Nostradamus and the COVID19 pandemic

Updated: Jan 28

Let me first state that I became “sheltered in place” when my wife died last year. My wife was a priest, so many of her friends were other priests or her parishioners. I was the spouse of a priest, and content with my wife being my only true friend. When my wife died, so too did all of her friends that said they loved my wife – she was truly a Saint.  Because I have spent most of my married life as the ‘house-husband’ of my wife, who spent much of his time writing about Nostradamus and how to understand Scripture [i.e.: in the vernacular of ‘normal’ Americans – “a do-nothing”], that history made me seem like a coronavirus to those so-called friends of my wife’s, who said they were friends of mine. After my wife died, they avoided me like the plague; so I had nothing left to do but the same ole same ole – write in place, sheltered in my home. I am writing and editing a series of books that I plan on publishing later this year. It has nothing to do with Nostradamus, but he always gets some mentions (unavoidably). The series of books has a lot to do with Scripture, but it also involves astrology.  Amazingly, astrology is in the Holy Bible.  I know astrology and so did Nostradamus. That is another of the reasons my wife’s pretend holy friends stay away from me. Christians [I use that term loosely] love to secretly hate others, especially true Christians.  They secretly [and maybe not so much] think Nostradamus was evil, even though if cornered they would pee themselves admitting they know nothing about Nostradamus [or anything of value about Scripture either].  Anyway, the part of my books that I am editing now is heavily leaned towards astrology; and, to be honest, I get bored writing about that. So, it is easy to find the slightest reason to do something else. I found that reason yesterday while watching network news on television. Some bimbo talking head announced something about the dangers of the pandemic the world is in now. Her lips flapped out, “Biblical proportions.” My first thought was, “What do you think you know about anything Biblical?” I turned the television off and walked away. However, it made me think, “Nostradamus wrote about this stuff in the news. Maybe I should look up what he wrote.”  The excuse to not edit just arrived!

A whole day was spent today without doing any astrology writing edits. A whole day wasted preparing to write this morsel of wisdom as fodder for an audience that could not care less about Nostradamus, Biblical anything, or me.

My most frequent hits from common Internet search terms are two: One is “What does gird loins mean?” and the other is “Nostradamus and Hister.” That, my friends, sums up the gross ignorance that I have to put up with, as a writer about Nostradamus and Scripture.  There is no cafe [in non-pandemic times] that I can go to and sit at a table, talking for hours about the depth of shared knowledge that comes from the written word, be it from Nostradamus or Holy Scripture.  No one else has read a book or memorized the things God has shown me and told me to share.  Since no one wants to share insight, the preference is instead to run away and ignore all truth. 

That is why no one really wants to know what Nostradamus wrote about pandemics. That is also why no one really wants to do more than peek at the Apocalypse. And who is it that figured out, “If you do not learn from the mistakes of history, then you are doomed to repeat them”?

So, let me be as vague as possible about what Nostradamus wrote that foretold End Times Prophecy of Biblical Proportions, while throwing out tons of data that lazy idiots will not be able to make heads or tails of. First: Nostradamus wrote seven words that match the pandemic the world faces today. The words are: Peste (capitalized), peste (lower-case), pestes (plural number), pestifere, pestilent, pestilente, and pestilence. Three are variations of peste, two are variations of pestilent. The other two are related verbiage. According to an Old French to Old English dictionary, those Old French words mean (in Olde English):

1.) peste – The plague, or pestilence; a deathcontagioninfection; also, a pestiferous fellow; one that ruines, or spoyles, others. 2.) pestifere – Pestiferous, pestilent, pernicious, deadlieinfectiouscontagious. 3.) pestilence – A pestilence, or plague. 4.) pestilent – Pestilent, plaguieinfectiouscontagious. The word pestilente is the feminine spelling of pestilent, but it can also be read as the Italian singular adjective, derived from Latin, meaning the same as the French-English word pestilent. Nostradamus wrote one of those seven words a total of thirty-seven times, with them appearing in thirty-seven different quatrains [i.e.: Four-line poems]. That repetition makes the root word “peste” be an important theme. The capitalized, singular and plural forms of “peste” appear in twenty-seven of the thirty-seven quatrains.  Additionally, when a word is capitalized six times, the capitalization is a statement of importance, such that the repetition points to a very important theme in Les Propheties.

