Nostradamus did not predict the Italian earthquake in Umbria

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Within the past day, a series of earthquakes struck in central Italy, with the epicenter in the Umbria region, closest to the town of Norcia.  In the bordering region of Lazio, the town Amatrice has been devastated, with over 70 lives known lost and many more still missing. Because Nostradamus is generally known to have “predicted” earthquakes, and more generally known to have foreseen the future, people swell to the Internet to do searches for answers to the question: Did Nostradamus predict this earthquake.

Earthquake damage

In regard to that question, let me say the answer is a clear, “No.” As terrible as a 6.2 earthquake is, and for as many 500-year old mud-brick buildings that collapsed under such trembling, the earthquakes Nostradamus prophesied will be Richter scale giants (I imagine 10’s). They will be earth changing in more than small geographic areas or regions. Island may appear in the sea, while peninsulas could disappear under water.  Ancient ruins will be exposed when these earthquakes occur, changing the worldview on how old civilization is on this planet. If Nostradamus saw earthquakes of great magnitude in Turkey and Greece, it does not mean that simultaneously or within a reasonable proximity in time, other major fault lines will also suffer major tremors. California could fall into the Pacific, but Nostradamus was Eurocentic.  God did not tell him to write about the effect of catastrophic destruction in the New World, even if that was glimpsed briefly.  Still, the Umbria earthquake (so far) is not “the big one.”

There are quite a few quatrains that tell of the results of major earthquakes; but there are two quatrains that I will present in short order here, which have an Italian flavor to them. They are quatrains I-87 and I-93:


Ennosigée feu du centre de la terre,

Fera trembler au tour de cite neufve:

Deux grands rochiers long temps feront la guerre,

Puis Arethusa rougira nouveau fleuve.

One translation (of several possibilities):

Earth shaken deep fire from the middle to the top soil,

Will be to tremble in the tower of city new:

Two great ones rocks long time making there contention,

Then Arethusa [river nymph] will turn red strange stream.


Terre Italique pres des monts tremblera,

Lyon & coq non trop confederés :

En lieu de peur l’un l’autre s’aidera,

Seul Castulon & Celtes moderés.

One translation (of several possibilities):

Earth Italic [people of Italy] near to them mountains will tremble,

Lion & talapia [Saint Peter’s fish] not mightily ones entered into a union:

Into place of fear the one the other will support,

Only the Pure one [Pope] & Celts moderators.

The main theme of quatrain I-93 (line one) can say, “Action caused by Poseidon fire from the center of the earth.” The French past tense form of the Latin word Ennosgiaeus, which was an epitaph for Poseidon that also means “earth-shaker,” makes the important statement (due to capitalization of the word) that a major earthquake comes from deep inside the earth’s crust, effecting the ground above. While that could be deep underground where water is above the ground (causing a tidal wave or tsunami), the technical reports of the Umbrian earthquake say that it was shallow, and not deep. The deeper the quake, the greater the damage that will occur on the earth’s surface.

In line four of quatrain I-87, the Greek water nymph named Arethusa is mentioned. This could seem to be an indication of Italy, as there is a well named after Arethusa in Sicily. The myth says Arethusa escaped the advances of an attracted ‘lover’ in Arcadia, Greece, with her creating a river underground, which surfacing on the island of Ortygia, in Syracuse, Sicily. There are those who say this well will show petals in Sicily, when they are dropped in the well in Arcadia.  While that has nothing to do with central Italy, the prophecy of that a “new river will flow red” makes a volcano eruption a probable result of a major earthquake.  That in no way is a lock for Italy. Additionally, line two speaks of the “city new” being where the trembling will occur, where many see this as a reference to New York City.  A prophecy of “Two great ones,” who are classified as “rock” strong, can mean “Two” very powerful nations; but this information is the supporting details for line one’s statement about Poseidon earth-shakers, which has less to do with governments of countries, and more to do with the geology of rock formations.

That would mean the “rocks at war for a long time” are more likely large tectonic plates hung up together, with a tremendous build-up of energy needing to be released. Italy has a major fault line of significance, where the Anatolian Plate comes close to where Italy lies on the fault between the Eurasian Plate and the African Plate.  The constant movement of these plates is why Italy is so prone to earthquakes, with volcanic activity also a part of the mix.  Italy is known for Mount Etna and Mount Vesuvius, but there are 27 others lesser known volcanoes in the country. Still, a “new river flowing red” would imply a volcano where no previous eruption activity had been known or predicted.

In the main theme of quatrain I-93, we find written: “Land Italian near to the mountains will tremble.” This certainly would fit the scenario of the Umbrian earthquakes, as they are in the land where the Umbri people lived – an ancient “Italic “ tribe. The town of Amatrice is in the Lazio region, which was the land of the ancient Latins. The aftershocks also shook in the Marche and Ambruzzo regions, where other ancient Italic tribes lived. Those who lived in places situated in the Umbrian valley would be considered “near to the mountains,” as opposed to being atop the mountains.  The Apennines create that land that is the peninsula where Italic peoples live. If the act of “trembling” was caused by an earthquake, this main theme would match the recent events. However, line two would indicate the source of the “earth-shaking.”

The red circles indicate where aftershocks have been registered, with the solid red dot the epicenter.

