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Just A Little Help from My Friends

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Recently, a family member informed me that an opportunity had been presented to him, for study abroad.  The location of the specific city he could move to is in eastern France.  I recognized the name of the city, and believed Nostradamus mentioned it.  I checked my records and found that city was indeed listed, only once.  I had never interpreted that quatrain before, because I have that quatrain sorted into a file of events that I see occurring at a more distant time in the future, more distant than those events that are relatively “right around the corner” chronologically.  I decided to interpret that quatrain for him, to see if I could help him make a wise decision about whether or not to go to France.

In regard to this effort, one has to understand that there are 948 quatrains recognized as belonging to the ten “Centuries” of The Prophecies.  It is not a simple matter doing in-depth interpretations of that many quatrains.  This is due to the fact that each quatrain requires research into the etymology of words (particularly names of places), and the history related to places, along with realizing all of the definition possibilities relative to the translation multiplicity that exists.  Four lines of poetry can (minimally) become four pages of interpretation.  In the case of the quatrain I interpreted for my family member (32 words), I wrote over eight pages of explanation.

If the average ended up being six pages per quatrain, this means it would take 5,688 pages to interpret the entirety of the quatrains in The Prophecies.  At eight pages per, the total grows to 7,584 pages of explanation.  Beside the fact that those eight pages did not cover every possible scenario, don’t forget the letters Nostradamus wrote explaining his work.  Each of those requires an expanded form of interpretation, for them to be properly understood.  I wrote a 400+ page book putting roughly 30 pages of written text (the letters of preface and explanation to Henry II) into understandable words (about 300 pages were directly interpretive).  With that amount of explanation known possible, I ask anyone who wants to know the whole story that Nostradamus left for the world to realize, “How long would it take a normal person to write 6,000 to 9,000 pages explaining one epic poem?”  Add to that, “What would the value of such a work be?” and, “Who would read it?”  Those answers should allow one to see why I had never interpreted that one quatrain deeply before.  There are many like that, although I have some idea where to sort each.

From my perspective, the whole story is worth knowing.  Dollars, pounds, and euros do not determine the value of my work interpreting Nostradamus.  If it did, I would have stopped interpreting Nostradamus long ago.  The value comes from me making it known to others that The Prophecies is a holy work, impossible to have been contrived by man alone (any number of men, much less only one man).  It tells a quite specific warning that humanity must return to realizing God is our protector from mass suicide.  The nature of prophecy is to warn humanity when it has made a wrong turn, and danger is ahead.  There is a repeated need for prophecy, which means God never stopped talking to prophets.  Man is constantly in danger of messing up his future, because every time man tries to think he can do it alone, he ends up lamenting that decision.  If you are old enough to remember the Tutor Tortoise and Mr. Wizard cartoons, mankind is continuously getting in over its collective head, and always ending up crying out, “Save me Mister Wizard!”  We need to know the end so we can avoid the “getting in too deep” syndrome.

This makes the first part of the story of The Prophecies the most important.  It tells us how we got to the edge of danger, by having turned our backs to God long ago.  In the book I published in 2005 (Pearls Before Swine, Volume 1: Predicting the Past), I wrote over 400 pages (the whole book is over 700) interpreting the first 111 quatrains.  That many quatrains (roughly 11.7% of the whole) set up this history of mankind (in particular the Christian variety) turning away from God.  The news today is filled with stories that are directly related (cause and effect) to the actions taken during the past 200 years (although the pace really picked up only 75 years ago).  Understanding that 11.7% allows everyone to see where we stand today and how the other 88.3% is obviously telling what tragedies lie before us.

A dismal future will not be a surprise when it happens, because we already see how our actions have created a volatile world.  The future prophesied by Nostradamus has become a logical expectation, predicted by common talking heads in the media today, completely unrelated to Nostradamus or religion.  That is why seeing how Nostradamus (who himself was so very disconnected from the lone spark that began this whole story, well after his death) could never have imagined our reality in 2011.  It can only be a vision from the eye of God, and his all-seeing ability, alone, to see the future.  Nostradamus wrote The Prophecies, but he did not originate the story.  That is the nature of all prophets of God.

The eight pages I wrote for my family member tells a story that relates to the current happenings in Japan, although in no way connected.  Japan represents a sign, where a nuclear reactor meltdown is leaving that island nation facing the danger of having to stay far from the disaster zone, basically, for an eternity.  There are nuclear reactors all over France, with one less than 20 miles from where my family member may be going to work and study.  The point of seeing what Nostradamus warned of, which is relative to that region (the Lorraine), makes it difficult to believe, simply because we imagine France, like the United States, is a power capable of defending itself (other than in a couple of World Wars).  It reads like a fairy tale because there is no sign of this danger today.