Even the village idiots (if asked “What did Nostradamus write about?) would say, “The end of the world, like in Revelations: Death, Famine, Disease, and War.” If you do not think the COVID19 qualifies as an important world event that is representative of the above meanings of “peste” related words, then “see ya!” Don’t let the screen door slap your ass on the way out.

Also, if you think Nostradamus sat around trying to figure out what would happen in our future, using crystal balls or he just made stuff up [i.e.: 948 – A-B-A-B rhyming poems MADE UP], then try to imagine yourself trying to do that. 

Idiot!  You would give up as soon as someone yelled, “They are starting the Breaking Bad marathon!” 

Nostradamus did not think when he wrote Les Propheties, as he wrote what was commanded by God.  Some would call that being DIVINELY INSPIRED to write. 

Nostradamus was, thereby, a Saint.  The words in EVERY quatrain are carefully chosen by the Mind of God [i.e.: even the seemingly misspelled words have purpose], which means idiots will never be able to make sense out of them. 

Was that a screen door slap I just heard? Okay … If you think variations of “peste” does match our current affairs, then the thirty-seven quatrains will follow.

[Notice: I am not telling you what the numbers are associated with the quatrains in Les Propheties [i.e.: example: Centurie III, number 45], because that makes it too easy for the plagiarists. I know you’re out there.  I also am not translating the quatrains into English.  Look up the Old French and find out for yourself both the numbers and the translations.  I gave you the translations of the words related to “peste,” so that is all you need to know.  To make it easy to spot the “peste” words, I am making each word from the list above appear in bold text and underlined.] 

I recommend a speed read – just glancing at the bold underlined – to get a feel for the repetition.  If you dwell on the whole four lines of poetry [a quatrain], then you will fall asleep and drool all over yourself.

Here they are:


Que peste & glaive n’a peu seu definer,                 

Mort dans le puys sommet du ciel frappé:

L’abbé mourra quand verra ruiner,

Ceux du naufrage l’escueil volant grapper.


La pestilence lentour de Capadille,

Un’autre faim pres de Sagont s’appreste.

Le chevallier bastard de bon senille                         

Au grand de Thunes fera trancher la teste.


Par pestilente inimitié Volsicque,

Dissimulee chassera le tyrant:

Au pont de Sorgues se fera la traffique,

De mettre à mort luy & son adherant.


La grande peste de cité maritime,

Ne cessera que mort ne soit vengée:

Du juste sang par pris damne sans crime,

De la grand dame par feincte n’outraigée.


L’horrible peste Perynte & Nicopolle,

Le Chersonnez tiendra & Marceloyne,    

La Thessalie vastera l’Amphipolle,

Mal incogneu & le refus d’Anthoine.


Par le deluge & pestilence forte,

La cité grande de long temps assiegee,

La sentinelle & garde de main morte,

Subite prinse, mais de nul oultragee.


Si grand famine par unde pestifere.

Par pluye longue le long du polle arctique:

Samarobryn cent lieux de l’hemisphere,

Vivront sans loy, exempt de pollitique.


Montauban, Nismes, Avignon, & Besier,

Peste tonnerre & gresle à fin de Mars:

De Paris pont, Lyon mur Montpellier,

Depuis six cens & sept vingt trois pars.


Un juste sera en exil renvoyé,    

Par pestilence aux confins de Nonseggle:

Response au rouge le sera desvoyé,

Roy retirant à la Rane & à l’aigle.


Laict, sang grenoilles escoudre en Dalmatie,

Conflit donné, peste pres de Balenne:

Cry sera grand par toute esclavonie,

Lors naistra monstre pres & dedans Ravenne.


De Barcellonne, de Gennes & Venise,

De la Secille peste Monet unis,

Contre Barbare classe prendront la vise,

Barbar, poulse bien loing jusqu’à Thunis.


L’orrible guerre qu’en l’occident sapreste

L’an ensuivant viendra la pestilence,

Si fort horrible que jeune vieulx, ne beste,

Sang, feu, Mercure, Mars, Jupiter en France.


Au port de Agde trois fustes entreront

Portant l’infect non foy & pestilence

Passant le pont mil milles embleront,

Et le pont rompre à tierce resistance.


Ruyné aux Volsques de peur si fort terribles,

Leur grand cité taincte, faict pestilent:

Piller Sol, Lune & violer leurs temples:

Et les deux fleuves rougir de sang coulant.

