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Nostradamus and Myrmidons

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

[This article was originally posted in June 2016.  The update in ‘the year of Coronavirus fear’ makes bracketed corrections to what was stated four years prior.  Time passes and things change.]

I am working on a lengthy article that will be posted on the Katrina Pearls website [long defunct now] that anchors on Nostradamus’ use of the word Myrmidon. In Greek mythology, a Myrmidon was a soldier people created by Zeus, crafted from ants. These ant-like warriors were subservient to the hero Achilles during the Trojan War. The common usage of “myrmidon” is: “A faithful follower who carries out orders without question.”

Nostradamus wrote “Myrmidon” as the last word in quatrain IX-35. He or the publisher placed “Myr.” as the second word of line three, in quatrain X-08. I believe that abbreviation is for “Myrmidon.” Additionally, Nostradamus wrote the name “Achilles” only once in the quatrains, as the first word of the main theme statement in quatrain VII-01. All of these can be tied together to tell a story of what we face in the future, based on circumstances that have come into being in our past.

The story that can be found in these three quatrains requires a grasp of the themes present in the whole of the quatrains. This means it is most important to see that wholeness and realize that one cannot play magician and pick out any one quatrain and boldly state what that means (as Nostradamus sensationalists enjoy doing). Any “hypothesis” about the meaning demands that one also state how Nostradamus made overt statements that support those hypotheses or guesses. That comes from the letters Nostradamus wrote that are attached to The Prophecies.

In reference to this matter of Myrmidons, Nostradamus wrote the word “Mirmidon” in his letter to Henry II of France. That letter is Nostradamus’ statement of what one can expect to find in his quatrains – all of which come from the Mind of Christ , as Nostradamus was filled with the Holy Spirit of God. The series of words that link to “Mirmidon” in the Henry letter act as a separate explanation of how soldiers – like the Myrmidons of Achilles – will begin another “siege” of an impenetrable fortress, preparing for the final attack that will rout those within “secure walls.”

This theme is currently in effect, and has been for many years, via the immigration of refugees into Europe (and all other places closely aligned with the West). In particular, one quatrain places focus on Africans, who will funnel through Sicily. Others are said to flow across the Adriatic Sea, which can somewhat be recognized as the recent flood of Syrian refugees into Europe. Quatrain X-08 states that the “Myrmidons” will be “armed” or “provided with weapons.” They will not only become cells ripe for terrorism, but part of a grand plan to act as an enemy force in position behind European defensive lines, capable of creating havoc once an invasion begins.

Quatrain IX-35 implies that some military maneuvers will take place to counter this underground enemy (another theme in other quatrains), but the threat of danger will not be taken seriously and great losses will occur. I believe that the greatest tragedy will be when Europeans will be incapable of defending themselves, due to decades of gun controls and a total dependence on national armies to defend the borders.

Currently, I am having medical issues and writing is difficult [over now]. I will announce when the article is posted to the website [that time has come and gone]. However, as I see some read this blog from all around the world (many in Europe), I felt the need to post something now. [Oh well.  The problem is here too now, so Europe can deal with their own self-caused suicide.]

Here is a bed time prophecy for interested readers.

Prisoner of the Ant People by R.A. Montgomery

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