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Interpreting Quatrain VI-06 Properly

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Recently, I saw a “trending article” come up on Facebook, one which attributed the news of Pope Benedict’s resignation as having been predicted by Nostradamus.  The article stated that prediction was made in quatrain VI-06.  Let me clear that up for anyone concerned.

The French of Nostradamus wrote:

Apparoistra vers le Septentrion,

Non loing de Cancer l’estoille chevelue:

Suze, Sienne, Boece, Eretrion,

Mourra de Rome grand, la nuict disperue.

This literally translates to say:

Will suddenly show itself in presence of the North (Russia),

Not far from Cancer (United States) the star hairy (as idiom – a blazing star):

Susa (SW Iran), Siena (NW Italy), Boece (Normandy, France), one of Eretria (Greece),

Will die of Rome great, there night disappeared.

This quatrain has nothing to do with a Roman Catholic pope announcing to the world that he never was filled with the Holy Spirit.  However, the news today of a 10-ton meteor exploding in the atmosphere over Russia makes this interesting.  It appeared over the Septentrion.  That is why I took a closer look at this quatrain.

The main theme statement of this quatrain (line one) is about an important (capitalization) sudden Appearance that is headed towards Russia (the world’s largest country area wise).  As a main theme event, it will occur first,  will all subsequent events AFTER this sudden appearance.

This is importantly (capitalization) identified as Not will be suddenly appearing from a Northern (Russian) origin.  It will instead by one far distant to America, as a relationship to the nation with a Cancer birth date (USA, July 4).  The origin of WHAT will suddenly appear will come from Russia, the country that is home to the North Wind.

As for the star, one needs to look at a Northern star as a military emblem of Russia.  This means the War Flag of the Soviet Union is important to realize, as well as the US Army Air Force emblem.

Soviet Star

This appears on MiG fighters

US Army Air Emblem

US Army Air Corp Emblem

America (Cancer) had its connection to a military star between July 1943 and 1947.

The B-29 Superfortress named Enola Gay dropped the first atomic bomb on August 6, 1945.  Nukes make bright flashes when they explode suddenly.

enola gay

The Russians sold Iran 10 attack class submarines soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union.  The U.S. and NATO made the Russians agree to delay delivery for ten years.  The sale was made in 1991, with delivery in 2001.  Once that strength was delivered, America was directly attacked (9/11/2001).

russian ballistic missile sub

When one reads “chevelue” as “wearing long hair,” or “rugged with hair,” one needs to look at the colon at the end of line two.  This mark leads to the clarification of “bearded” being found in the next word, which importantly (capitalization) is Susa. Susa is the ancient capital of Elam, which was located where present-day SW Iran is.  The ruins of Susa are close to the border with modern Iraq, near the northern end of the Persian Gulf.

Thus, bearded ones of Iran can be understood as imams, or Muslim clerics.  The ayatollahs are also those representing the direction of Iran, who wear long hair beards.  Osama bin Laden’s beard was long because he served as an Islamic spiritual leader, as a jihadist (see my articles about him on my website).

muslim cleric2


osama and bud

While Iran (bearded) became one with Soviet-marked weapons (the star), not long after the breakup of the Soviet Union, they will not be far from Cancer (the USA) when they use them.  This could mean a U.S. naval presence in the Persian Gulf at the time of their sudden use, and it could mean the Iranians will have Soviet-Russian submarines that will be capable of launching medium-range missiles from waters not far from the North (Hemisphere).

The three places appearing in line three would indicate other launch sites, being from the Mediterranean Sea (Siena), the English Channel (Boece), and the Aegean Sea (Eretria).  All of these attacks will cause the death of Western nations, those seen as great and invincible.  The implication is that Rome will also be targeted directly, but Rome is a general indicator of the West being Christian and the home of the Vatican.  As Iran will be the source, this is an indication of a war between Islam and Christianity.

When line four states “there night,” this is stating the time of the attacks will be after dark, in all four places.  The darkness of night will disappear, meaning the attacks will generate exceptional brightness, as would a blazing star, an incendiary bomb, or a nuke.  This would seem, when read as a whole, to indicate great flashes of light, as demonstrated by nuclear weapons.

This analysis of quatrain VI-06 fits the scenario put forth by many quatrains in The Prophecies.  All of those quatrains tell a story of the initiation of war against the West, with Western Europe invaded without prior warning.

The significance of today’s meteor flash in Russia is a sign that those predicted events are near.  The pope’s resignation is another sign, as it shows a Church that has been long dead not being able to direct those dedicated to force corrupt leaders away from instigating such horrific attacks.  It is important to know what a prophecy truly says, so one can be forewarned to do something now, rather than wait till its too late.

Line four can be seen as a statement of a dead Church, which is symbolized by the church of Sardis (from The Revelation of John).  It speaks for all Christians who believe they will be Raptured, because they are so alive in the Holy Spirit, while others will perish in a worldwide cataclysm.  These are the people who Christ told John to tell, “Remember, therefore, what you have received and heard; hold it fast, and repent. But if you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what time I will come to you.”  If you are filled with the Spirit, you do not quit and say, “I’m too old.”

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