F15aulx a l’estang joinct vers le Sagitaire, 

En son hault AUGE de l’exaltation.

Peste, famine, mort de main militaire,

Le siecle approche de renovation.


Les deux malins de Scorpion conjoinct,

Le grand seigneur meurtry dedans sa salle:

Peste à l’Eglise par le nouveau roy joinct,

L’Europe basse & Septentrionale.


De ce grand nombre que lon envoyera,

Pour secourir dans le fort assiegés:

Peste & famine tous les devorera.

Hors mis septante qui seront profligés.


Pau, Verone, Vicence, Sarragousse,

De glaives loings terrois se sang humides:

Peste si grande viendra à la grand gousse,          

Proches secours, & bien loing les remedes


En Luques sang & laict viendra plouvoir,

Un peu devant changement de preteur:

Grand peste & guerre, faim & soif fera voir

Loing ou mourra leur prince recteur.


Au pres des portes & dedans deux cités,

Seront deux fleaux & onques n’aperceu un tel:

Fains dedans peste, de fer hors gens boutés,

Crier secours au grand Dieu immortel.


Le juste à tort à mort lon viendra mettre

Publiquement, & du millieu estaint:

Si grande peste en ce lieu viendra naistre,

Que les jugeans fuyr seront contraint.


Lors qu’on verra expiler le sainct temple.              

Plus grand du rosne leurs sacrez prophaner

Par eux naistra pestilence si ample,

Roy fuit injuste ne fera condamner.


Dans les cyclades, en perinthe & larisse,                

Dedans Sparte tout le Pelloponnesse:

Si grand famine, peste, par faux connisse,                          

Neuf mois tiendra & tout le cherrouesse.


Le parc enclin grande calamité,

Par l’Hesperie & Insubre fera:

Le feu en nef peste & captivité, 

Mercure en l’Arc Saturne fenera.


Apres grant troche humain, plus grand s’apreste,                            

Le grand mouteur les siecles renouvelle:

Pluye, sang, laict, famine, fer & peste,

Au ciel veu feu, courant longue estincelle.


Nouveaux venus lieu basty sans defence,

Occuper la place par lors inhabitable:

Prez, maisons, champs villes prendre à plaisance,

Faim, Peste, guerre, arpen long labourable.


Naples, Palerme, & toute là Secille,         

Par main barbare fera inhabitee,

Corsicque, Salerne & de Sardeigne l’isle,

Faim peste, guerre fin de maulx intemptee.


Un peu de temps les temples des couleurs

De blanc & noyr des deux entremeslée:

Rouges & jaunes leur embleront les leurs

Sang, terre, peste, faim, feu, d’eaue affollée.


Plus unze fois Luna Sol ne vouldra,

Tous augmentés & baissés de degré:

Et si bas mis que peu or on coudra,

Qu’apres faim peste descouvert le secret.


La grand cité sera bien desoleé,

Des habitans un seul ny demoura:

Mur sexe, temple, & vierge violee,

Par fer, feu, peste, canon peuple mourra.


Les bien aisez subit seront desmis

Par les trois freres le monde mis en trouble:

Cité marine saisiront ennemis,

Faim, feu, sang, peste, & de to* maux le double.


Planure Ausonne fertile, spacieuse,

Produira taons si tant de sauterelles:                     

Clarté solaire deviendra nubileuse.

Ronger le tout, grand peste venir d’elles.


Nul de l’Espaigne mais de l’antique France

Ne sera esleu pour le tremblant nacelle,                

A l’ennemy sera faicte fiance,                    

Qui dans son regne sera peste cruelle.


Soubz l’opposite climat Babylonique,                     

Grande sera de sang effusion:

Que terre & mer, air, ciel sera inique,

Sectes, faim, regnes, pestes, confusion.


Entre deux monts les deux grans assemblés

Delaisseront leur simulte secrette:

Brucelle & Dolle par Langres acablés,     

Pour à Malignes executer leur peste.


Paterne orra de la Sicile crie,

Tous les aprest du goulphre de Trieste,

Qui s’entendra jusques à la trinacrie,

De tant de voiles fuy, fuy l’horrible peste.


Le grand du fouldre tumbe d’heure diurne,

Mal & predict par porteur postulaire:

Suivant presaige tumbe d’heure nocturne,

Conflit Reims Londres, Etrusque pestifere.

