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Nostradamus and Inhuman Tyrants

Updated: Feb 14

While not stating it specifically in either of his letters of instruction for The Prophecies (the Preface and the Epistle to Henry II of France), the theme of the stories told in the quatrains are of tyrants who will rule ruthlessly, in inhumane ways.  Only in quatrain X-90 did Nostradamus pen the words tyran inhumain together, where the singular number tells of the last “inhumane tyrant,” the one who will have led the whole world to irreparable damage [i.e.: nuclear warfare].  Still, that one “tyrant inhumane” is simply a reflection of a world no longer ruled by Christianity.

The quatrains tell of a series of “tyrants, with the following stated:

Tiran                      1x

Tyran                     1x

tyran                      4x

tyrannie                3x

Tyrannisant         1x

tyranniser             1x

Tyrannizer            1x

tyrans                     1x

Tyrant                    1x

tyrant                     3x

The use of inhumain is less frequent, whereby inhumain is found written in three quatrains, with the contracted l’inhumain listed once more. That amounts to twenty quatrains where one of these words is written, with the one having both. In The Prophecies repetition is to be noticed as importance.

Nostradamus can be found writing about Oliver Cromwell, but not Napolean.  Cromwell was the first usurper of a royal crown, who reigned with wild abandon and without religious (moral) constraints.  He would be the model from which all subsequent tyrants told of in The Prophecies would take form.  Nostradamus wrote of the French Revolution (a model of the American Revolution gone terribly wrong), Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, and Stalin, who all rose to tyranny from the minds of “New Philosophers.” Those had their own place to call home, which was the city-state Geneva. This says the "New Philosopers" are the inhuman tyrants who own no land, but control the world from the comfort of lairs called "the League of Nations" and the "United Nations," both of which Nostradamus wrote.

The ”New Philosophers” are those minds influenced to do Satan’s will on earth.  The first step is to separate the masses from being influenced by any religion.  The United States preaches, “love our separation of Church and State.”  The French Republic owns all of the grand cathedrals of Catholic Christianity, which they sell as tourist attractions.  They did that after the Genevans sold them guillotines to chop the heads off royals, because the royals owed those bankers more money than they could ever pay back (such is the nature of usery). The Communists forbid the pretense of religion on the lands they dominate, with the Russian-Soviets finding Christians and Jews easier to brainwash than their Muslim prisoners in the southern reaches of the former Soviet Union. When all the people are controlled by a few (the pyramid scheme of the Freemasons), then the people are the true source of wealth; and, one cannot have the slaves thinking about how their controllers profited from cutting the heads off those who used to do their thinking for the masses.

Nostradamus tells of the puppet tyrants that were installed in the Middle East, after World War II made it clear the West needed to control the flow of Arab oil, so their machinery of world domination could continue to run smoothly.  He told of the recreation of a nation called Israel in Palestine, the Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein, and Muammar Gaddafi, with the Central Intelligence Agency tasked to teach tyrants how to control their people, while being allies of the Christian West, in an unstable region where Islam does not like to be controlled (it loves to do all the controlling).  Nostradamus wrote many quatrains about this ‘love affair’ between the C.I.A. and Osama bin Laden, while he fought the Commies in Afghanistan.

It is important to realize that those puppets, with the exceptions of the Shah of Iran and Israel, turned against the hands that fed them suitcases full of American dollars, to keep them indebted to the Western version of “New Philosophers.”  The return from exile of an Islamic cleric to Iran led to an Islamic Revolution that forced the Shah to flee for his life.  Jiminy ‘Cricket’ Carter was afraid to help his puppet Shah by allowing him exile status in the USA, while having his own panties in a wad because of the Iranian Hostage situation (and being too spineless to show Iran who was stronger).  With the death of the Shah (a strange cancer suddenly came upon him) and Carter's failure to be reelected, two inhuman tyrants went down in 1980. To add salt to the puppet wounds, the Muslims did not sympathize with Saddam Hussein nor Muammar Gaddafi when they were found hiding in holes, knowing their tyranny had been all for self-pleasure, not Islamic faith.

What the West is blind to is its own role as an inhumane tyrant.  The model of the puppet leader is something the United States is far from being immune to.  Just as the C.I.A. trained Osama bin Laden in how to fight dirty, which was successful against the Soviets, for him to declare war against the “Great Satan” (who spawned a demon spirit called the Central Intelligence Agency), his war is not just about using guerilla tactics.  The money behind Osama bin Laden comes from Iran and Saudi Arabia; and, guess who sends Iran many billions of U.S. dollars, no longer in suitcases, but pallets full of greenbacks loaded on huge transport airplanes?  It is puppet presidents leading the United States of America to its ruin.  Barack Obama and his puppet-puppet, Joe ‘Dementia’ Biden (along with anything the party of mules backs to run a four-year inhumane tyranny) are setting up America to fail ... miserably. 

Ole Joe is just like Saddam Hussien and his inhuman sons, running to meet the man with the suitcase full of U.S. moolah, so they can go out and torture some Shia Muslims, just for fun.  The Biden family is just now being discovered as corrupt (after fifty years in business selling America down the toilet), while Communist billionaires stuff suitcases full of still wet freshly printed dollars for some ex-president’s ‘charitable foundation’ or latest book deal.  It is amazing that anyone with a brain (alive) would vote for Joe Biden in 2020; but when the voting machinery is all set up to make him a landslide victor in 2024, the fake poll votes have to make it seem somehow possible he could win.  Somebody thinks (35%???) he is doing a fine job running everything into the ground. 

