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Updated: Jan 27

Two searches of Nostradamus seem to always find articles I have posted online.  One is about quatrain II-62, which begins by stating,”Mabus will soon die.”  Lots of people want to know who “Mabus” is.  The other is focused on Nostradamus having been an astrologer.  They see astrology as how he wrote all his predictions.  If Nostradamus did it, then they can do it.  I thought I would make a few comments about these topics.

“Mabus” is not a proper name.  It is an important word, because it is capitalized.  However, it is capitalized because it is the first word of a line.  All first words of all lines of quatrains are capitalized.  All first words of the lines  are chosen because they are important foremost, in need of being capitalized as a result.  This leads one to see how names are supposed to have meaning, because people are important as living, breathing, thinking creatures.  Thus, when a couple is expecting a new child, then they will look at “baby names” beforehand.  If they like a name, then they see what the meaning behind the name is.  They choose names they like to hear, but also names that have nice meanings behind them.  Names are supposed to have meaning, and that meaning then surrounds that which is given the name – a person, place, or thing.  “Mabus” could be a name, but there is no word “mabus,” in French or Latin.

There seems to be two kinds of Nostradamus fans.  One group represents those who think he was some magician-like, crystal ball gazing, seer of the meaning in the stars – like a 16th century Merlin.  The other group sees him as someone who had an uncanny ability to draw up astrological charts and plot aspects, so he knew the future based on astrological formulas.  The difference is “psychic magic” and “analytic cunning.”  If you are an astrologer, that is a 12th house – 6th house, Pisces – Virgo, Water – Earth polarity thing.  The reality (according to people like Peter Lemesurier) was that Nostradamus was a terrible astrologer, one who rarely calculated a chart accurately.  Think about it.  He had no modern computers to calculate anything, and in 1555 there were no powerful telescopes to produce books telling where each planet was exactly.  Nostradamus also wrote in his Preface that the “black arts,” like “magic,” were “abhorrable” and “detestable.”  So, Nostradamus draws fans who probably would not be fans if they knew the truth.  I wrote three articles that address the use of astrological terms in The Prophecies.

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