The Japanese had the same likelihood to disbelieve, up to the day before, any prophecies that could have foretold of an earthquake that would severely disable one (or more) of their nuclear reactors, setting off a horrid chain of events.  Had Japan been given a prophetic warning a year before, and had they believed the warning was true, coming from God, perhaps the Japanese could have built saltwater-earthquake resistant power lines, and waterproofed the cooling generators, in order to ensure the reactors maintained a safe temperature, regardless of any level of damage an earthquake and tsunami could wreak.  If they had done that, they would not be in the position they are today.  However, regardless of the fact they were not prophetically warned, had they been, and had they believed God was sending them a warning, the costs of those protective measures undoubtedly would have been too high for them to react monitarily on what many would ridicule as a fantasy.

When real money is put into real efforts, based on the interpretation of prophecy and the imagination of what will happen, people start to scream bloody murder.  It is less taxing (money paid to the state for state works) to simply not believe prophecy.  There is always a nice warm, comfortable temperature in the sand that one can politely cover one’s head in, so as not to hear the few cries that say, “No!  Don’t turn away from God because of $300 billion US!”  Likewise, my family member might be seeing potential career dollars flying out the window, should he chose not to go to France, which would override any dangers I conjure up by reading Nostradamus.

My family relative has family (on the other side, not my family side) that resides in Italy.  Italy, along with France, Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria, and Germany (and others), all will be facing severe, traumatic lifestyle-changing events in the not so distant future.  The one place in France mentioned in the one quatrain I interpreted for my family member reflects all of that horror having already set in.  All of the specifics of those changes I have not written of simply because it is too much to write, when there is not enough time to waste writing.  Enough is already written that explains the danger at hand.

I have written The Letters of Nostradamus, and Pearls Before Swine, both of which give enough information about those coming changes.  The reality is it is now up to every individual with relatives, friends, interests, and concerns about the people living and visiting in Europe (not to mention the fact that the whole world will also suffer when their suffering begins) to take it upon themselves to see what exactly Nostradamus wrote, and what exactly it means.

To assist in this measure of “self-help,” I have written The Systems of Nostradamus, which explains how to read Nostradamus so the meaning is seen by all.  Everyone needs to have the same ability to understand as I have, because I cannot write personal letters to everyone in the world.  I write this, and other articles of explanation on a website, in addition to my books, so those who read this can tell others.

I have also written The $25-Million Answer, which is a book that applies those systems to 20 quatrains, and some text from the letters of Nostradamus, to explain how Nostradamus wrote that Osama bin Laden is part of a plan to bring about this destruction of Europe (America is not excluded from this plan).  Everything I write says, “I need help.  I cannot tell you everything you want to know, at least in eight-pages-per-quatrain details.”  It says, “You will be affected and effected by this future, therefore you need to help out now.  See for yourself what it means.  Prove it to yourself.  It is not something beyond testing.  But, do something!”

Sitting there doing the same as usual is what the Japanese were doing when the 9.0 earthquake struck.  They were doing the usual earthquake procedures when 15 minutes later an unusual tsunami swept over 10,000 Japanese to their deaths, while destroying countless homes, businesses, and property.  The Japanese were still collecting themselves from disaster, with no power, in the freezing temperatures of winter, when the news was breaking of an unusual nuclear reactor problem.  The lesson to be learned from the misery of the Japanese people is you and I are not immune to this rapid change scenario.  We need to act on a plan, and not sit idly by doing squat.

Meanwhile, I am trying to put together more books that will act as reference materials for others joining in this campaign of recognizing “We Are Going the Wrong Way.”  If only someone else would chip in.  Anyone willing?

R. T. Tippett

[Update 2021]: Nobody is willing to help.  Enjoy the future you have helped create when it comes full bore upon you.  When Jesus asked God to forgive all the people who tortured him to death, because they did not know what they were doing, that time of forgiveness has long passed.  The advent of Christianity has spread all around the globe and there are no longer people who do not know what they are doing.  Hell is (literally) on earth.  Hell is the reincarnation of an eternal back into a body of flesh, which is only possible in the physical world.  Once you have allowed the release of torture unto death upon countries that have stood for Jesus Christ (Christian royalty associated, at one time now past), then the earth will be no longer able to sustain life as you have known it.  Your soul’s “resurrection” will not be as glorious as that of Jesus.  Failure to have given your life (mind, body and soul) to God beforehand will mean when your body of flesh dies (and it is assured of that end) then your soul will be recycled back into new flesh that is diseased from radiation poisoning at birth, bound to grow unimaginable deformities, which will become your hell on earth … a walking zombie that can no longer leave this realm via reincarnation.  At that time, you will be welcomed to hell … friend of darkness, where the gnashing of teeth is eternal.

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