Line two (the secondary theme statement in quatrain I-93) begins with an important (capitalization) focus on a “Lion,” which can be seen symbolically as an indication for Great Britain and the English Lion. Surrounding an ampersand (another symbol indicating an important statement follows) is “coq,” which is a slight indication of France (in a less important role as powerful nation), as well as a slight indication of the Vatican (“coq” is Saint Peter’s fish, of the tilapia of Rome), who are in a somewhat of a loose alignment – thus a “confederation.”  For this to be relative to the shaking going on in the land of the Italians, a confederation between Italy, France, and Great Britain would have to be a result of an major event. The more likely meaning (and this “guess” comes from knowing what other quatrains state) is that the trembling of line one is due to fear of attack, where a confederation is a military alliance.  It is doubtful that the fears here were brought on by an earthquake.

All of this means that Nostradamus did not prophesy the tragic events of August 24, 2016, relative to the earthquakes causing damages and deaths in central Italy. The prophecy of Nostradamus that is clear, while the specific details of a coming earthquake are so nebulous that will only be seen in hindsight, is that the end of the world is coming due to a loss of TRUE FAITH in God, with Christ filling Apostles via the Holy Spirit.

All you naysayers who keep saying Nostradamus never predicted anything that could be known in advance, listen (figuratively) very carefully to what I am about to state.  The future is known to be the end of the world, where the world will no longer be able to support human life as we know it.  Even atheists can see this, as the faithful of science set the Doomsday Clock, based on the news of the world, not what Nostradamus wrote.  This is due to a lack of moral principles leading the hearts of people, because Communism has spread the philosophy of mind control, where the pot calls the kettle black, in reference to religion.  They prefer the State take the place of religion, and the Socialists of the West have done wonders towards destroying Christianity as the “philosophy” that leads the West against the East.

There are no longer any royal kings to guide the people, as we now elect common gutter trash in the name of Democracy, who in turn make laws so they can get rich at the expense of the people. Regardless of the philosophy at hand, gutter trash will always act as gutter trash, because it is built into their DNA. Royal blood had the DNA of Jesus flowing through it, so it was historically compelled (largely through guilt) to act so the will of god would be the law of the lands. Alas, with the mixing of royal semen with titled (but not pedigreed) lasses, whose eggs joined with holy sperm in common wombs, the Williams and Harrys of England are mix-breeds, at best. This decline, along with the removal of royal heads in the name of Zionism … oops, I mean the philosophy that all peasants are equal, as long as the Jews in Geneva call the shots (beginning circa 1776-1789) … there is no true royalty left to call upon God for us, to save the day.

That true royalty had been advised by Apostles who led a real Church of Christ, but that began to erode when the dying Roman Emperors saw new power in that Church.  They usurped that throne, and the slippery slope’s slide began. Men not filled with the Holy Spirit cannot lead others to be filled with the Holy Spirit, so popes ceased being Saints and began being politicians.  While it took many centuries for this element to corrupt the church absolutely, the Church has been absolutely corrupt since it murdered Pope John Paul I (nope … not the one after him, a.k.a. JPII). Therefore, there is no Church that has a true Apostle who can pray to God to save us from this prophecy of doom and gloom before us.

Just like the Church had its ‘Judge’ come, sent by God to correct the course and right the ship (John Paul I – Albino Luciani, from Veneto), and just like the common princess Diana Spencer came to expose the corruption of the British royal family, there would also be sent one who would try to save Democracy from the shadow government that has tentacles in Geneva. That was John Kennedy (and brother Bobby); but as happens these days with God’s anointed ‘modern’ saviors, they all get killed, just as did Jesus. The lesson that we all should be more willing to give our lives in service to the Lord is missed.  We fear for mortal lives that are worthless without the promise of heaven.  That promise only comes after one is filled with the Holy Spirit.

The problem is Jesus died to begin Christianity.  On the other hand, Pope John Paul I, the Kennedy brothers, and Diana Spencer died as symbols that Christianity is dead – as far as having external leaders who will help set the personal agendas of individual Christians.  That lack of leadership means the world is being led to ruin by leaders like Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Silvio Berlusconi, Angela Merkel, François Hollande, Theresa May, Justin Trudeau, Ali Khamenei, Benjamin Netanyahu, Bashar al-Assad, Recep Erdoğan, King Abdulla of Saudi Arabia, or Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and a plethora of common gutter trash wantabes.

Now, it is all left up to us individually. Earthquakes like the one that leveled Amatrice, Italy show how salvation comes from an individual who gets dirty pulling people from the rubble. It does not come from governments sending in a representative (with entourage)  who make speeches and hot air promises, when all the roads that lead to ancient Italic towns in need are blocked. The prophecy that is clear, which Nostradamus wrote and explained in letters, is you must return to faith in God, through His Son Jesus Christ, or find some future prophecy affecting your life coming true.  It is doubtful you will have the capability or time to do an Internet search to see if Nostradamus predicted your great affliction. Just like earthquakes effect the lives of those suffering through them, because they choose to live in zones that are earthquake prone, you have no excuse for any punishment that sinners bring down upon themselves.  So, make a tragic event play the role of God’s wake up call, to do something now to change yourself … to shore yourself up with righteousness … so you can be the one helping others in need, rather than being under a pile of rubble.

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