together in human bodies.”

Infinity brings God into the equation, such that Lyn and I were not simply joined for the fifteen years we knew each other, or the thirteen years that we were married, but forever. Our infinite souls had been joined as one in the eternal kingdom, prior to this incarnation on earth. However, we separated when our souls were sent by the breath of God into separate flesh and blood bodies, with the intended plan (of God) being to find one another and rejoin. A worldly death is nothing but a human illusion, a dream of an end that spiritually can never end.

We are joined forever in God’s love.

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