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The American Civil War of 2012

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

It is that time again.  We have entered another presidential election year.  All rise and sing our electional anthem. (sung to the tune of “Hi Ho,” from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

We hate! We hate!  Its time to open the gates

And dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig,

In our Minds the whole day through

To dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig,

Its what we love to do

It ain’t no trick

To get pricks quick

If ya dig, dig, dig,

And make a poster pic

Go viral in a Mind.

This country has become a YouTube-Facebook crazed bunch of political haters, each calling the other “Hater!”  They do this because one’s hatred must be projected upon someone else who is not in total agreement with some political party’s agenda.  We hate your Health Care Program!  We hate your insensitivity to Birth Controls!  We hate your unraveling our propositions against Gay Marriage!  We hate you questioning the birthright of our President to be King of America!  Hate, hate, hate.  As bad as it is during off-year elections, the years when presidents are elected means more money falls from the political heavens to feed the hatred fires.  Burn hater burn!

Wake up people.  We have turned against one another.  The concept of “love thy neighbor as yourself” has lost all value in our society.  Are we to split the “United” states up according to political philosophies so we only have neighbors that look, act, think, and do like us?

Do all states beginning with an “M” need to become free states for democrats, with all states beginning with an “N” becoming slave states to republicans?  Where will the independents live?  You do remember the people of the United States tried something like that before the American Civil War broke out in 1860?

If we divided, so that we could more accurately reflect the divisiveness this country has gleefully embraced, maybe we could love new neighbors more easily.  But, if we chose to continue the concept of “United States,” how could it be under one president, one man who can never achieve total unity amid such diversity of thought?

We generically hate our “Do-nothing Congress,” which we put there and let do nothing!  Congress may never again get anything done, because it reflects our hatred. They are too busy hating (just like us) to ever compromise, much less love a neighbor’s opposing bill.

Perhaps, if we had a new armed revolution, the streets could run red (or blue?) with the blood of our enemies (“We have seen our enemy and he is us.”).  We could just leave the bodies of (pick a political party here) in the streets, so only (pick an opposing political party here) would survive.  Could we love our neighbors more easily that way?

Is that not already going on in Syria?  Is Greece not far behind?  Has it not already gone that way in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya?

If an “Arab Spring” were a positive thing elsewhere, would that logic not allow for a “Christian Fall” in the West to be a good thing?  If the Greeks do not like cutbacks on entitlements, so much they are willing to burn their national monuments, are we better than the Greeks?  The world is turning on leaders, seeing the leaders as the ones who have brought about such pain and misery.  If America goes bankrupt, will we gracefully accept hard labor as our punishment, expecting no free government handouts in return for our tax money?  Or, will our addiction to comfort send us into the streets with stones and Molotov cocktails (if gasoline is still affordable)?  If you think “Occupy Wall Street” is a protest, think again.

We need guidance.  We need an oracle to be entranced to tell us if Obama will walk on water and save us all with four more years.  If we give him four more years, are there guarantees that he will not create a Constitutional Amendment via a “signing statement,” making him ruler for life …  you know … so he can get the big job done?  If not, we need to know if can we trust a Mormon (remember … Glenn Beck is Mormon).  We need to know why Rick Santorum looks so much like Lee Harvey Oswald.  We need to know if Ron Paul will live until 2020.  We need to know if another Bush is plotting a way to usurp our government … again.

Of course, knowing some Greek Mythology would help, especially the tales about how the oracles from Delphi had a way of telling the truth in ways that could only be understood in hindsight (Epimetheus).  It is always nice to know that oracles only tell the truth.  It is also nice to know that only fools try to keep the truth from happening, while doing the same wrong things that led them to an oracle in the first place.

Nostradamus is the oracle for today’s world.  He is Promethean (Foresighted).  John of Patmos told the same story, but he resembles Father Tiresias (the blind prophet of Thebes).  The Revelation is like seeing the future through cataracts.  At least there are systems that make Nostradamus clear as mud.

God breathed into Nostradamus and placed him in a trance so he could write The Prophecies.  In that way he told of our demise.  He told it as it was told to him.  He told the truth.

Christians should call that being possessed by the Holy Spirit.  But then, Christians only talk that talk (“We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord and Giver of Life, who proceeds from the Father and the Son, who with the Father and the Son together is worshipped and glorified, who spoke by the prophets.” Nicene Creed).  Most never walk that walk.  People who call themselves “Christian” are so far from being filled with the Holy Spirit that they would not recognize a true prophet of the Lord if one sat down on the bus next to a Christian and said, “The Lord sent me to warn you that you are going the wrong way.”

“Driver … stop the bus and put this fool off, please.”

And, Christians are the “good guys” in Nostradamus’ story.  Those atheists among us (going by the government code name “secular progressives”) laugh at the notion of holy.  Although, they do love to consume spirits from time to time, it’s not the same thing.  Simply put, that “spirit of America” shows how we have turned away from God so far, when we look up to the clouds today we see men and women in nice suits and $400 haircuts.  They all smile and wave, promising to make all the problems of the world go away, “If you vote for me …”

This message was paid for by Friends of God, and He approves this message.

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