All the while the media talks about nothing being done.  That is brainwashing that says, “You will do nothing.”  All the while the elected representatives in Washington D.C. are getting rich getting nothing done.  Has anyone ever looked up the meaning of the word “treason” and figured out what should happen to traitors?  Who would arrest a traitor these days, when everyone seems to be happily selling out America for personal gain, most especially those employed by a corrupted government? Nobody remotely associated with the Justice [sic] Department, that's for sure.

We are not the only ones so corrupted.  Putin is an inhuman tyrant.  Xi is an inhuman tyrant.  Ali Khamenei is an inhuman tyrant.  The ‘mini me’s’ of the world – Zelensky, Kim Jong Un, Netanyahu, Macron, Trudeau, Gavin Newsome yada yada yada, too many to list them all – they are all puppets whose strings connect to billionaires that yank them all around, so they tyrannize over whoever they can control. 

Add to that list the so-called Christian money changers calling themselves ‘holy men,’ beginning with Pope Socialist (I forget his name and how many ‘retired’ popes are still living in Italian villas these days), the son of Billy Graham and all those running ads selling some ticket to heaven on TV … on and on and on, selling salvation for profit on cable networks … all making David Koresh out to be the last American true Saint.  Then there are all their counterparts in America, who use racism and Islam (Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, et al) as a religious club or iron rod, to make human beings hate other human beings … in the name of a false god (Yahweh does not teach any of that through His Son Jesus).  This means all the people to whom these false shepherds connect their puppeteer strings to – the individual terrorists, murderers, thieves, liars – are also inhuman tyrants.

Hamas is run by inhuman tyrants.  Hezbollah is run by inhuman tyrants.  The Taliban is run by inhuman tyrants.  ISIS is run by inhuman tyrants.  Osama bin Laden is the one Nostradamus said was a "tyrant inhumane," which means: either Osama bin Laden is not dead or his demonic soul has come back and possessing someone else, acting just like Osama bin Laden would, if not dead. The world is overrun by the cancer spread that is inhuman, tyrannizing any normal cell that is next in its path of destruction.

Unfortunately, there is no Christian Saint somewhere in exile to return to the USA and bitch-slap it awake … before it is too late.  No medical miracle worker educated at some American university medical research center, who will devise a cancer-killing ray gun to stop inhumanity in its tracks (although, I am sure some will try to come up with something to sell on TV, begging for charitable donations to make a few rich, while the world heads to doom).  No return of Christ will save the day, because the return of Jesus occurred on Pentecost Sunday (over two thousand years ago), with Christianity the truth of that return. 

In the story of King Arthur, he fell into a deep state of ruin and the realm went down with his demise.  He lost Excalibur, the source of his strength. He was revived by drinking from the Holy Grail, regained Excalibur, and one final battle was fought between good and evil.  People love to think that some great king will come and save the day, when the metaphor of Arthur is he is each individual that believes in Yahweh (sprinkled with water as a wee babe), having each fallen into a personal darkness.  To drink from the Holy Grail means to each individual believer: submit fully to Yahweh and receive His Anointment of Spirit (the true meaning of Messiah and Christ).  Excalibur is a soul united with the resurrected soul of Jesus within. Being Arthur means being divinely led to serve Yahweh on earth, as His Son reborn.

Alas, there is no shining knight nor King Arthur who will be coming to lead another American Revolution that returns people to true Christianity … the true “New Jerusalem” on earth.  The Prophecies of Nostradamus tell what happens when the last bus to heaven has already departed; and, when everyone still waiting at the subway station for some Rapture to save them are shit, out of luck.  Only those waiting to shove them onto the tracks, to be killed by a train on rails will come. Laws will be rewritten to protect the inhuman tyrants!

Just like when the Apostles were caught staring up in the air after Jesus Ascended Spiritually, when two mystery men clothed in bright white asked them, “Why do you stand looking into the sky? This Jesus, who has been taken up from you into heaven, will come in the same way as you have watched Him go into heaven.” (Acts 1:11) That says, “The second coming is already within your souls.  Now get to work telling that to others!” The "two clothed in bright white" are two souls in one body of flesh - one a soul born with its flesh and one reborn to save a sinner.

The ”New Philosophers” cut the heads off of Apostles and Saints long ago.  Everything is now left up to the individual to find the truth of Salvation, which does not happen often.  Only the axiom “Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while” leaves hope that there is still time to have the truth dawn on one. You might be blind to the truth, but if you ain't groping in the dark (praying with tears streaming like blood), then you find what you tried to find (nothing worthwhile).

American Christians have come under the rule of inhuman tyrants and Nostradamus predicts this world will go so low and become so unlivable – absent of religions of all kinds as comfort for suffering – that Yahweh will send one of those meteors NASA and space scientists have been worried about lately, to put those still zombie-ing around out of their misery (which means being souls sent into the great abyss of fire, where gnashing teeth are biting immaterial tongues that wag and say, “Why didn’t I do something to stop the insanity?).

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