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The Anti-Pentecost

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

On the heels of Pentecost Sunday, when we remember how Peter stood with the eleven and spoke with a divinely raised voice and three thousand souls of Jewish seekers of Yahweh, whose hearts were open to the Holy Spirit, were filled with God’s presence and added to the twelve in number … we see the opposite has befallen America [the United States portion]. Satan raised up the voices of those whose hearts are open only to the destruction of a nation, so they could delight in shared misery [misery loves company]. Instead of three thousand souls added to the number of the righteous, more than that number were added to the number of those souls eternally damned. Catholics, Episcopalians, and other men and women falsely claiming to be the priests of God showed their true colors and exposed themselves as wolves in lamb’s clothing.

The “clergy” spit fire and venom at anyone who was not to be drug out into the streets and killed, in the name of their lust for power. Innocent victims were made human sacrifices for the delight of religions rapidly ‘going out of business’. Like the harlots of profiteering, those pompous heads of businesses calling themselves “religions” acted like they were in the endangered ‘species’ realm of Sears, J. C. Penny’s, Pier 1, and other brick and mortal retailers. The unfortunate wrongful death of one man acted like a call from their god Mammon, to make the event like a Labor Day Sale. They pandered to the cameras, advertising: “We demand a million heads for the head of one!” A million-to-one sale! Let the blood flow … in the name of Bishops, Cardinals, Popes, and Priests of Satan!

The end is near. You can tell by the stench of rotting flesh calling itself “in the name of Jesus Christ,” when the lie speaks of the reality: God does not know you.

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