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Jesus said, “This is my mother and my brothers”

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

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[Note: This is one of a series listed under the heading: Wordie Post." It was originally posted on the Word Press blog entitled "Our Daily Bread," found at The changes at Word Press are similar to those on Twitter and Facebook, where I was posting to an empty space. That was because I began and maintained that blog as one of their free offerings. When their force to change to a paid blog website did not move me, they cancelled their "Reader," so posting on Word Press has become like a caged animal at the zoo, where only workers occasionally toss the animals a bite to eat. Word Press [et al] is like what I imagine life was like in the satellite countries of the Soviet Union: meager, bleak, spiritless. So, I am transferring those forty articles here.]


For those who are confused about what being a Christian means, it has absolutely nothing to do with going to church once a (fill in the blank: week; month; year; lifetime) and believing what a (fill in the blank: pastor; minister; priest; preacher; televangelist) says about Jesus and the Cross and God offering instant Salvation for all believers. Being a true Christian means just that, with an emphasis on the capitalization of “Being,” an English word that means, “existence; the nature or essence of a person.”

Forrest Gump’s momma would have said (I assume), “Christian is as Christian does.”

For quite some time now I have been analyzing Scriptural readings and posting those commentaries on my various websites. Currently that is under the “Blog” heading on the site named Katrina Pearls ( If you are unfamiliar with this repetitious message found in Scripture, then read the last hundred commentaries I have posted on my website (over 920 total, and running). It becomes vividly clear then. However, to boil everything down to the sheer basics, Biblical texts (old and New Testaments) say this:

  1. Seek Yahweh with your soul.

  2. Please Yahweh with your deeds to serve Him.

  3. Marry your soul to Yahweh, receiving His Spirit (be a Christ or Messiah, as one soul divinely Anointed).

  4. Have your soul give birth to Yahweh’s baby – a masculine soul named Jesus – who then becomes the Lord over one’s flesh (no longer will one’s soul be such a master).

  5. Enter ministry as Jesus reborn.

  6. Die with the promise of everlasting life with Yahweh (no more reincarnations).

If you look deeply into the Scriptural texts, you will see this clearly stated over and over again. Today, I want to show you how this repetitive theme is explained by Jesus, when he said, “Here are my mother and my brothers!” (Matthew 12:49b, NRSV)

The same basic statement is also recorded in Mark 3 and Luke 8. It depends on the written text (Greek) and the paraphrased translation (English); but the essence is still the same: “this is the mother of me” and “theses are the brothers of me.”

It is worthwhile to realize this setting.

Three Gospel writers tell of this event [Mark, Luke, and Matthew], with the New Revised Standard Version [NRSV] entitling each set of verses telling this story “The True Kindred of Jesus.”  While it is not clearly stated where Jesus was, we know that he had entered a house, where a crowd was drawn near.  Jesus had been challenged by Pharisees and scribes, at which point Jesus spoke in parables about their demand to see a sign.  I doubt the house was a synagogue, but it could be.  Still, it leads me to see a confrontation in a synagogue led to Jesus and his followers leaving that place, going to a place nearby to eat a meal.  It was there that the house filled with those who crowded to be near Jesus, such that the house was full.  I do not see any Pharisees or scribes in this house, at this time.

It was the murmurs caused by the confrontation that some people of the town (possibly Nazareth) ran to tell Mary and her children that Jesus might be in danger.  That aspect of threat would have caused Mary to hurry to go to where Jesus was, with her sons and even daughters following.  It should be realized that Joseph had children with his first wife (who died), who were significantly older than the children (sons and daughters) Mary had born as the wife of Joseph.  Still, none of those sons would have been much older than twenty, with most in their teens.  One of he sons was James, who would become a Saint after Jesus died and resurrected; but because Jesus was of divine origin, having no earthly father, all of his brothers and sisters were “half” or “step.”  Because Jesus had left Judea when his first half-siblings were young children, entering a educative ministry to the east, he had returned to find Joseph dead and siblings he barely knew.  There was some closeness between Jesus and some of his half-siblings, but there was also some resentment, because Jesus received so much attention that they could not understand.  Again, those would have been following their mother, to protect her, more than going to protect Jesus.

In the Greek text of Mark 3:34b-35, Luke 8:21b, and Matthew 12:48b-50, the same basic statement is made by all, which is not what the translators of Greek to English say.  They ignore the word “kai” as being a marker word that denotes importance to follow that word.  They ignore words that are capitalized, not pointing out the divine elevation a capitalized word must be seen to convey.  Because the English translations can only be paraphrases, in order to present a human agenda that proposes to guess at what divine Word intends, liberties are taken in basic translations that fit preconceptions that are erroneous.

It should be assumed that the house Jesus had entered was not crowded with women.  Of those closely surrounding Jesus, it is safe to assume none were females.  This assumption should make Jesus stating “Mother of me” (Luke) and “Who is a mother of me” (Matthew), with “Behold! this mother of me” (Mark) points divine elevation towards “this Mother of me,” where Jesus was not referring to Mother Mary, but to those souls who would give birth to his soul [See step 4].

To become “a mother” of Jesus [Jesus reborn], one’s soul must first marry Yahweh and become His wife [See step 3].  As such, Luke says, “who of God,” Mark says, “of this of God,” and Matthew says, “of this of God.”  In all cases, the Greek word “Theos” is capitalized, so it is divinely elevated to mean “Yahweh,” not some run-of-the-mill pagan “god.” Matthew then records Jesus saying, “whoever  indeed is likely to make this desire of this of Father of me,” which becomes the masculine progenitor that makes one be “a Mother.” That is a strong indication of marriage, where a Husband and wife join for the purpose of becoming Father and mother. [Review step 3.]

