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Pearls before Miss Piggy

Updated: Apr 12

In 2005, I published a book entitled “Pearls Before Swine.”  That title came from the letter of preface to The Prophecies, where Nostradamus wrote in Latin, quoting from Matthew 7:6.  Leading up to that quote, Nostradamus explained how the difficulty in understanding his poems (he knew that would be the result before the first edition was published) was due to instructions (from the Christ Spirit) not to injure the innocent, which were those who would never live to see the future of which The Prophecies told.  At that time (2004-2005), I saw it was time to take the “Pearls” of wisdom I saw in The Prophecies and make it clearly stated “Before” those who represented the “Swine” of the world that God knows who you are and what you have done.  Before 2005, I believed The Prophecies had been cloaked so those “Swine” could not see themselves identified prior, so The Prophecies would have been “trampled underfoot” and “torn asunder,” long before my time.  I was prepared to get in their collective face (“Before Swine”), proudly proclaiming the “Pearls” from Jesus Christ (through Nostradamus) that made those “Swine” evident as evil.

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