Matthew 10:40-42 – Where is the welcome party these days?

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

The Gospel reading for Sunday, June 28, 2020 – the Fourth Sunday after Pentecost – is one you will not hear any Episcopal priests preach the truth about. Beware of lies being told by false shepherds. Guard yourselves from being eaten up by wolves in sheep’s wooly vestments.

Jesus said, “Whoever welcomes you [his disciples] welcomes me [Jesus as the Christ], and whoever welcomes me [Jesus Christ again] welcomes the one who sent me [God the Father]. Whoever welcomes a prophet [one who speaks the truth of God] in the name of a prophet [Jesus Christ, meaning being reborn as that prophet] will receive a prophet’s reward [eternal life]; and whoever welcomes a righteous person [a Saint or Apostle] in the name of a righteous person [Jesus Christ again] will receive the reward of the righteous [eternal life again]; and whoever gives even a cup of cold water [some iota of emotional welcoming, even if as cold as a verbal insult of recognition*] to one of these little ones in the name [reborn as Jesus Christ] of a disciple [someone calling himself or herself truly “Christian“] truly I tell you, none of these [aforementioned] will lose their reward [eternal life in Heaven].”

All of the bracketed insertions are mine.  Print this out and take it with you to an Episcopal church [even if not a member … especially if not a member] and check off how many times an Episcopal priest will mention “being in the name of Jesus Christ.”  It will not happen!

Why, you might ask?

Because when my wife died the Episcopal Church had no one filled with the Holy Spirit left within their organizational ‘priest pool’, no one righteous … by far, and no one a Saint … not even close.  And, on top of that, outside of church you can forget about a priest even talking to you [unless you schedule a meeting in his or her church office], because it is Church Canon: Do not stoop as low as the sheeple, because the last thing the Church needs is the sheeple finding out its priests don’t know shit.

This means the whole concept of “welcoming” is a lie, as far as the Episcopal Church is concerned.  Do not listen to any bull about “welcoming the poor immigrants who have not paid a dime in taxes to live off the fat of the land” [white people who work for a living and pay taxes]. The Episcopal Church priests do not have the time of day to offer anyone who calls himself or herself Christian.  They are too busy wearing masks and being afraid their elderly (white mostly) congregations will sue them out of existence, because they went to an Episcopal church and caught COVID19 or some white person brought an assault rifle to church because the priest was marching in some protest that said “I hate everyone in my flock!”

The Episcopal priesthood, circa 2020.

I urge you to try to be welcomed in the Episcopal Church.  I implore you to schedule time with a priest and demand he or she give you straightforward explanations about Scripture.  I plead with you to stand up in the middle of church and ask loudly, “When did Jesus tell his disciples to devote their lives to forcing social justice, by standing before a rabble screaming, “Do not do what Pontius Pilate or Julius Caesar say to do!” 

Ask them, please, in your most Spiritually raised voice, “When did Jesus say to only love those a priests decides who is worthy of love, when priests say to love those so filthy with sin they need to be left alone … just to keep from getting sin all over oneself?”  Ask how a presiding bishop can openly be an active homosexual, which is an admission of sin and a stance that says, “I love sin too much to give it up!  Screw God’s denouncement of it being an abomination!  Screw Moses!  Screw anyone who will not sell their soul for carnal delights!”

Beg them to answer the question, “When did Jesus say it was God’s Will to preach hate for anyone (much less those like yourselves, who claim to be “Christian”), because of their race?  Wasn’t being Jewish a race?  Did Jesus teach “Hate the Jews!”?

Please, as you file past a priest after his or her having ridiculed himself or herself before God and Christ, in word and deed, on the way out of church say, “You know, neither God nor Christ said you have to be religious.  Free will says do as you wish.  You can break all the Commandments whenever you like.  However, pretending to be a priest when you are not will earn the ‘anti-reward’ – not that “eternal life reward” Matthew wrote that Jesus promised.”

The Episcopal Church has no one with any truth in them, as none of them are led by God and Christ.  In that summation, my disgust it targeting the institution, from top down.  Least are the minions that sparsely sit in pews [in non-pandemic times] and have never done anything righteous, simply from lack of being taught righteousness is expected by God and Christ – nothing less counts.  Still, the whole system is one of enablers, from bottom to the top.  So, all are guilty of sin … like all human beings; so redemption is still within their grasps.  But …. 

For that to happen, someone needs to slap some sense into them.

Jesus called the Episcopal Church out when he said, “You hypocrites!  Woe to you, teachers of [Scripture, no better than] Pharisees.  You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to.”

Can I hear an “Amen!”?


In case you can’t read between the lines … I post religious insight regularly and regularly some people read what I post.  However, not a one has the Christian courage to comment, even if it is a cold splash of water that says, “I hate you for writing that … but it did make some sense.  Still, I hate you!”


Don’t get me started about the Epistle reading from Paul’s letter to the Christians of Rome, when he said, “Do not let sin exercise dominion in your mortal bodies, to make you obey their passions. No longer present your members to sin as instruments of wickedness, but present yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life, and present your members to God as instruments of righteousness.   For sin will have no dominion over you, since you are not under law but under grace.” (Romans 6:12-14) 

There won’t be anyone preaching the truth of those words either, because no Episcopal priests are under grace!  They might, however, be protesting to free some rioters, flag burners, statue topplers, assaultors, murderers, thieves, arsonists, and faggots.  They love those ‘lost creeps.’

Update Note: 

It seems there is some Episcopal guidance booklet somewhere that knows priests will ask the question, “How the hell am I supposed to preach about the lessons of the Fourth Sunday after Pentecost, without making all the flock run away in fear?”  The booklet says, “Simple son or daughter, just take where Jesus said, “Whoever welcomes” and preach about the hospitality of the Church.

It is sickening to me, but it should be frightening to all you who buy priests who will feed you Pablum [an old brand name of baby food] and place no expectations of piety on your sinful asses.  I read one sermon where the ‘priest’ wrote about the Hospitality Committee at his first church [his first church employer, long since left for greener pastures], where he and his wife were wined and dined by those leading church officials.  That fool complained that they did not maintain that luxurious amenities and accommodations for everyone in that church [including the lesbians who married in that church – I assume he officiated, but he did not fess up to that], as if Jesus said, “Welcome anyone and everyone with open arms.  Spare no expense for the cheap who cannot afford luxury.”   


My wife [a priest] and I were similarly treated.  It is the wealthy of a church who run the church and who interview applicants and offer them jobs [called the Search Committee, the Vestry, and/or the Hospitality Committee … they are the same people recycled].  They do the wining and dining because they want to get to know the priest they selected better [not the spouse].  They want to make sure they chose a puppet wisely, so there will not be power plays later, when the priest’s eyes are open to the labyrinth of wealthy Mammon worshippers he or she has landed amidst.  The “Welcoming Committee” is nothing more than a statement, “We run this church, and don’t you forget it.”

Ever wonder why priests get paid less than minimum wage, full-time Walmart employees and are happy with that position?  It is because: they barely have to work; they get great benefits; and they get to prance around town with a collar that says, “Look at me!  I am holy!”  Do not fall for it.  These days, they are all hired hands and false shepherds, with no intention of leading any flock to God and Christ.

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