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Spiritual Genealogy

Updated: Feb 13

I see television commercials advertising interest in genealogy. Learn more about your roots and where you come from, they say.

My wife’s brother loved being able to talk about where the family name originated. My wife’s ex-husband (and thereby the children from their marriage) maintained dual nationality. His familial roots were from Italy; and, he instilled a pride in heritage that valued being Italian over being American (or Southern … from Alabama).

The problem with this is it leans heavily towards racism, where one’s heritage becomes more important in one’s mind than seeing the whole world as equal. Each individual is equally a human being, regardless of country of origin and regardless of religious beliefs (or lack thereof).

In my life, I have found such global associations as race, nationality, and religious denomination (being raised Christian) overlook the obvious (in my mind), which says the only lineage that matters is spiritual. We incarnate dust and clay (figuratively speaking – elements of a physical, earthly realm), where the only source of life within those ‘walking corpses’ is due to the presence of an eternal soul.

Souls are not passed down through the generations, like aunts and uncles begetting cousin souls, of which an individual is formed. Souls have no genitalia, no coloring that is called a race … and the invisibility of souls is called spiritual. Only God (I call Him Yahweh) is the source of souls, with all souls created equally “In the beginning” and called “elohim” repeatedly in Genesis 1. Thus, if born in Italy in this life, it had nothing to do with some great grandfather and some great grandmother meeting on a street in an Italian village and falling in love, making one’s parental ancestor. Yahweh purposefully placed each and every living soul into a womb of physical matter, where Yahweh handcrafted each live-born baby in that womb. [Remember: "Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate." - Mark 10:9 - ?]

No mother in the history of the world has ever created a new soul that was born from her loins. No father has ever passed a new soul from his groin to a woman's. Only earthly matter and some physical rubbing does the work supplying Yahweh with the tools that are necessary to create new bodies [egg & sperm] that will hold a soul on earth. Thus, nationality, race, and religious beliefs are known by Yahweh prior to placing an old and eternal soul into a new body formed from dust and clay. To give the physical top billing, rather than the soul [the only life present], is something akin to tearing Yahweh's creations asunder, giving mommy and daddy godlike status. Without a new soul being given the breath of life (a soul from Yahweh that enters into physical matter), to remain there until death do us part … to repeat once again (not necessarily in a place with the same race, nationality, or religious beliefs) … all babies would be stillborn (if born at all).

The relationships of importance in each new incarnation are not from physical titles being applied – mother, father, brother, sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, wives and husbands, friends, teachers and even enemies. Such titles are strongly felt because the souls within those other life forms accompany us through one life, into the next, and in different amounts of presence in each incarnation. A mother today might have been an uncle once before and might be a brother or hated enemy in one to come. So, it is not physical genealogy we need to research, but instead a spiritual ancestry. In other words, we are each an angel (an “elohim”) living with other angels – all who have fallen from Grace, with each in need of finding the way back to Yahweh. Yahweh gives each of us a spiritual genealogy of angel souls to help the blind find the light of spiritual insight. That return means the salvation of a soul; and, that requires the inner additives that are Yahweh’s Spirit, followed by the resurrection of His Son’s soul alongside one’s individual soul.

It is that individuality of souls that makes reincarnation into physical bodies on the material plane so hard to overcome. Souls within bodies of flesh are so strongly influenced by the ways of a material world that they gravitate to genealogies that show physical relationships (race association, nationality association, and religious association [including the lack thereof]) as a way to find individualism making one’s body (with its soul in tow) feel self-important. That focus on self makes it harder to submit oneself totally to the Will of Yahweh. To come up with a title and celebrate it, which says "Black Lives Matter" can be seen as a spiritual Freudian slip that announces, "I am for Death (with black the absence of Yahweh's light) as a sinful Soul (the life of an eternal soul) that takes delight in awaiting my soul's return into a Physical body (the matter of a material world)." A sinful soul that rejects redemption lusts for Satan as its god (elohim). That rejection of Yahweh keeps the soul of His Son from joining with one’s soul, in order to lead that easily swayed to selfishness flesh away from the light of Salvation, and away from a return to Yahweh.

Let me add to these thoughts by reminding readers how Jesus made the stunning statement: "If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple." (Luke 14:26, NIV) In this, the Greek word "misei" is written (3rd person singular present indicative of "miseó"), meaning "I hate, detest, love less, esteem less." The proper usage has the word imply this: "to detest (on a comparative basis); hence, denounce; to love someone or something less than someone (something) else, i.e. to renounce one choice in favor of another." (HELPS Word-studies). In order to receive the soul of Jesus as one's Lord, one must denounce one's own soul as incapable of being such a guide.

