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Is astrology a sin?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

I was led to write an amazing book that reveals the actual birth date and birth time of Jesus. Of course, we all know where he was born. The place of birth is Bethlehem.

Yahweh led me to that dawning (suddenly, with no forethought of my own), simply because in my youth I became interested in astrology. I studied it. I took a test to prove I could do all the things an astrologer (sissies call them “astrologists”) must do. I was certified by an astrological organization; and, then I went and paid a local big city $100 for a business license, so I could legally practice in that city as an astrologer.

I never lived in that city, so I never practiced astrology there. I never saw my knowledge of astrology as something to sell and profit from. Like good little boys and girls say they want to grow up and be doctors, the reason is never for profit. It is always, “To help people.” That was my attitude.

For that reason, Yahweh knew my heart and (because I understood astrology [which is a language that becomes spoken]), He figuratively tapped me on the shoulder and said, “I want you to use your knowledge of astrology to make My Son’s birth data known."

For the first time in my life I saw the Magi as astrologers; and, I knew that astrologers look most closely at the only star in our solar system, in order to predict the future. The picture posted above is the crap in a newspaper, which is called "Sun Sign Astrology." The Sun is the star the Magi followed … astrologically.

It was totally amazing to have that revealed to me. I thought, “Surely the world will want to know this!”

I knew I could write a book that went ultra deep in astrological language, which would only be understood by a fraction of the best astrologers in the world (those whose souls have been sold, saying, “I studied astrology to help me get rich. F**k the people.”). Instead, I was led to focus on taking the timing of a fixed birth date and applying that to the four Gospels and the first couple of chapters of Acts. I was led to write a spiritually focused Christian book. Here, again, I was led by the voice of Yahweh to take those four-plus recollections of Jesus’ life and dovetail them all together, so they detailed the timing of Jesus' ministry. I was led to see elements of the 'missing years' of his life, which I pieced in between his birth and his ministry. The title of the book is The Star of Bethlehem: The Timing of the Life of Jesus.”

Note the astrological birth chart as the cover.

Nobody wants to read my book.

I have given more away than have sold on Amazon.

My reasoning says Christians see astrology as a sin, forbidden by the Holy Bible (Old Testament primarily). They fear being caught looking at a book the says the star of Bethlehem was in the day and quite visible and provable (in late spring, not when shopping centers celebrate Black Friday in the dead of winter). They cross themselves if they hear anyone say the Magi were astrologers.

Of course, all the atheists and agnostics want nothing to do with anything referencing Jesus. They don't believe in either astrology or Jesus. Only the goth freaks with purple hair and nose jewelry are interested in astrology these days; but not Jesus. those freaks went away with the sixties.

So, since the book was not written for the evil lovers of the world, but those who proclaim to be Christians, let me say just a few words about astrology being a sin.

Yahweh - the One and Only God - the supremist of supreme deities - created EVERYTHING, angels, planets and stars, the whole shebang. This includes astrology. A quite holy fellow named Enoch (who like so many quite holy fellows in the Holy Bible that never died or buried) was allowed to see the amazing works of the celestial, knowing it was all set in motion by Yahweh.

Of course, Enoch's book was deemed unable to jive with the flawed misinterpretations that include Christmas being on the shortest day of the year and the fear promoted by Roman clerics that said, "Everything we do not agree with is pagan, therefore forbidden! Amen."

If you believe that astrology is the invention of paganists, then go stand in front of the mirror and shout insults at the person you see there. Call that person the greatest sinner of all time. Threaten to refuse to ever have anything to do with that person again. Tell that person he or she is going to hell for loving sin so much.

Say all that knowing the truth about what a sinner looks like. Speak to that reflection of you like it was some pagan art created by demonic souls that love to wallow in sin. Condemn yourself for being as evil as astrology.

Say that knowing Yahweh created you AND Yahweh created astrology. Say that knowing that you are to be feared as much as astrology, because you walk and talk. Astrology just is a tool … out there. Like Enoch, someone has to lift up the curtain and take a peek at what is … out there. Someone like you has to make a creation of Yahweh sinful.

The reason I know this as truth is Yahweh placed every soul into a sinful body of flesh, because those souls reeked of the stench of sin the last time their sinful bodies of flesh fell off their souls, at death. Like green leaves turn brown and fall to the ground to become mulch, bodies of flesh do the same. If you believe brown leaves all go to heaven, because they had been green, think again. Everything born to die repeats; but human souls have a way out of that life and death cycle.

Just like Yahweh made you, with the plan to be washed clean by rebirth (the India Indians call it reincarnation), Yahweh knows souls (like the one you are) will all love to take care of their filthy flesh, as time goes on. Born baby pure, a soul learns to love to pet its flesh, more than lead its soul to find Yahweh. The reflection of you in the mirror shows years and years of dirty sin build-up. Human adults all end up needing a Spiritual bath (Baptism)l but only saints reach that state of being.