I hope you caught that I did not randomly list these quatrains, even though they would seem random – had I applied the quatrain numbers (I-01 to X-100).  I placed them in a sorted order that is based on capitalized spelling before lower-case spelling, and first line presence before second, third, and fourth lines presence.  Each line’s presence is then sorted as to which word in that line the word appeared.  [A little secret here is: This order is more important than the quatrain numbering order.]

Now that the presentation of all uses of peste (and variants) is done, here is a game I like to play.  I call it “Sort the repetitive words into a ‘Make Your Own Specific Story’ game.”  To follow are the above verses (lines of poetic text) that only have the bold, underlined words.  Plus, I have sorted them according to the order they appear: which are placements in the first verse first, followed by where a word is found in the second line next, and so on.  See if anything stands out when you just read these lines:

Que peste & glaive n’a peu seu definer,                 

La pestilence lentour de Capadille,

Par pestilente inimitié Volsicque,

La grande peste de cité maritime,

L’horrible peste Perynte & Nicopolle,

Par le deluge & pestilence forte,

Si grand famine par unde pestifere.

Peste tonnerre & gresle à fin de Mars:

Par pestilence aux confins de Nonseggle:

Conflit donné, peste pres de Balenne:

De la Secille peste Monet unis,

L’an ensuivant viendra la pestilence,

Portant l’infect non foy & pestilence

Leur grand cité taincte, faict pestilent:

Peste, famine, mort de main militaire,

Peste à l’Eglise par le nouveau roy joinct,

Peste & famine tous les devorera.

Peste si grande viendra à la grand gousse,          

Grand peste & guerre, faim & soif fera voir

Fains dedans peste, de fer hors gens boutés,

Si grande peste en ce lieu viendra naistre,

Par eux naistra pestilence si ample,

Si grand famine, peste, par faux connisse,

Le feu en nef peste & captivité, 

Pluye, sang, laict, famine, fer & peste,

Faim, Peste, guerre, arpen long labourable.

Faim peste, guerre fin de maulx intemptee.

Sang, terre, peste, faim, feu, d’eaue affollée.

Qu’apres faim peste descouvert le secret.

Par fer, feu, peste, canon peuple mourra.

Faim, feu, sang, peste, & de to* maux le double.

Ronger le tout, grand peste venir d’elles.

Qui dans son regne sera peste cruelle.

Sectes, faim, regnes, pestes, confusion.

Pour à Malignes executer leur peste.

De tant de voiles fuy, fuy l’horrible peste.

Conflit Reims Londres, Etrusque pestifere.       



If you look real close, you can see some lines almost state the same things.  The words famine and faim are found repeated.  Words like guerre,  feu,  sang  and  fer are also repeated.  The word fer is metaphor, making it be a term for glaive, another metaphor for a weapon.  Words like “grand” or “grande” are indications of nations [like “Make America Great Again], not some useless superlative. 

Oooops.  The cafe just closed.  Got to go.

One thing I did find interesting is relative to the USS aircraft carrier that had (at last count) 700 sailors tested positive for coronavirus, with the captain of the ship “fired” by the Navy.  That line says, “Le feu en nef peste & captivité“.  The word nef means “ship.”

Also, there are two lines that accompany the bold and underlined words with the words “foy” (“faith”) and “l’Eglise” (“the Church”).  That can be seen as a match for how the church services have fled underground [Facebook] because of a lack of faith during this fear death period of time.  

Of course I wrote for years trying to get people to listen to how important I felt Nostradamus was to grasp.  Nobody feared death back then.  I subtitled a book that said Les Propheties was “A Prophecy of Jesus Christ.”  Still, I tried hard to get everyone’s attention.  It is like the scene from the movie Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: “You’re going the wrong way!”  Nobody listens until it is too late.

Well, almost nobody.  My wife listened and got into a conversation with me about what the right way is.  Again, she was truly a Saint.  Not many of those around to converse with these days.  Looks like it is too late to start a conversation now … anyway.  As the French say, “C’est la vie.”

They also say, “You made your bed, now lie on it.”  Me thinks dying of the common cold is a piece of cake, when compared to the greater torture that the future holds.  The COVID19 virus is not some natural mistake upon mankind.  It all could have been avoided by going the right way … way back when the Virgin Mary appeared to three Portuguese children in Fatima, in 1917.  Way too late now.

R. T. Tippett

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