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The embarrassment of being white

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Are you white and suffer the embarrassment of being called a racist, simply because you are white?

Do you send off for DNA analysis, hoping you will find out that you have some percentage of minority heritage, making it viable to begin acting as a non-white?

Do you shudder at the thought of going to work and being treated as a pariah, every time there is another violent racial outburst reported in the news?

Cheer up because there is now a way to confidently step out in public, without those embarrassing feelings of being a loser – one who can’t stop feeling an affinity to people like you; but dang it, the people you like keep on making your life miserable.

Now, instead of wearing a paper bag  to work, one that falls apart on rainy days, you can wear a new uniform proudly … and nobody will know it is you! The outfit is a way of expressing your religious faith, and is now protected by Shira Law in the USA.

You too can now be Constitutionally protected by wearing the “NEW YOU OUTFIT””

If anyone accuses you of being a member of the KKK, you then have the right to hire a lawyer employed by the ACLU and sue for having been publicly defamed! You see, this uniform is that ritually worn by members of the Semana Santa in Spain.

If the boss comes up to you and says, “You’re fired,” then you can turn the tables on him-her AND all accusers by rightfully screaming out, “RACIST!!!” You can make others shrink in embarrassment, rather than you.

You see, the Semana Santa in Spain wear clothing that has absolutely nothing to do with the KKK! It is totally associated with the the Nazareno tradition of the Roman Catholic Church! This costume has been used for many centuries; and the costume itself does not carry any message!  It is only a costume worn during Holy Week!

Good Friday

Apart from having a Christian connotation and white color symbolizing the white race, the costume makes a ghost-like figure and provides disguise for the specificity of who wears the costume, while still proudly saying, “Yes I am white, but above all I am Christian! That is all you need to know about me.”

This is traditional garb for Easter Week, symbolizing the Risen Lord!  You will be making the statement that Christ has risen in you!

So be proud, while covering up all those fears and insecurities of having been born to a race that is now in vogue to condemn!

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