The moral of that story is this: You have to know sin in order to reject sin’s control over your soul; so, a soul can repent and sacrifice self as a bride to Yahweh, which brings about His Son’s soul being resurrected within a newly cleaned soul (Spiritual Baptism). That outpouring of Yahweh's Spirit then joins spiritually with a wife-soul, making a Spiritual baby be resurrected. A soul-wife of Yahweh become a Virgin Mother to the soul of Jesus ... two souls in one body of flesh! The soul of Jesus then becomes the Lord over both the soul and flesh, keeping that body of flesh from ever stinking like sin again.

Only when one’s soul has been reborn in the name of Jesus, cleansed as a new Christ walking the earth, can one stand in front of a mirror and say anything other than, “Thank you Yahweh for saving that miserable person. I bow my head so I will not have to look at the face of my past sins, which I know so well.”

A saint says, "I sacrifice my soul and flesh to you as my Lord and Savior, Jesus. The only I in me from now on is you. I am Jesus reborn. Lead me to do your will, in honor and glory to the Father."

Without that Spiritual rebirth, all human beings are miserable failures, destined to become brown leaves that recycle and sprout as new green leaves … endlessly. Yahweh made you to stop that devotion to a material world. You must become a tool in His hands, rather than rubbing your body like a sex tool in your hands.

Just like you, Yahweh made astrology. The difference is astrology is the mirror. It is the tool that tells you how much sin you have on you. You fear those tools.

Just like you, Yahweh allowed the brains of human beings to invent and mass produce guns (with bullets that kill).

Just like you are made to find your way to becoming a tool of righteousness, not sin, all tools are as dead and inert as are all those brown leaves turning to mulch. It takes a soul to turn a tool into a bag full of sins to munch on all day long … for eternity.

The Old Testament tells of the wickedness that comes from souls in flesh using tools for evil purposes. Yahweh made every form of divination known to mankind. Only mankind has the power to turn a creation of Yahweh into a den of sin.

Certainly, there are evil uses of astrology, just like there are evil uses of guns (and bullets that kill). Yahweh did not make them for that purpose. The world has a way of luring souls to follow the desires of its flesh. To find evil existing means one’s eyes just opened up to seeing the world as the only place where such evils can exist.

Still, evil is as a soul in flesh does (a Forrest Gump mommaism).

The tool used for evil purposes was made by Yahweh as a test of a soul in the flesh: Use the tool as it was meant to be and you pass. Use the tool for evil purposes and you fail.

Astrology is only a tool. Astrology has no soul born into it. You are the soul that can operate astrology as a tool. When astrology is sinful, it is the user making it so. The Magi were not sinful. They used a tool created by Yahweh to see in advance a need to go crown an infant as the promised Messiah of Yahweh.

When I took the time to study astrology and learn how to use that tool, I was too naïve to be afraid of astrology. I was too stupid to think of it as a sin. No finger-pointing Assemblies of God preachers ever told me how my soul would roast in hell for eternity, if I even dared to look at an astrology book. I went into my studies with no preconceived fears.

My upbringing in the Assemblies of God church taught me to trust in God (I much later learned His name is Yahweh). I trusted in God, which meant I only feared pissing God off … by sinning. He let me know every time I sinned. I begged Him for forgiveness, knowing I was a sinner.

Fearing things (tools) is a statement that says, “F**k God and fearing Him. God is gonna forgive my sinful ass, because the preacher says so. I fear astrology and guns, just like I fear the plague (COVID19?) and death.”

Jesus said, “Now I say to you, ‘My friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body, and after that have nothing more that they can do. But I will warn you whom to fear: fear the One who, after He has killed someone, has the power to throw that person into hell; yes, I tell you, fear Him!” (Luke 12:4, NASB)

[Hint: Him" is Yahweh.]

If only Christians would stop being too afraid to learn the truth of Scripture themselves, rather than letting some finger-pointing minister (who would not know Jesus reborn if he stood in front of him or her). Sheeples let themselves be told what they should believe and who-what they should fear enough to hate. Sheeples are taught to fear and hate first and foremost … without ever coming to know who-what it is they fear and hate.

An old comic strip name Pogo summed it up best: "We have met the enemy and he is us."

The only one to fear and hate is your soul, if it is without Jesus standing beside it, as your Lord and Savior. To be without Jesus' soul guiding you to righteousness, you should fear only Yahweh and hate where the Holy Bible says your soul will go if you fear anything other than Him.

So, do not fear astrology, especially without knowing it is a tool created by Yahweh. Only the users make His creations evil.

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