This is reference to this individualism and selfishness a soul alone in its body of flesh will fight so strongly to keep. Those professing to be 'Christians,' who have not yet found this hatred of self - one's soul alone in its body, pretending God (they do not know His name is Yahweh) is their lackey, always going to come to their rescue, as long as they pray real hard after each return to sinful ways - have not sacrificed self in spiritual marriage to Yahweh. Jesus himself said to those pretenders, "you cannot be my disciple." This means the soul of Jesus cannot resurrect within one's flesh, alongside one's soul, becoming the absolute Lord and Master over both, because self-sacrifice to Yahweh must occur first. [First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby Jesus in one's body carriage.].

A lost soul has to come to the realization that the love of genealogy will not save one; so, a lost soul must detest the influences of family (race, nationality, religion) that keeps an individual soul rejecting absolute servitude to Yahweh. This change comes when one's opinion (a fleshy brain's sense of superiority) is realized to be worthless. The human definitions of "love" have nothing to do with the truth of spiritual love. Spiritual love is the presence of Jesus' soul within; and, that cannot be fathomed by physical emotions experienced by souls alone in a body of flesh, swinging single in their rejection of Yahweh's proposal for spiritual marriage. One must be totally obedient to Yahweh; so, if He asks, "Mortal, can dry bones live?" the answer is forevermore, "Yahweh, you know." Dry bones are what family trees are fertilized with. For them to live again, they must have been reborn in the name of Jesus (as was Ezekiel), where his ministry is always to "prophesy" to the dead.

In the picture above, which is a model of a generic family tree, where one fills in the names of the ancestors that supposedly led to one's own birth, the reference made to the two trees in the center of the garden needs to be firmly grasped. When Moses recited this story that occurred well before his body of flesh hung from some erroneous family tree (one that worshipped Egypt, saw the children of Jacob as inferior to Egyptians, because Egyptians believed in many gods, not just one), Moses could have only known the story of the Garden of Eden through his sacrifice of self, welcoming a spiritual genealogy into his soul that placed his soul in the lineage of the Old Testament. Moses was reborn spiritually as Adam (Jesus), in order to know that history well after the fact; and, that eyewitness account becomes the truth that cannot be questioned … if one has not also gone there and been Adam.

Everyone of saintliness in the Old Testament and all of the Saints who wrote the New Testament were the soul of Adam (a.k.a. Jesus) reborn (or, as Jesus told Nicodemus, "they must be born again from above"). In that, all the Patriarchs shared the same soul of Jesus (known in Genesis 2 as 'Adam'); and, as Jesus said: "Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the works themselves." (John 14:11, NIV) That says it is Yahweh leading the lost soul, through the Son. The name "Jesus" means "YAH Saves," so all souls saved are due to being married to Yahweh and taking on His name (the genealogy of Husband takes wife) and then giving birth to a Son (the genealogy of Father to Son). So, one's soul assumes the name of Jesus, once the soul of Yahweh's Son has become one's Lord. This relates to the duality of "two trees in the center of the Garden." It is the truth of the Tree of Life.

The "garden" is the wholeness of one's saved soul being permitted to live with Yahweh in His kingdom. The duality says the way of the tree of life has been chosen, not the way of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. A soul alone in a body of flesh does not have eternal life in the kingdom of Yahweh earned. It is a soul alone that (after bodily death) is placed back into the earthly realm by Yahweh, with the intent being to (one more time) seek and find Him; because the sins of a past life retained selfishness that needs to be erased through divine union into a spiritual genealogy. Thus, a soul in its body of flesh has chosen to eat the forbidden fruit of individualism and selfishness.

To be saved, however, a soul can hear the rule firmly stated by one's Holy Husband, which says, "Thou shall have no other gods before me." [Or, "Thou shall not wear the face of another god before My face."] When self becomes led by a fleshy brain and that self begins to opine about what would best behoove itself, then self (a soul alone in flesh) sees itself as a god worthy of self-worship. When that happens, Yahweh turns away from a wife (souls in either bodies of males & females) that has broken the first vow of commitment. One who worships self as Yahweh's equal will not be allowed to show that fleshy face before Yahweh; and, one's soul sacrifices the tree of life (as did 'Adam and Eve), choosing the tree of death (the fall from Grace to the land of the dead).

One then chooses to hang dead on a family tree that merely reflects those related by past failures. Failures unforgiven lead to death, which a body of flesh will always find as its end. The eternal soul is then placed in the holding pen of reincarnation (if not total banishment into the the outer darkness with Satan and his fallen "elohim"). The word "mortal" means (from French mortel) "destined to die; deserving of death." As human beings (souls animating corpses for an indefinite period of time), we are born of death, to return to death; or, "ashes to ashes, dust to dust." Selfish failures are just more dirt to feed family trees.

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