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Nostradamus and the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn?

Updated: Aug 30

Quatrain I-51 mentions both planets in the main theme statement (line one).  Here is that quatrain in the French of Nostradamus:

Chef d’Aries, Juppiter, & Saturne, Dieu eternel quelles mutations? Puis par long siecle son maling temps retourne, Gaule, & Italie quelles esmotions?

See it?  Juppiter, & Saturne are conjunct right there. 


The spelling of Juppiter is actually Latin, although the “J” gets replaced with an “I,” as Iuppiter.  Whenever Nostradamus wrote in Latin it was a sign that pointed to the Church of Rome, who did church stuff in that language.  That hint is then connected to the first word of the second line, “Dieu,” which means “God.”

In all of the quatrains of Nostradamus, he used three question marks.  Two of those three are in this quatrain.

Of course, this quatrain does not say anything about the year 2020, even though Western Europe (“Gaule“), in particular “Italie” are experiencing some “maling temps,” for sure.

See if you can see a parallel between “Juppiter, & Saturne” and “Gaule, & Italie.”  Look closely at the “, &” combination.  They are similar – two large, visible by the naked eye [at night, when out] planets; two countries in Europe [if “Gaule” is read as France].  Yet, they are dissimilar – symbolically expansive, & symbolically restrictive; symbolically a region of countries, & symbolically a country of regions.

COVID19 does sound like Chinese “mutations” that came out of the blue.  Oh “what emotions” a pandemic can bring?

All when Jupiter and Saturn are seen as the Christmas star.

Oh, by the way.  This is not the only quatrain where Saturn and Jupiter are named together in the same quatrain.  This one best fits the scenario of the two being conjoined.

Chef d’Aries” literally states: Head of Aries.  Because “Chef” is capitalized, it means someone that is the “Leader” or the “General” or even a major statement that this quatrain begins with something that is “Paramount.”  Whichever usage, this person or state of being is “of Aries,” which states one who is the Greek “god of War,” with “War” capitalized.  This cannot be read as some simple clue that is astrological, telling about the beginning of the sun into the sign Aries.  This is a major statement that a major War (we like to call them World Wars) has its beginnings.

Now, look at all those commas in the first line.  There are three.  A comma is a mark that indicates the flow of time.  Thus, a comma marks the end of a phase, with the next phase following.  As such, the main theme statement of this quatrain (line one) states three periods of time, all related, one after the other.  The first period is “Beginning of War.”  This is then followed by “Juppiter,” which is the largest planet in the solar system.  Astrologically, Jupiter symbolizes “Growth, Expansion, Good Luck” (among similar unchecked things).  So, the second phase (with “Juppiter” capitalized) being a most widespread, escalation, unstoppable wave of this “War” (“d’Aries“).  Then the second comma introduces the third phase of the “War,” after one side has found the Good Fortune of overrunning its enemies, most probably to the point that their enemies quit fighting and surrender.  This is where one needs to see that an ampersand (&) is a mark that symbolizes importance is to follow, so pay attention carefully.  Importance is stated by capitalization, but the word “Saturne” is already capitalized.  So, adding an ampersand before it makes a mega-important statement that after “War” has spread uncontrollably, to the limits it can spread … and the weaklings have stopped fighting … then the phase of “Saturn” sets in.  BIG TIME.  The astrological meaning of “Saturn” is the opposite of “Jupiter,” which is “Punishment, Limitation, Restriction, Execution of Judgment, and Hard Times.”  After “Good Luck” won a “War,” then real bad times of “Retribution” will make the losers most sorrowful.

The comma at the end of line one signals a separation from the main theme statement and the secondary theme statement.  A separation means the secondary theme does not need to directly tie into the main theme, as a flow of sequential events continuing.  It can stand separate to summarize the main theme statement, such that the capitalized first word acts to explain why the world would be at “War,” expanding greatly [does that evoke images of mushroom clouds?], leading to extreme acts of “Punishment.”  That reason is then stated as “God.”  This says the Great War can be seen as a most unholy war, not so much because the religious beliefs of one side (or lack thereof) is angry at the religious beliefs of the other side.  The capitalization of “Dieu” means the world has reached the point that it has decided it is “God” and will play that role, especially when it comes to the “Punishment” phase.

The use of the word “eternel” quickly implies a common adjective of “God” being useless fluff attached, but Nostradamus never wrote useless fluff.  Following “God,” as an important statement of something falling under the heading of “Holy War,” or a “Crusade,” the use of “eternel” becomes a statement about how such “Wars” never go out of style.  For as long a mankind will stomp around the earth, carrying his or her “God” in a book that allows him or her to also carry some weapon to beat anyone with another god into submission to the one god seen as best, the expected rewards of killing in the name of “God” is “eternal” peace, preferably in some place called Heaven that looks a lot like the earthly comforts one has spent a lifetime getting to know.  Heaven always seems like home, without all the crap that makes home nothing like the ideal in one’s brain.

Still, when the main theme is speaking of “Great War and Great Punishment,” all in the name of the winner of that “War” being “God” on earth, the use of “eternel” can be the “rut-row” of having gone just a little too far with the weapons of gods – nukes.  They do have a tendency to release some radiation that is “eternal” in the after effects.  Those can then be read into the word “quelles,” becoming a statement of “what ones” or “which ones,” as something known to expect, while also knowing to avoid releasing them in the first place.  This then naturally leads to the word “mutations,” which can be seen as the “changes” and “alternations” that take place in one’s genetic codes, in addition to the flesh that falls off and other things that go along with radiation poisoning.

The use of “quelles” can lead one to read the secondary theme as a question, asking “what” or which” (and it can do that in a secondary sense); but the question mark (like the ampersand and commas) stands separate, as its own statement that questions, “Why would anyone go that far?”  It puts the whole state of being, of life continuing on earth into question.  Since “God” created the earth and stars and put mankind there to live and love, the “mutations” going forward will be the creations of man, playing “god” quite poorly.  Thus, as an overall separate theme that follows the “War” of the main theme, especially the severe “Punishments” meted out in the name of some “God,” the secondary theme says all relationships of mankind to “God” will have become “mutations,” no longer having anything to do with those whose “God” has become Satan.  The question mark then asks, “How long can a world like that stay alive?”

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