When one’s soul has become the possession “of God,” then that soul has been Anointed by Yahweh as His, with His Spirit poured out upon that soul, in the same way David’s soul had been. Whenever Yahweh is doing this Anointing with His Spirit, that makes one a Mashiach or Messiah. The Greek word that states this is “Christos” or “Christ” [Review step 3].

Now, when multiple souls have followed this plan for Salvation of their souls, ALL will be: 1. A Christ; 2. Jesus reborn; and, 3. The Son of God (Yahweh).  This means if four people named John, James, Frank and Sally all are souls that followed the aforementioned steps, they would all become “Christ Jesus, Son of God (Yahweh).  There would be no difference between Frank and Sally, because souls are without sexual organs.  That means, if ALL are Sons of the same God (Yahweh) – the Father – then ALL are “brothers” in Christ … even Sally’s soul … because ALL are reborn as Jesus (no Jesusettes).

Thus, these three Gospel stories are Jesus saying that everyone hanging out outside the “house” where Jesus is alive and well within – a tabernacle unto Yahweh – then all those outside looking in are just pretenders. Everyone who claims to be a Christian, who has no clue what it means to be Anointed by Yahweh’s Spirit – become a Saint – and know personally what it feels like to open up one’s soul and let the resurrected soul of Jesus be born within one’s “house” of flesh – AND THEN go into ministry (no pewples counted here) as Jesus reborn … well, those people do not know how to read Scripture properly.

To make that clearer, Mary was the physical mother of Jesus. This reflects how Jews look at lineage: the mother’s blood determines that her babies will be born Jewish, no matter what religious beliefs her impregnator has. All of the brothers and sisters of physical Jesus were of the blood of Mary and Joseph, or Joseph and another Jewish women. While all of them were Jews, none of them were Jesus. Even though Mary (a Saint) had held the fetus that would be Jesus in her womb, at that point in time, when she stood outside a house asking if Jesus was okay, she had yet to give spiritual rebirth to the soul of Jesus within her soul. She saw Jesus as her baby boy, not as a soul sent by Yahweh to be shared with His Saints. The brother James (also a Saint) was nothing more than a half-blood, himself having been born of Mary. While there to protect his mother, James had yet to be Jesus reborn, one with his soul. Therefore, if those family members had no right to claim being a mother or a brother (including his half-sisters) of Jesus, no Christians can consider himself or herself any better than Mary or James. Those two were transformed after Jesus was risen from death (a soul to enter their souls). Before that resurrection of Jesus’ soul could save their souls, they had to marry Yahweh (Receive the Spirit).

The cross that so many Christians worship [not a good thing to do] must be seen in two ways, each having nothing to do with Jesus dying on a cross to save your souls. While there is truth to that conclusion, one must see the cross as one’s own, not Jesus’ cross. First, a cross is an instrument of death. Just as Jesus died to free his soul to enter the souls of his Father’s wife-souls, so too must a wife-soul die of self first. That is the submission of one’s soul to serve Yahweh only and totally. It means hanging one’s own self on a cross of death, so one’s soul is then free to be possessed by Yahweh and reborn as His Son. Second, a cross is then those wooden stakes found in vineyards, which holds the grapevines high off the ground, so furry creatures (symbolic sins) do not eat the fruit. This means the cross must be raised (not let to lean over to the ground), to hold the vine that is the growth of Yahweh into the world. Once one has become a strong and sturdy, upright stake in the ground, then one can bear good fruit, which begins with Jesus reborn and continues as him reentering ministry in one’s flesh (not his). Jesus brings forth more good fruit, in different bodies of flesh – new shoots of the vine.

Here is what is written and what it says:

Luke 8:21b

Mētēr mou kai adelphoi mou , houtoi eisin hoi ton logon tou Theou akouontes kai poiountes .

“a Mother of me kai brothers of me , these they exist these this narrative [subject matter] who of God [Yahweh] are hearing kai are doing .

Mark 3:34b-35

Ide , hē mētēr mou , kai hoi adelphoi mou ! hos <gar> an poiēsē to thelēma tou Theou , houtos adelphos mou , kai adelphē , kai mētērestin .

“you Behold! , this mother of me , kai these brothers of me ! who < indeed > is likely to make this desire of this of God [Yahweh] , this a brother of me , asister , kai a mother one exists .

Matthew 12:48b-50

Tis estin hē mētēr mou , kai tines eisin hoi adelphoi mou ? kai ekteinas tēn cheira autou epi tous mathētas autou , eipen , Idou , hē mētēr mou kai hoi adelphoi mou . hostis gar an poiēsē to thelēma tou Patros mou tou en ouranois , autos mou adelphos kai adelphē kai mētērestin .

“Who exists this a mother of me , kai who are they existing these brothers of me ? kai having stretched out this hand [plan, intention] of self [of same] upon [fittingly] these disciples [pupils, learners] there [of himself] , he said , Behold! , this mother of me kai these brothers of me . whoever indeed is likely to make this desire of this of Father of me of this in the realm of heavens [spiritual entities above earth] , oneself of me a brother kai a sister kai a mother one exists .

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