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Updated: Mar 21

Based on what Nostradamus wrote that seems to be not too far into our future, here is a scenario to ponder:

There is coming a war the Muslims will deem 'holy,' although anything involving murder can never fulfill the base requirements of that word. The grand plan is for a global sudden ignition of warfare, where all the millions of illegal migrants will play a major role in the onset of this war. They are near you, whether or not you realize it.

Because so much of the Christian West has surrendered its children to political mindsets that are designed to strip the citizenry from having the ability to bear arms to defend themselves (much less think for themselves), the options of sudden warfare are:

  • Be murdered (with rape and torture possible, as part of that process); or,

  • Surrender (with rape and torture still possible).

Again, based totally on what Nostradamus wrote [a true Prophecy, guided by the Mind of Christ] the vast majority of France, Italy and Spain will see the murdered part (up close and personal) and then surrender.

It can be assumed that the murder option will be the only option in the distant Western nations, where Russian-bought nukes will be fired from lands that are now our European allies. So, who do you shoot a nuke back at?

Surely, wussy states like California and New York will surrender (all West Cost and all Northeast probably), with those states where people have weapons putting up resistance. The problem with resistance will be not knowing if your neighbor is 'with you or against you.'

This is due to the race card brainwashing, making it impossible to trust anyone. Distrust will become the 'law of the land.' Distrust is a symptom of a complete loss of faith in Yahweh and Jesus leading one's path (the path of righteousness that only Saints tread).

While all the woke leftist media, teachers' unions, racial ranters, Jewish lawyer organizations, and Democrat Party nipple suckers are gleefully waiting for this day to come, thinking (like Charlie Manson thought back in the 1960's), these illegal immigrants and/or negro Americans killing all the Republicans will be too stupid to run any government; so, they will have to come to us to run everything. (That philosophy did not work for Manson; so, history repeats.)

That is not what the Muslims have in mind. The Commie Reds will wash their hands clean of this 'holy' war business, allowing the Muslims to completely destroy Christianity. (Their agenda is further on down the road.)

That is the numero ono theme of The Prophecies. As such, when this war comes and then dies down (when everyone is out of ammo except the Muslims), there will be two decisions that can be made.

One: Gladly convert to Islam and drop to your knees three times a day and pray to Allah.

Two: Refuse to convert and be sent to an island (along with a million others like you),

where the island is only capable of supporting life for that many for about a week. This

means if you choose two, you choose to die, rather than convert to Islam.

Oh. Did I mention the caveat to choosing option one?

For not having been a Muslim, you will become a slave that serves those who are the Muslims running the show. Think of this as "Grasshopper" who had to be taught by a "Master." (Old Kung Fu television show reference.) They do not care about making people fat and comfortable.

So, all the leftist media, social networkers, race baiters (the ones who depend on government checks in the mail), and Democrat politicians will find themselves shoveling Muslim shit in the backyards of the mansions previously owned by those who opened the door for throat cutters and rapists to come in. What all the leftish media tycoons and woke social media platform owners used to call home, they will be fortunate if they get to trim the hedges there, while sleeping under an outbuilding.

Slavery will make a comeback. Call a Muslim in Afghanistan that knows all about the fear that being a slave to the Taliban entails. They might seem free, but don't tell a neighbor what you think about oppression, or the Taliban might just come calling.

Race means nothing. If you were born and are still alive, you best lay down and pray three times a day AND be prepared to prove you love Allah by being raped whenever a Muslim gets a hardon and points to "You!"

So, while there still is this form of social media still available, let me know what you would decide to do.

Would you surrender; or, fight tooth and nail to the death?

Would you convert to Islam; or, choose to stand by your godless principles that refuse to be told what to do, by anyone, much less by some god?

Choosing to not convert to Christianity (the Western trend over the past eighty years or so), due to Socialist brainwashing, means Allah will know if your are pretending to pray three times a day; and, Allah talks to his slave owners.

Keep in mind that Islamic Law says homosexuality is not treated kindly. They prove that daily in the public square.

Stealing food to stay alive is reason to have a hand chopped off. They prove that daily in the public square. (Bring a band aide.)

Don't worry if you don't know all the Laws now. Choosing to convert means: after your twelve-hour shift as a slave (including praying three times) is over, then the rest of your waking hours will be learning all the Koran.

You will be tested on this knowledge, with failing marks severely punished. But, on the brighter side! You will have no student debt when your education is complete!

Let me know where you stand. I'll send a report in to the government and let them know the pulse of the nation. They might want to save some infighting (one race of soldiers shooting at another race of soldiers, like in a prison riot!); and, maybe a few expensive warships can be saved, as a plus.

If your responses are totally spineless, maybe my letter will cause Joe Biden to surrender to the Chinese before this 'holy' war begins. He can declare war on China, executive order himself president for life, then surrender to the Chinese - all before the November election (which would be cancelled, due to the war).

Free Tik Toc for everyone! Mandated by the State. They like to know where everyone is, as much as possible.

All of this is inductive reasoning, based on the actual words written by Nostradamus. It is very detailed and very depressing to think about living through this future. The only way to avert that is conversion to true Christianity - NOW. That is what martyrs are made of - no worry about death, because the soul will then be eternally saved. If there were martyrs walking the earth NOW, then all the political hacks and social media brain washers would be challenged to duels in the town squares. Martyrs usually die in those (cheaters always seem to win), but it is the principle that Yahweh favors.

Saints are then the metaphor of the Ark of the Covenant going into battle. When the Philistines captured it from King Saul (he was a pretend Israelite, not a Saint), the Philistines brought a plague upon themselves and immediately sent word where the Ark could be found. They wanted nothing to do with that HOLINESS.

Kill a few innocent martyrs in the town square, broadcast live on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and the whole world's media, all watching the righteous be murdered for refusing to allow the wicked to lead the world to ruin, then who knows what could happen? It could spread a pox amongst the wicked and lead them to realizing winning a battle means losing the war.

Unfortunately, the pulse of true Christians leading world affairs is about as lifeless is an air-breathing Communist (and murdering-in-the-name-of-Allah Muslims). Life is only for eternal souls that are saved as Saints. Not many of those around these days.

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